Living The Dream

In this first post I’m kicking off my new blog with some relevant goofiness with this song and these YouTube videos:

Check out this link to view the lyrics to Funny You Should Say That:

Disney’s Fantasia has long been one of my favorite movies. The lengthy schizoid cartoon above it, from YouTube, set to, Funny You Should Say That from the album Freudiana by Alan Parsons Project & Eric Woolfson is similar to Fantasia, in the sense, they both reveal, from our limited human vantage point, nothing is as it seems.

My dreams bounce me and my feelings around this way often, from one bizarre, seemingly nonsensical or toilsome adventure to the next as depicted in Fantasia and in the lyrics of the song and episodes in the crazy cartoon above.  However outrageous or meaningless these experiences might seem, I believe the drama carried out in our dreams plays a major role in our lives.  It determines our upbringing; has everything to do with ultimately and literally lifting our spirits up.

As in waking life, dream experiences widely vary from peaceful, exhilarating to challenging, sad or terrifying.  In dreams they seem to occur sporadically, usually more abruptly and at a more rapid pace; although, if I pay attention to my feelings throughout one day, I tend to experience a myriad of emotional shifts, as quickly if not more quickly than in dreams; but, perhaps the emotional fluctuations only seem more obvious in dreams.

It’s not unusual for me to experience the entire range of these feelings, from one extreme to the other, during the phases of one night’s sleep and I feel blessed to recall what seems like much of my dream details, a lot of the time.

I normally enjoy recollecting and conjuring them back up.  Often they are whimsical, fantastical and a bit quirky; fun to revive.  At other times, I can’t shake the feeling, vibe, or lesson I’ve received; it’s too penetrating and bleeds palpably into my waking moments. Whether pleasant or unnerving; the feelings evoked are not easily forgotten.  Traces are stored in my memory banks in wait for their trigger to resurface at another time.

In one fleeting moment, with a look, gesture or word, worlds, either our internal, external environments or both, sometimes change as dramatically as they can in dreamland.  It’s these experiences and varied feelings we call, drama! This is what we’re made of.  It’s what propels us in one direction or another throughout our lives.

The world is a stage, take center stage, break a leg, exit left etc.; all these sayings may be relevant here.  If we are just part of a play, what is this stage for and why must we act out all this drama seen with our minds eye?  Is it all a rehearsal; a form of practice in our heads so we can and will perform live, when we are awake and conscious?

I believe dreams are the jumping off point to creating our experiences.  We think before we speak and before we act.  We react, not only react to, but, we re-act out a scenario.  We have both mental and physical memory recall.  Our bodies and our mind hold our memories. Do we feel before we think?  Have we felt and thought in our dreams things, which are applied to our waking lives in the form of reaction? “Be careful what you think, your thoughts become words and your words become actions.”  I think this is a Ghandi quote or at least the gist of what he once said.

What came first, the chicken or the egg… did we dream while in the womb or after, once formed and born into the world?  If we consider the latest science studies of dreams, we’re told we don’t begin to dream until we are out of the womb and not immediately either, some say not for the first few years of life, however, it is unknown at what point after birth.

If this is true, certainly we feel.  Our sensual bodies gather information for us to think about later, when the memories of feelings arise; giving us feedback to help us apply what we learn to different circumstances as we develop.

Our senses constantly give us input; they’re our feelers to the world.  They gather more data than we can consciously process at one time.  For instance, we may see the swaying of leaves in the corner of our eye and not notice it was a breezy day.

They pick up all of the subtle shifts, smells, textures, color, vibrations etc. in our environment, passing it into our bodies without our being fully aware of the amount of activity surrounding and affecting us… all of the time.

Think of being so focused on something where there is background noise you don’t even hear.  Someone later refers to the song that was playing at the time and you are oblivious to what they are referring to… what song?  I didn’t even notice.

Our minds need a generator to keep them going.  Feelings are our generators and there is no shortage of… background noise for them to pick up on.

Another example is when you get that deja vu feeling or are overcome with emotion for no apparent reason; maybe feeling happy, sad, irritated, any number of emotions, seemingly out of the blue. I’d blame it on your feelers, having recognized something they have felt before or for the first time, just now bringing it to your attention.  Now your mind has something it can think about; why you feel the way you do or better, how to keep the smile on your face, in the face of the emotions that just welled up!

Present day science also tells us dreaming may be the method we use to organize or catalog each day’s memories and thoughts taken from our waking lives.  Then, as we dream, we learn from and add to our knowledge, which has been stored in us over our lifetime. According to studies, in addition to putting things into long or short-term memory, so as not to be overwhelmed with the amount of information we collect each day, dreaming also helps us to cope with the traumas we experience when awake.

I believe we were designed with all of our senses to collect information so we can process it and God created the process for us to do this in the form of dreaming.  We are continually stimulated by our senses absorbing whatever they come into contact with, never resting even in our sleep.  I do believe dreaming is the path we use to digest what our senses are feeding us.  We store today’s information and add to yesterday’s knowledge and contemplate tomorrow’s events.  All this while we are… restored to handle what comes our way.

The difference between science studies and what I’ve come to believe is where thought comes from.  Science is observing sleep and dreaming and has revealed some valuable information but omits an ingredient which pulls it all together, literally; God’s role, His purpose for us and why He would want to teach us anything at all.

God ultimately is pulling us together, to him.  He’s creating a family of united beings whom will work together in harmony, in peace.  One unified, cohesive mind, body and spirit.

I believe our dreams form our feelings and thoughts, which manifest into action.  It’s the force by which we are set in motion, a way we learn and function, how we are moved to act out the drama of creation. The way God brings us to life; how He animates and directs us.

I don’t like the idea, I may be a robot; after all I’m a unique and, I’d like to think, an independent being.  Although, anything made is by the hand and at the mercy of its maker.  It receives what its maker puts into it for whatever role or purpose it plays in serving its maker, not because it decided to exist and then made itself.

Being made with a purpose doesn’t sound so bad; unless, I’m a warm yummy cookie.  In that case, my unfortunate destiny seems pretty clear.

To admit I might just be programmed by the mind of God to do his bidding seems insulting at first… reaction.  My first reaction is to reject this notion, which seems to imply I might merely be a minion; bound to life, both the earthly and spiritual afterlife spent in servitude. This is only bothersome because I think I am independent and of my own mind, free to do as I please with no one to answer to but myself.   This way of thinking makes me think and act like I’m God with a distinction, my knowledge is limited and his isn’t.

What about being an apprentice?  Do I reject the notion of life spent learning?  I have something (everything) to learn from a source higher than myself. I can admit this. I have a lot to learn and there are many whom I can learn from, I will refer to them as teachers.  Anyone with more knowledge than me on any given subject is my teacher.  Anyone with less knowledge than me on any given subject is my teacher because they too teach me in ways such as observation, one of the learning tools we are blessed with.  However the power of observation is limited to the blindness of the observer.  I can only see what exists and is apparent and available to my senses. With the tools I have been given, as a human and which apply to my individual circumstances (emphasis on the word given, since, I did not create them; I just use them to build with), can I ever achieve or reach Gods vast greatness?  Can I ever be the master?

The short answer is no.  I can never pass my maker up.  He has already thought everything I will ever encounter because he made it.  All things are a product, an extension of his intention, his will.  Therefore, the only original thoughts come from him.  We can only receive his knowledge and, in bits and pieces; in little bits at a time as our capacity, our design allows and, as he reveals them to us.  I think he does this through the process of creating us.  We grow from what he gives us.  He expresses glimpses of himself in us.  We are made in his image just as we may resemble our parents and their parents etc.  Not only in our appearance but in our behavior and other traits passed to us.  God is passing his traits to us.  We are to become his children, born into his spirit family.

I believe all thought originates with God and is then executed through spirit forces, which he created to serve him in his role as creator. They act as his messengers, his extended nervous system and feelers keeping him informed and up to date with what’s going on at any given moment on whatever project they are put in charge of.  In our case, I believe they are charged with working out our transition from physical to spirit.  They put action to Gods thoughts, fulfilling his will. Part of their job is to seduce or compel us by their actions and imbue us with their spiritual influence (where our thoughts come from: spirit beings).

This is the literal process of, being created; from our inception to what we develop into.  When God thinks, he commands through his word, whom is Jesus, the Christ.  As well as being the son of God and the first one born from flesh having changed (having been born again) into sprit form.  This is why he is called The Way; because, through him, God created the method, we too, will be lifted up; raised, from dead flesh and transformed to living spirit to live with God.  Jesus is also the living word of God.  He is Gods voice.  He over sees the command God issues, which then comes into existence because God designed all creation to respond.  He knows them inside and out and knows how to talk to them.  All beings answer to his call.  So be it… if he thought it then his will gets done.

His plan is executed into action, through his word and with his power, which is his holy spirit. God is holy therefore, so is his energy.  It’s a part of him, his life blood. God’s power tool, the Holy Spirit, is similar to electricity.  It is a form of energy and always sufficient to get the job done because God knows what he is capable of so there is no job too large or too small for him to accomplish.  Since he creates all things he doesn’t create anything beyond his abilities, nothing exists beyond him.  He’s the source.

We are an ongoing, unfinished creation and in the process of reaching our full potential, so I keep hearing.  I’m skeptical about the word full, it seems to denote completion and I don’t associate forever, eternity, and infinity with completion.  It seems both complete and completely the opposite.  However, I’m elated to know there is potential for me.  I want to reach it and be elevated to the status of having achieved it.

I looked up the word, potential, it means becoming real, existing.  Well, isn’t that interesting?  So reaching my full potential would mean I become real and exist.  For purposes here, I would say that is appropriate to Gods plan of elevating mankind status from mortal to immortal.

We will reach a point where we really are, forever and do not pass away.  Now I’m really excited, if this means I can be happy once and for all time and not exist in everlasting misery and suffering.  I believe in the happily ever after… after the suffering and misery pass away, only joy and rest remain.

God is a creator, that’s what he does, forever.  It’s not hard to think about having joy, we’ve all experienced it, albeit in smaller doses than we’d like.  However, can real peaceful rest exist for eternity when we are such active beings with God, serving Him, our Father, forever?

Think of doing something creative or that you lose yourself in to the degree, you lose all concept of time.  Time seems to slip away from you because you are so engrossed in the activity at hand.  It’s as though time stood still when it really flew!  That is what I believe eternal rest and bliss will be like.  We will be engrossed in whatever role we play in the creation God commands, acting as co-creators and will be completely at peace, actively at rest while being creative and learning, forever.

Believing I have potential gives me hope and when I dream, I am given hope through each adventure or conflict because in dreams, I act on the belief of things not yet achieved or attained, but expected.  In other words, I believe, have faith; think, I can achieve peace or whatever the end goal in my dream is, by maneuvering through, around or by some action enabling me to overcome the obstacles set before me.

I have a lot of dreams where I endure a dilemma, even revisiting it in my dreamlike state with the intention of resolving it.  I persevere by visualizing the actions necessary to see it to a peaceful end, even if it means going through some hardship to get there and going round again in my mind until I resolve it or wake up fully.

It seems in the case where it is left unresolved, I retain a feeling of unrest regarding it, one of those overlapping dream to wake state feelings. Never-the-less, I have difficulty letting it go.  It remains an unsettling sensation somewhere deep, but not entirely out of mind.

In general, most of us do not surrender easily.  We hang onto the idea things can get better or more comfortable for us.  We hope, unto death. Hope is a driving force in us whether we are awake and it seems, also in our dreams.

I believe dreams do prepare us for our waking experiences and struggles.  Our physical waking experiences prepare us for achieving our full or higher potential, for living real life (a life everlasting with no fear of decay) or, really living life during our spiritual awakening, when we are finally born into a spirit body.  That’s the achievement we will be awarded after having endured the hardships getting there, which, will seem insignificant and short-lived once we can live forever in a form free from the worries of a decaying body.

I believe God imprints, writes on our hearts and minds while we sleep because what we feel and what we think causes us to act. As part of our human code, we live in our dreams, thinking about, reacting to and learning from all sorts of drama no matter how crazy it would seem if we were awake facing the same scenarios.

Today’s science, however, also tells us, though we may remember many things about our dreams we don’t recall everything and not in the manner or order we dreamt it.  So, this is why it may seem out of order and sometimes a bit nuts when we are recounting our dreams.

Take a look at Fantasia’s Sorcerers’ Apprentice.  This story has a lot to offer, much more than merely an example of how we develop; our creation. It exposes some of our weaknesses and some of our strengths. It reveals a creation process in action.

The apprentice is given the chore of hauling pales of water back and forth and up and down stairs to serve his master whom is busy performing great wonders by conjuring what is in his mind and bringing it to fruition.  His master takes a break, leaving his hat on the counter. His task not completed and worn out from lugging water buckets, the apprentice notices the hat and puts it on with the intention of emulating his powerful master to ease his burden. He has confidence by wearing the hat he will be like his master, possessing his power; making him powerful enough to manipulate dormant objects to do his bidding.  He wills a broom to haul the water for him.  Things are going well and seem to be under his control. He relaxes and falls asleep.  In his dream, he sees himself as mighty and controls the elements of heaven and earth.  He has charge over the stars, wind and water, which he orchestrates into furies and dances of storms and starbursts and raging seas with the mastery of a great conductor.  Soon he awakes immersed in a pool of water steeped in peril. He does not know how and is powerless to stop the broom from continuing to haul water, which is overflowing into a surging sea of its own and is beyond his control. He commands the broom to stop; it doesn’t, so he uses force by chopping it to pieces with an axe.  From the splinters an army forms and continues to haul water now escalating the problem and expanding the flood.  Frantically he searches the book of spells for a remedy and is quickly swept up in a whirlpool with no way out.  He is drowning when his master returns and without his hat, using only his abilities, parts the water, as God did the Dead Sea for Moses. The mayhem stops and the water recedes.  Humbled, the apprentice cowers, returns the hat after carefully reshaping it and expresses his hope for mercy as he gently tip toes off to resume the duty of serving his master as he was previously instructed.  His master eyes him sternly and gives him a firm shove with the broom sending him back to work… some tough love.

The apprentice was curious and his ego got the best of him.  Tempted to play the role of his master, due to his being burdened by his laborious chore, seeing the hat before him, having witnessed the power of his master and now left unsupervised. In his ignorant thinking; what he didn’t know and what little he did know, led him to disaster.  He didn’t know the depth of his master’s power and didn’t believe it was beyond him. He thought first and then he reacted to his environment because of his personal circumstance.  In the end he willingly goes back to humbly serving his master because he has no choice but to fill his own shoes, he is not capable of filling anyone else’s shoes.

One lesson he may have learned is, knowing his master is just that and, is above him in both knowledge and power and has things well in hand because he knows what he is doing.  The apprentice has only to learn from and receive whatever knowledge his master passes to him and in his master’s time.  In the meantime he must serve and endure any arduous and tiresome tasks given him.  He is left hoping one day he will be like his master. The desire is in him to be greater than he is but the lesson plan and its timeline are in his master’s capable hands to share when his apprentice is ready to receive them.  However, he wouldn’t know any of this if he hadn’t tested the waters.  The drama is part of the lesson.

So what does it expose about our weaknesses and strengths?  Our weakness is that we are subject to the toils and labors of daily life and struggle due to our ignorance, curiosity and ego.  These things create our daily drama and cannot be helped as they are inherent in our design.  As for our strengths, those come from our experiencing the drama created for us to learn from.  Our strengths are built and grow as we grow through our experiences.

Through our daily challenges, we learn.  Mostly learning, over and over again, we are not God.  We are not in charge and all knowing. We are not in control of everything, but are the result of something greater; God and his thoughts, which determine everything, including us; our status, what we see, perceive and learn.  We also learn we have intelligence.

We are special, we can learn and there is much for us to learn from our never-ending reference library of living life as it constantly changes and our knowledge expands.  We study what is and learn its applications.

We are like apprentices, becoming godly, godlike.  We are learning even when we sleep to become like God, in his image, just as the apprentice was learning to be like his master. He couldn’t be his master but he could become like him through his masters teachings, compassion and attention, but will always be at least one giant step behind.

God is much greater than any wizard or magician.  He doesn’t manipulate after the fact, by studying the properties of something and copying it to fit into a new application or designing an application to fit it.  God creates it wholly; every minute detail comes from his mind.  He is the beginning and ultimate source of and resource for all things.  Our go to guy.

Since God is the thought behind all creation and he is alive forever and always thinking, before anything is made, he commands it into being by thinking it up.  One can never catch up to him.

He is the divine.  He doesn’t have to seek out the divine or use sorcery to figure out his next move. He creates the move by thinking it through from beginning to the end, its every moment, forever. That’s what makes it destiny.  God meant it to be what it becomes. He designed it with purpose and intention.

God’s the only one who knows the destiny of anyone or anything because his thoughts manifest into reality.  He can create life, not from nothing but from himself because he embodies life and what comes from him has life as its source for being.

We are to benefit from His teaching us with compassion and close attention.  He didn’t just create us and then with a shoulder shrug say, well, whatever happens now is on you and “if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough”; my father-in-law is the only author I am aware of regarding this quote.

We are not the result of an accident.  He formed us, every detail of our being and had a plan in mind before he did that. He created us with fore thought of purpose.  He created us to eventually live with him forever, not to die and have no harmony, forever.

Our suffering means something.  He created it with purpose and has something in mind for us.  He is thoughtful, not careless.

He added intelligence into our design along with a natural curiosity.  Two things needed for learning.

A great capacity for learning is programmed into our makeup as a vital part of his perfect plan, which is on course to change us from physical to spiritual beings.  We are the result of thought.  God thinks and here we are.  Not by fiat but by this thing we call life, this incubation stage, which is hardly noticeable when comparing it to eternity.

If you think about being in your mother’s womb or being a toddler none of us can remember feeling pain or suffering during that time.  When we are eternal beings our physical life will seem like that to us… out of mind, but the lessons will be retained.

Once we become spiritual entities, maybe the only drama left will be creating.  Maybe we will be directed to create new sets for new life in other forms as God will continue to set his will in motion, now with more spirit forces at work because we add to his resources as part of the God family, which is same as being part of the Smith family, only with more riches and… we get free room and board!  We will also receive true nutrition.

Eating from the mind of God, absorbing what we learn, assimilating every morsel, satiated, grateful and with a conscious understanding of what we are eating; none of this processed filler passing for food, which we are tricked into craving that never really fills us up and is slowly poisoning us.

God is a creator and a life giver.  I am assuming this is what He does always, because He is a being whom is eternal, living forever.

Life comes only from him and he shares it as an expression of himself, He shares himself.  He thinks and things happen.  He makes things happen.  He’s our maker.

Creating takes a lot of resources of the godly kind.  It takes a mastermind; the mind of God to create every minute detail to actually create a living, functional, working model… the first time; planned to perfection and built to last without limits.

Once we are changed from a perfectly flawed mortal to a body of spiritual perfection, we will never again backtrack or find ourselves suffering due to our current underdeveloped state.  It won’t be possible for us to fall off the spiritual wagon because we will have reached full potential of spiritual awakening and made it to life everlasting, to forever, which can only happen if we have all we need to sustain us indefinitely.  We won’t need anything physical to keep us alive because we will have overcome death.  It will no longer be able to take us.  Instead of breath, we will have the energy of a holy spirit circulating in us keeping us alive and happy, with a spirit of loving awareness all of the time.

Nothing about us will be tricky, complicated or speculative.  Everything will be open, above board; all will truly see and all will know truth because we will be sharing in Gods knowledge, which will reveal clearly how… it is, what it is.  There will be no room for error, misinterpretation or misunderstanding.  We will communicate clearly and freely with no hidden meanings or agendas.  We will be in it for the whole body not just ourselves.

If you think of your current body; you wouldn’t cut off your ear so your hand has something to play with.  You are conscious of all your limbs etc. and want the best for them; though you might cut off your enemies’ ear so you have something to play with.  This won’t happen when your enemy is part of you, of the same mind and body… your brother and part of the God family.  Yes.  I believe your enemy gets the same opportunity to reach full potential as you do.

With our minds no longer clouded by a skewed perspective which now dominates our thoughts and with reality un-obscured, the subtle flaw in Satan’s way of thinking which influences us into thinking, believing and acting as though we can be God, will be clearly visible to us, therefore it will no longer have any influence on our minds because we will have no more confusion about deciding what is good or bad, controlling it and believing no one is above us or greater than us, even though we are influenced by all sorts of unseen spirits, which are greater than we are in our current physical form.

Later, when mankind becomes children of God, we will be higher than the angels because of our upbringing; our having been literally lifted up by having been born of the flesh first, then of the spirit into the family of God… from the family of Smith or whatever your family name is now.  We will have a greater understanding having endured the lessons of flesh to spirit.

We will know and understand the power and source behind all things and be part of the source and won’t need to seek an outside source for our well being or chase a false sense of well being through our current master, the father of lies, whom we now serve by chasing his false promises of wellbeing throughout our lives, which end in nothing but our delivery to death.  Lies can destroy but cannot create life.  Through the truth about our creator and what he is creating (a really large family including us as healthy spirits), we will really have been made well, our whole being!

We will have our needs met, finally.  Set free from death, worry, disease, injury and suffering. We will be cared for and sustained by our new master, Jesus, whom God raised as Lord, to govern us with care.

As spirit beings, we will have changed, now shiny and new; finally having received full mind and body cleansing, a complete healing, not subject to decay or death.  We’ll have all we need to live in comfort, partaking in and learning from the mind of God and his future creations, forever.

His future creations, I believe, have already begun because he is alive forever and continues to think.  Time is irrelevant… it’s the thought that counts.

What a thought this is… try to imagine how many thoughts you have in one day.  They’re innumerable and if you tried to count them, you could never stop!

At present, not only do we not last, but, like our universe, we are on a path of coming to nothing through decay, a slow path to destruction.

We tire ourselves out each day living a life of daily struggle for survival and comfort, packed with drama.  The ups and downs wear us out, temporarily and over the short span of our physical lives.

One way we restore energy is through sleep.  I am perplexed, some, as to how that is more restful than our waking moments since so many things happen in dreams and sometimes those happenings are extreme and would be incredibly exhausting or harmful or, could also be amazingly healing in waking life.

One thing (other than the entire makeup of our being), which may explain, some of this, might be due to our being, while dreaming, free… at least partially free.

We as we know we, aren’t ourselves while dreaming.  We’re not subject to some of the boundaries and restrictions that we are during waking hours, however, I think in many ways we are still limited.

Does our ego sleep when we do, in the sense it lies dormant while we dream or, if we have a dream involving egotistical behavior, are we then observing ourselves, freely, in our dreams and not subject to our ego’s influence as we are while awake?

I feel I become both an observer and a participant in my dreams.  However; my actions and reactions while dreaming seem more objective rather than ego driven.  I seem non-judgmental, at least of myself, while dreaming and its fun… I like dreaming!

I play many different characters both in personality and in bodily image, including animals, while dreaming and often in the same dream.  Some are recognizable figures to me and some, not at all recognizable.  I associate with them by their roles, personality or character only, but do not know whom their physical image represents or mimics, if anyone, in my waking life.

This goes for people I know as well, when part of my dream, they too, often switch bodies for my dream’s sake.

Maybe this is one reason, I feel empathy for others.  It may be, dreams are a way to allow us to witness and experience compassion and have empathy toward our fellow man relating to the double-minded trap we’re all in.  Double minded here meaning: dreaming vs awake and egocentric vs humble and compassionate.

Similar to hypnosis, making suggestions when we are open to them (This is another subject for discussion, which, I may explore in a later blog post.); perhaps the dreamers in us are fed suggestions in our dreamscapes to carry over to our wake states influencing our selves.

I believe God is the literal creator of dreams and through Him all things are possible, as they are in dreams.  So it’s not funny, but plausible to me when I hear John Lennon’s lyrics and I wouldn’t be surprised if they came from a dream he was given:  Imagine all the people living in peace, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.

The stuff our dreams are made of… drama… is what will brings about change in us and our world; making way for a new world where we all will live peacefully, of one accord, of one mind, one body, and one spirit.

I am living the dream!  My hope and faith is in an active, living, mindful God, whom, by bringing dreams to life, is in the process of creating the worldly change for all of us to finally rest in peace; literally to have eternal rest while living forever as fully conscious beings with peace of mind.


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