Once April fooled; only to be schooled


You’re Just Too Good To Be True

You invited me inside your tortoiseshell

Drawn to your inner glow; you, I thought, would keep me well

I saw you as so strong and loved you wanting me along

As we slowly made our way

From what felt like such a special place, I hoped we would never stray

Then one day with a sharp hard snap, you tossed me off your back

My heart ripped as yours hardened, now closed and fully zipped

My eyes jarred open from the lie

Where was I?

You could not shield me from hurtful things of any size at all

Landing on the ground, it hit me; I was always bound to fall

You would not shelter me a bit; I simply couldn’t fit

Only then I knew

I was too much for you

If only your world was not so small

I was eager to share it all

Sadness now accompanies me like a cloud

I can’t help but cry aloud from the awful goodbye you hissed and,

How I could not see beyond you in the mist

That same tongue once whispered in my ear delight;

Making me feel, all things with me were right

You had a sparkle, a gleaming;

Nothing but a reflection from the sun, only seeming to be great

Now I am alone and forced in wait for someone who can wipe clean my slate

Who may be coming soon and will then shut off the moon

Then, you will appear as the night, not truly bright like him who holds the light

I have not forgotten how you made me feel

I am still wondering if any of this is real

You hypnotized me; you’re glimmering like a jewel

Stunned was I to learn you were really cruel

What you left to me is only pain from having been severely slain

As you are so slow to roam; it goes unnoticed; you offer only a temporary home

Though you shine, you are dim, more like the night and unlike him and his true light

He is both big and wise with no need for disguise

He does not look through reptile eyes

Fooled, I did follow your faint glow

You brought me here and made me low

All of this was meant to be for my eyes to finally see

It is another I must abide; you were just my ride

I struggle to stay steady; but you’re undoing is how I’m made ready

Here I sit merely a ghost of one whom once felt cared for most

My eyes filled with tears over you, but you, just put here for show

 So one greater than you, forever I will know

You’re just too good to be true

 – iFyst


2 thoughts on “Once April fooled; only to be schooled

  1. I enjoyed reading this totally but there are many, many thoughts here that I am still digesting and may be for quite a long time (possibly never fully done). You are definitely more than just a pretty thought!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad you enjoyed the reading.
      There are multiple meanings and most likely multiple interpretations to both illustrations.
      Thank you… I think! 🙂


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