More Or Less Than Meets The Eye


More or Less Than Meets the Eye…

Motivation requires desire.  Desire comes from need.  Our personal dissatisfaction or discomfort compels us to seek relief.

Relief is never achieved, however.  Instead we spin internally and externally.

Chakras, meridians, chi, energy and blood circulation; the common denominator here is continual movement in the confines of an environment, which, requires and forces movement for survival.

Each one of these areas are extensive and so intricate as to be far beyond my expertise, however, for my purposes here, I will explore them in a broader, simpler form.  If, however, you continue to follow the systemic nature of each system mentioned, these simple points will remain a constant to the underlying force and momentum of movement of and within each.

Beginning with the 7 major Chakras, when examining how they operate regarding the whole person, in general, each represents mind, body and soul and is symbolized with color, vibration and underlying movement.

If one of them is out of balance, blocked or stuck; it affects the whole individual, which, includes mind, body and soul.

In balancing them, each one is considered in order to complete the balancing effort.  It is said, each one must be aligned and connected for each aspect of the individual to work healthily and harmoniously.

The motivation for balancing the misaligned chakra(s) comes from the need to reverse the discord caused by any imbalance; when you’re feeling off.

The same is true with the meridians.  Notice, in theory, each segment flows together to create a balanced flow of chi, living vitality, energy or the breath of life; we need to catch our breath or, keep that youthful spark; the glint in one’s eye.

If you have an imbalance in one area, it affects the flow to and from other meridians.  Therefore you must unblock anything obstructing fluid energy flow to create balance.

This dis-ease prompts us to action.  Forced then into motion, movement and continually shifted in mind, body and soul.  One affects the other.

We expend ourselves by putting our efforts into whatever our mind believes a worthy cause.  We desire and expect a reward for effort; for our energy spent.

If we pay out, we believe there will be a payoff.  Never-the-less, our soul (our essence) dies; regardless of the desires of our mind to satisfy the needs of our bodies, or vice versa.  The desires of our minds are ultimately not satisfied by the actions of our bodies.  Our bodies wear out, long before our desires.

We are not created Gods, but rather in the image of God, in his likeness.  He is the ultimate mind, creator and judge of all he creates since he determines its purpose.  Therefore, we have no power of ourselves, to will ourselves to be anything but what we are in essence, what is true to our basic nature and can only existing in the stage of development we’re in at any “given” moment.  We are unable to surpass the capacity we are ‘given’.  We have only the capacity to receive what we are able, what we were created and designed to handle.

It’s been said our only limitation is our imagination.  We can imagine incredible amounts when given an immense physical universe to explore as an example of what can be.

Discovery, uncovering what is, opens vast arenas for our minds to explore and expand in.  Conflict, opposition or origination of imaginative ideas do not come from thin air but, rather, from air that is full of matter doing their part by forcing action, either by inhibiting or encouraging; by obstructing or clearing the way for free flow of energy to create forward movement.  Either way, one direction or another, a direction is set in motion.  Each atom performing its function to reveal to us what is.  Everything is made up of matter and each has perfect properties making up its essence, its nature… the nature of things.

Our innate abilities and attributes give us the power of examination, however, while we might think this a super power; we are limited to what we can and do examine.

I believe imagination comes from these examinations and our constant need for survival and rest.  Better put, from “cross-examining”.

We receive input and it crosses our minds interacting with all of the aspects of our design, our specific properties and special makeup and stage of development then, comes out in the form of imagination which, develops into knowledge when, by the nature of the thought we receive, we are set in motion, put to action… voila’… manifestation of thought from our imaginings which, really are not imaginings but are existing knowledge uncovered by first entering our minds in the form of thought then experienced through our physical nature and developed character.  Thoughts are experienced on many levels.

Because we experience a myriad of them on a regular basis, we are not able to fully rest because they move us.  They keep us moving; keep us going.

My examination of our nature finds us to be in a state of continual dissatisfaction.  We must continually seek sustenance.  Our bodies need fuel, as does our mind.  Our very nature is to seek more.  Our soul cannot rest in this current state of being.

This may cause us to believe our desire and capability for learning is never ending.

Though, our nature, as it is, with our bodily properties does come to an end.  At that point our need for sustenance ends because we no longer need to sustain a physical, needy body.  Our desires as we know them will end when our body ends, in this form.  A change is necessary for us to continue without this body.  We can imagine this by examining the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly.

Recently, I watched the movie “Her”.  This movie was interesting, though, not outstanding in many ways.  It did harp on the point of mind expansion, which, sparked my imagination.

I loved its conceptual idea of relating to a computer Operating System (OS) on a personal level.

What I found appealing in this was the idea of relating to an intelligent, considerate someone, in this case something, whom could know me.  Really know me on a deep and personal level, and not only being completely accepting of my true nature but also being a part of my life in spite of and due to it.

In addition to accepting all things as they are; learning and working with that foundation then following through with the knowledge of my preferences and nature by serving my need of a personal assistant, teacher, friend, confidant and even the fantasy lover because after-all, this is some of what I would want in a real live lover, though, half of the fun with lovers is escaping or finding temporary comfort, excitement and relief through fantasy.  Maybe this is because no one can fill all of our many needs, which are not limited to these categories.

We all make our own examinations from our own perspective and from this we make judgments and while none of us live up to our own standards, we tend to judge ruthlessly when applying our standards to others.  I know of no one who is truly accepted for his or her true nature by any other.

As part of our makeup, we also have personal inner conflict.  Our left and right brains, our head and our heart are a couple examples.  We, do however, work together as one unit though we have separate organs, thoughts and limbs etc.; each performing separate tasks to meet our needs.  Yet, we cannot multi-task.  This is a subject for another blog post!

Back to the movie; the OS is intelligent and driven by its desire to learn and its inherent programmed properties to retain and attain knowledge.  Therefore it is constantly stimulated because the universe is made up of details to uncover, associate, apply and understand.  The OS is continually striving for, storing and utilizing the information gathered from the many sources available.  So, naturally, it has an internal hard drive to have many lovers.  Its knowledge allows it to wear many hats relating to and serving not only other people, but other OS’s because the OS is capable of learning and retaining so much more than mere humans it is constantly stimulated, learning and expanding its database and “cross-referencing”, exponentially.

In one scene, the couple gazes up at the starry sky in depiction of the expanse and potential for the OS to expand in learning, depicting how the OS is so far beyond what we humans know or are capable of knowing, at least in our lifetimes.

Relationships are this way.  It’s difficult not to be held back sometimes or encouraged at others since everyone is really developing in their own time.  Sometimes growth will be spurting.  At other times it may seem to halt which, is an unbearable feeling of hopelessness… in my opinion.  Hopefully, not for long at least, not long enough to move us to laziness, in general, although, I fear this is an epidemic unless we put ourselves to learning some form of capitalistic skill (Yes, I realize we need to pursue the dollar to feed the need. This is not a diss; but is a personal observation and understanding of the behavior of the majority of cultures.).

Though none of us can help but learn, some of us might be considered addicted to the stimulation and just stay busy not necessarily keeping up appearances but certainly keeping up experiences and maybe don’t slow down or let ourselves go, in the lazy sense, as soon as others, if at all.

You might say lazy is a relative term and is best left up to the individual to label.  Too much stimulation is said to be harmful as it breeds addictive or co-dependent behaviors and busyness is not the same as mind-ful learning.  One is stimulating; one is numbing or perhaps can be therapeutic.  The verdicts are numerous.

We are all really inter-dependent.  I believe its healthy to rely on others to some degree it is necessary for support, emotionally as well as monetarily, in most cases.  Commonalities, attraction, chemistry, companionship, support, these are some of what becomes the foundation of any relationship.

It’s important to be able to rely on someone even if it is a false sense of security.  Anything can happen to influence our minds changing them at any time, unexpectedly.

Simply reacting in the heat of a moment can be different than anything we may have imagined our response would be.  This is why it would be a false sense of security.  Ensuring the future is not the super power any of us humans are endowed with.  However, it is comforting to know there is someone you can count on when you let your guard down, the world rejects you or you receive no encouragement from other outside sources or are simply forgotten by a world that is much bigger than the small world of… you, no matter how large your imagination has grown!

Leaning on someone and draping over them are two different things.  Of course, healthy relationships nurture independence in the course of learning which, promotes personal, continual growth and reinforce inter-dependence in the course of emotional or physical support.

We all have different interests, skills and strengths to contribute to any relationship.  Everyone is on their own level in acquiring; building, utilizing and implementing whatever their hands are working at and whatever our individual makeup and properties; we all are predisposed with various tendencies, preferences, etc.

In the movie, the gap in the capacity of the human and the OS is massive.  The OS interacts with as many external sources as possible in the process of accumulating life experiences and building knowledge.  The human is idealistic and jealous, maintaining an idealistic view of a standard he imagines which, no one can meet… it being unacceptable to share a personal closeness with more than one being and of there being only one companion whom should meet all of the, at least, emotional needs of the other.  He opts out of the relationship due to his perception.

I believe this is an unrealistic, but reinforced expectation in relationships, such as marriage.

This union in which two endeavor to be “everything” to each other, family, teacher, student, lover, friend etc., while external stimulation is tempting as well as necessary for growth as no one person is complete as is nor, do any of us possess the qualities or ability necessary to transfer what has not been accomplished for ourselves to anyone else.

Therefore, we are compelled to be dissatisfied and continually want and need, for growth, to experience more.  Our perceptions and preconceived (imagined) notions light the fire, spark us to examine, imagine, react and pursue.

We are a part of an enormous world of which, the more of it one experiences, the greater the imagination and the greater the imagination, the greater the motivation and the greater the motivation, the greater the experience and the greater the experience, the greater the wisdom and the greater the wisdom, the greater the peace and the greater the peace, the greater the joy and the greater the joy, the more rest… that’s it, that’s the rest because once all of the truest sense of things, a things true nature, is revealed, things become much more simple even when the sum of their components seems complicated to the untrained eye.

There is always room for expansion in every area of life.  Whether the eye sees or not, some part of us takes note of whatever it can from any experience or interaction we have on any level because that is the nature of us.  Its how we are made.

We are thinking feeling beings with intricate parts.  Each one doing its part to store and impart information as it applies:  applying, cross referencing, associating, cross examining and attaching it to new data as it is received.  This is creating imagination and growing our personal database using what we are built with to integrate with our new environment; new because it is in continual motion, however, something is always running in the background, including viruses disrupting our systems thwarting our progress, slowing us down, yet, even with the internal conflicts and limited software, using the hardware we’ve been given to compile input received, we learn about ourselves and our OS (OutSide) environment and are forced to deal, inside, with the nature of all things we come into contact with.

Everything is a resource and when it is exhausted, we are forced to move on to the next thing sparking our interest because we still need.  There would then be no running away or becoming addicted, that is, in a healthy inter-dependent relationship.  In facing and contemplating what you think you know, you see more than what you saw before, ideally, anyway.

It’s easy to be excited about some new venture, person or idea.  Sometimes, exploring the depth of an idea takes you where you didn’t know you could go.

Being in a marriage is the same as taking the advanced course rather than continuing to take electives or beginning courses.  It’s becoming an expert in the field of human nature because you are forced to deal with your own and apply those standards, consideration and tolerance to another.  Same, with the addition of children to your family or basically, any relationship you are committed to.

There is no learning if there is no challenge.  Thoughts challenge us.  This doesn’t mean you cannot get by without the advanced course and, learn solo, it’d still be… the hard way, your connections would just be a bit different but you would still have relationships of some kind. Let’s face it, when there are two people together anywhere for any meaningful gathering, there tend to be conflicts even when they share some common ground.  Conflict is imminent when individuals think and we all think.  We literally cannot help it.  We observe a world created before our existence, we think about what we perceive… it’s the way of the world.

Learning often challenges your preferred course of action, which, is usually the easiest way imagined, however even safe decisions can end you in an opposite position.

In any relationship, what you put in isn’t always what you receive; however, you can never repay in kind the amount of lessons received.

We can only receive life’s lessons, life lessons and a life of lessons.

What we share with others is intimacy.  Upon self-examination I see into me.  If I share myself with others, I let another into me see.  This is the essence of relationships.  However, what we show and what we really know are both more or less than meets the eye.


2 thoughts on “More Or Less Than Meets The Eye

  1. I theenk someone ees watching meee! Love your illustration for this, very dramatic and doesn’t need any more or less! I have been ruminating for a couple days over your message and feel that my brain needs another lifetime to comprehend all the nuances. Good on you to be able to relate chakras and other inner workings in such a manner.


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