Realize Your Passion, on a budget.


Most days it feels as if the world is whirling around me and I am standing still. In slow motion, I watch the colors blur; people and faces all become a massive wash.-Sarah Kay

Realize Your Passion, on a budget.

I often come across some encouraging sign, picture, article, etc. telling me to realize, find or follow my passion.

I consider myself a passionate person.  I have deep emotions and excitement, sometimes about seemingly light-hearted things, which, causes me to question or evaluate myself, more often than not.

I heard someone say she is concerned about being left with much emptiness when her second child leaves the nest because the first one left a big hole where time and energy was once spent.  Not just spent, consumed.

This person is now motivated to further her education so as to be in a position later to surround herself by people with similar interests; to fill the void.

I understand her concern and why she feels this is so important.

I have come to see some of my own personal interests are suppressed in many ways, due to the lack of social and/or professional interaction, resources and circumstances all of which would allow them to expand much more freely and frequently… in an ideal world, yadda, yadda.

I think everyone finds themselves in this predicament at some point or during their entire lives.  We are encouraged and discouraged by our environment and our associations to it and the relations we have to those whom we associate.  It can be a challenge to find your passion in the midst of such influences which, sway us forward and pull us backward, continually and the constant cycles of hanging on and letting go, being carefree and fretting.

I think ultimately, we can only face personal challenges, personally.  What I mean by this is, it sounds ideal to be surrounded by likeminded others and all of the seemingly perfect tools to “go forth and prosper”.  Reality is, our challenges are found along side our passions when we are moved to overcome our lack of resources to pursue what really excites us within our immediate means; pursuing passion on a budget or, we are faced with overcoming the abundant obstacles to our imagined, ideal model of what we want to achieve. This is what confronts us as we wake each day, our will vs our reality.

There is much propaganda telling us our will is easily manifested if we merely believe it’s possible or think it into existence or make it so by chanting affirmations, etc.  However, just as the universe had to piece by piece, cough up every minute detail into exact position with precision timing (in the billions of years) in order to form us and every other life form, so it is with will and reality.

In order for our will to manifest into reality; all things must be in perfect alignment for its creation.

Specific actions and steps are necessary in advance of it being formed. Well, this is really deep thinking, a bit like going into deep space.

Anything is possible because we can’t control or manipulate anything, therefore, we have no way to limit or restrict anything from happening either nor can we forecast or predict with accuracy, what we are unaware of.

Right now, for me, it is enough to realize there is something propelling each and every happening.  That is, every motion triggers more commotion.  Maybe something similar to the butterfly affect; add that it begins with one being whom set all things in motion and has so many symbiotic arms that all things are connected and each affects the other and all by the hand of one director, one conductor with many instruments under his direction and he keeps them playing in harmony.  This happens by his power to execute his knowledge with forethought of a thoughtful, planned creation.

I’m passionate about the motion and what commotion it creates (come-motion; what comes from motion).  The blurred motion is what I want to know about.  It’s what I do not know which, I seek to find.  That’s passion; the driving force which, is a fun part of exploring.  It’s the, ah ha moment. The, I see but… this brings me to ask another question and another and another.

Sometimes while driving or riding in a car I find it difficult to take in what surrounds me.  I am captured by something or just plain curious but have no time to thoroughly explore it before the next thing takes over my view or, I cannot fully process it because I must focus on driving.

This makes things seem to speed by and I have a sensation of being overwhelmed by the world because I cannot take it all in and there is just so much out there.

The reality is time didn’t speed up but, the motion caused my spirit commotion.  What came to me from the motion was anxiety.  A feeling the world is too big and too much for me to manage or process peaceably and it started by my seeing something which, caught my interest.

I think it is important to relax by slowing down enough to take a good long look at things, which, capture our attention and spark our interest in order to realize the sensations that stir our passions so we can recognize them more easily.

Generally, our passions do not end with one turn of the head, just as the road doesn’t end; more turns ahead.

We move from one interest to another and if it’s a true passion, which, may be a truth of a sort at its core (There is always some truth in what we see but we don’t always see the whole truth.).

We cannot always “make” time to follow our interests, as we have many obligations, which, take away from our passion to explore, at the moment.  However, we may find endless enjoyment funneled through one subject explored in depth or, which serves to propel us forward, continually expanding from a quick glance to insights full of splendor and wonderment with many views to take in.

I think passion is the spice of life.  Sometimes it’s not so easy to find something to keep us looking forward to tomorrow, especially when we are looking to the past for “new” direction.

There is a momentum directing our steps and it may seem like we are not “getting ahead” but, we cannot go backward, in time anyway.  Yet, we can be stuck in behavior or circumstance, which, tends to stifle our growth.

I believe it’s imperative for overall health to find what stirs your soul and experience it as fully as possible because a particular stirring won’t be settled until you are propelled to the next ripple and, the next and, the next, even if you get sucked in, thrust about and spit out like a grain of sand or a speck of dirt.

When you think you’ll drown, can only wince and are nearly dissolved, eventually, you’ll be spit out and propelled to continue the journey of exploration, which begins with what you are shown when your eyes are opened which, happens when you come up for air, though, you are still subject to and flowing by the force of the current, whatever it may be.

Know, it could be a short car ride but, still a long journey, which, can be a bit blurred through our small window; we can only see so much at one time.

Hang on; enjoy the ride and don’t get motion sickness!


2 thoughts on “Realize Your Passion, on a budget.

  1. As you always do, you have thrown many aspects in to this blog that take time to assimilate and formulate my personal feelings and responses … and think about new areas all relating to this theme. But if, as I assume, the object is to give rise to new thoughts and ideas, you definitely accomplish your goal. I especially appreciate “come-motion” effect! Each month look forward to new, indepth searching and new revelations which arise. 🙂


    • Thank you, LindaLee.
      I love your feedback and am so happy to have a regular reader!
      Yes, come-motion is an exciting effect and a pre-cursor to bringing passion to the soul and the development of concepts, goals and dreams which, are all events worth looking forward to.


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