I Was Framed!

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I Was Framed!

Think about a frame.  It can be structural, decorative or both.  It can support or hinder and obstruct.

I was raised inside a frame made of traditions and rules.  These dos and don’ts of how to be, how and what to think and, what boundaries to uphold, led to perceptions to “be-hold”… to the perceptions of, how to be and what to hold.

Everyday we all struggle between ideas and beliefs “be-held” in an existence we grow to tolerate; where possibility and opportunity can become limited by our dulled sense of potential from our being stifled, inhibited or hindered by conforming to ideas others hold of us.

Their feelings, inhibitions and traumas are often transferred to us along with conditions our environment surrounds us with.  We then, are boxed in and often, made vulnerable by ideas held by us but, not necessarily our own; rather, we are living under the influence of outside sources and naivetés.

Much of the time, they keep or hold us down, tame our natural curiosity and wildness and often, deaden our excitement causing us not to believe or feel comfortable with the outer limits, which, we can never know unless we break through inner barriers binding us and our openness to what might be, “out there”.

This is not to say, we can do or be anything we want.  I do not aspire to that belief.  There are forces in this life, which, prevent such idealistic dreams from coming true; at least, perhaps, in the manner in which, we might visualize them.  However, I do believe in pursuing and encouraging thoughtful advancement of everyone in every way possible given their personal circumstance.

Just as a child born to compassionate, loving, insightful parents is patiently and diligently nurtured, taught and tested; as adults, we must and need to give this same ongoing attention to our more mature selves.  It should not stop as we age but, should be focused, as, we can learn to be more attuned and sensitive to our preferences, tendencies, skills and observations.

In doing so, we can grow, continually advancing our position regardless of an actual switch of career or other status which, society tells us should be our aim.  I’m speaking of one’s personal level of growth but, certainly, think it advantageous to incorporate livelihood of one’s interests and developed skills, if possible.

Just as the child’s height and weight are measured as he or she matures physically, the length and width of our experience grows as we grow big and tall.

It is not only possible to grow; it may be impossible not to, no matter how badly we may desire to resist it.

Whenever we break our routine, the routines we have adopted, we add more to one of our less recognized senses, that is, our sense of potential.

 “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” –Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Honing this sense by recognizing and taking action regarding what stirs us by thoroughly exploring as many avenues to engage in it as we can find available to us will create for us, more roads to Rome.

You won’t know what you can or want to do unless, you do what you can when you want to.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” -Unknown

When we apply our passion to pavement… hit the road… follow our excitement; things get exciting. This is where dreams can come true or come from.

It is never too late to apply our personal knowledge and expertise to improving the rest of our lives (i.e., seeking joy through the experience of something interesting to us whether it is a subject we are familiar or unfamiliar with); especially, since, we cannot determine the outcome of an endeavor or, of the effort to endeavor.

Absolutely, in addition to must-dos (things we feel absolutely imperative to our survival, both physically and psychologically), follow too, pursuits that make you smile and keep you in a contented mode with palpable enthusiasm.   While they may not be your day job… now, yet or, ever; it is healthy to engage in activities you are passionate about. Those things you enjoy doing and when doing them, find the passing of time has gone unnoticed.

That is one way to treat yourself with compassion (Come-passion; yes, please.).  This is what I call, thoughtful advancement.  Especially, if you have limited resources and are faced with obstructions rather than supportive framework in which to work toward feeling this personal joy.  The joy will come and go with different experiences but, I sure like feeling it when it happens so, I look for it.

This type of personal joy leads to spreading joy to others.  When we are feeling calm, peaceful and joyous, our hearts and minds are generally more open, empathetic, tolerant and compassionate to others.  We smile and keep going, pushing the envelope and stepping out of the box.  Smiling is contagious.  It’s free medicine we are handing out and, we could all use some care- free!

In this world, so much emphasis is placed on rushing to the time clock; it makes time seem to rush by and, we feel rushed by it.  Days end in exhaustion from the stress of days.

Taking time to discover what makes you tick won’t stop time; it may make time, for the important things… for doing things, which, cause you to lose time.  When we take time to find out what’s important to us we can live more joyfully in the time we have without the worry of losing time; living carefree… for a time.

Whether you feel stifled or not, get outside your box to make a bigger box for your inner dweller. Rebuild your framework; add on.

Activate your sense of potential through whatever opportunities are available.   Your new box is full of expanding possibilities, despite any obstructions or lack of support.  There is a will and there is a way.

There are mountains, hills and curbs.  Maybe you can only see the hill or mountain and may only make it up the curb.  It’s the steps and taking them that matter.  That is how to travel.  Take the journey of a lifetime; be a time traveler for life; have the time of your life, traveling!

You won’t find anything new in the world, just things unknown to you.  You can be rejuvenated (re-you-venated), renewed (re-you-ed).  That’s something worth looking forward to.

We all take steps toward something.  Don’t trip over the curb and get stuck, even if you are hurt.  Count on tripping.

All amateurs (am; mature) are clumsy or have been while stumbling and sometimes bumbling through the developing stages, which, never end. All the more reason to keep your eye on the mountain; you never know what you will encounter with each step in the direction of making it to the mountain… no matter how long it may take you to get there.

Your potential is in the climb, in the reaching for, not at the end.  You’ll find a valley and possibly another mountain beyond the one you have your eye on.  Keep it in sight and you will see more, regardless of what you regard less.  Regardless of the ups and the downs and the highs and the lows; starting at the bottom, working your way to the peak.

You may never make a financial living from what excites you; however, you may make a living you value by seeing the value in your life.  That is exciting.


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