To lose your way is, to lose your head.  With it goes the sense of control, of being ahead and in charge.  Be headed; we are headed… somewhere.

Your heading, starts with where you look.

You go where you look.  Look there… there, you go.

When driving a vehicle, without a lot of discipline developed through, on the road training, if you look at a pothole, in general, you will drive into it.

To steer clear takes knowledge, understanding and practice.  Even with years of experience, we can be caught off guard and land in a hole, yet, again.

Upon seeing the hole, we have thoughts of dread and want to avoid what we fear, vehicle damage. This could bring personal harm to us, since it could mean both financial and time inconvenience to us if we hit it.  The thought of this scenario causes us stress, both mental and emotional grief and, we also incur literal physical tension as we “think it through”.

We fear what we see in our minds eye due to this external trigger, the actual sighting of the pothole and, perhaps, the simultaneous recollection of either the first or the last time it happened.

Immediately we respond with tension because of our adversity toward it happening again and the consequences if we lose focus on the goal and/or zoom in on the obstruction before us, which may possibly thwart our reaching our destination timely or at all.

What we sense externally affects us.  This can be overwhelming though, what we have sensed may be inactive; it is us, whom become actively overwhelmed.

Sensations are precursors to the focus of our attention and therefore, influence our minds and the direction we are headed.

The issue is, we cannot control our reactions.  We can learn and move forward, but, often, we regress due to how we react.

Many times we catch ourselves saying, “I should have just”… done this or that.

I’m reminded of the old tootsie pop commercial.

Q:  How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

A:  The world may never know.

It depends… on our reaction, in any given moment to the tootsie pop.

If we are famished or dehydrated, we are more apt to quickly bite into it for the gooey inside and the juices it promises to release.

Suppose, its Halloween and we’ve had our fill of candy; we might not lick at all.

Maybe we are still in the, eat candy spirit or practicing mindfulness; we may savor it and count 100 licks.

If the thought of biting into the tootsie roll center is overwhelmingly tantalizing; it will then take zero licks or three, according to Mr. Owl.

This advertisement is a superb example of the perfect ad in that, it covers and engages the viewer with so many angles from asking the slow turtle, whom, takes his time with everything to being referred to the definitive, wise owl and simply gets the point across; you really cannot resist biting into this product and it makes you want to test your ability to find out how many licks you can withstand before biting, by provoking you to action.

It invokes a reaction by causing you to “think it through”, influencing you to want to find out how many licks it takes or how long the yummy can last or, just get to the yummy, at last.

This well executed ad is also an example of my point.

We simply cannot answer because it depends on the circumstances, which, create a mood therefore, determine our heading by prompting a response; directing us to action. We are moved.

Circumstances stage our reaction by penetrating our senses and affecting our perceptions.

At first glance, it may seem silly to analogize this ad with our highly sophisticated receptive learning process, however, it really is a simple example of how a complex world is made up of what appear at times, to be small interactions but, are really meaningful frequent and abundant circumstances causing our inner actions; reactions by many reactors swayed by what is received through a handful of senses, our receptors.

What we receive, causes us to perceive.  We act out what we see within and there are seemingly unlimited sources influencing what we see and how we see it.

By nature, we examine what is beyond our vision (that is, what is before our eyes, within our sight, which, comes to be-on-our vision).  We study it layer by layer; what is on the outside to get to its inside core.  We, get to know it.

The tootsie pop goal may be to get to the gooey inside, by the licking (taking action, revealing one layer at a time), the outside.

If we are the tootsie pop, this means our exterior is stiff and our core is mushy.

Our stance is easily moved based on cir-cum- stance (That is, based on what circles us.  This is what our stance is based on; its foundation.).  In other words, what we are made to believe through what we perceive through our senses is, what we stand for.

We are moved from the inside out by receiving on the outside and perceiving on the inside.

We experience various extremes throughout our lives.  Consider, rather than saying we experience extremes; we experience full ranges, from one end to the other, opposites, more than one side in each occurrence.

This is what gives us the understanding of what we deem to be good or bad, what makes us happy or sad, etc.

We are built up and torn down by the throes of life as we react to its perceived and experienced, “vicious” cycles, “catch 22” situations and pleasant and not so pleasant circumstances, in which, we “find” ourselves.

This is how we literally find ourselves; how we learn to know and understand ourselves, others our environment, etc. It’s also the foundation of our confusion of ourselves, others, our environment, etc. We experience life’s multiple facets (faces of life; what we see when we face the world).

Confusion ignites our fearful nature and causes us difficulty in feeling settled.  It’s unsettling not be in control of what life throws at us and our reactions to it. On the other hand, it feels great when we think we are in control.  That’s how we know and understand our world and our place in it, by the things we cannot control.

Just when we think it’s going our way, this reality strikes; our course is changed by something previously, beyond our vision.

Look there… there, we go… headed in another direction. We are yet, again, redirected not, by our deciding to choose and what we choose, but by, the influence of no choice in our “choices”.


2 thoughts on “Beheaded

  1. I appear to be in the ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ mode – – if you do not do anything, then you will not achieve, even if it may be that you are steering to the pothole! Found lots to think about in this. Another good month’s pondering has arrived 🙂


    • Lol. Thinking on it, is a form of action and the thing about a hole is, we all work toward digging ourselves out so, can only go up from there… that’s what I’d like to think, anyway. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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