Move It, Move It!

MyBlogArticle_Pic_MoveItMoveIt110114Move It, Move It!

Dance like you don’t care that that nobody’s got a single, elegant, judicious solution to a single international conflict.


It’s funny, how dancing engages us entirely and when dancing; our focus shifts to the movement, to the action itself.  It seems to be carefree, though, whether choreographed with movements based on timing or placement in unison with, before or after another action and whether it stems from us or from another; any rhythmic movement still requires personal focus and attention on the action in order for us to, go with the flow.

To dance in a way as to forget the worries of the world, forces us to focus on our individual actions rather than concern ourselves with facing, what can be, overwhelming frustrations with the actions of others, no matter what the proximity, whether in our immediate relationship circles, local communities, national or global regions.

It is often difficult and, sometimes the most difficult, to get along with those close to us, let alone, settle global conflicts amicably and regularly, despite our “good” intentions.

Can’t we all just get along?  Not just this minute!

Has there ever been a truly peaceful time in history?  Even in “times of peace”, there are conflicts, squabbles and quibbles, within families, friendships; from the smallest communities to the largest.

I like to think I am a peaceful person at heart and maybe I am; maybe, we all are.  Never-the-less, I catch myself losing my temper and running shamefully low on patience.

So, I too, am vulnerable to dis-temperament when things are not synced with my psyche… when tempers fly or, when things go viral.

I have been known to pride myself on what has been referred to erroneously by some as my never-ending patience.  This is one problem.  If ever there was a cause for conflict, this is it… pride.

There is no shortage of people putting stock in it, boasting in self-confidence and taking pride in them-selves.

It has an important role, i.e., to get things done.

It can puff an ego so full of arrogance that it must be dealt with.

Our world is full of examples where at some point all civility and patience is lost and egos must battle for superiority.  Afterward, one, at least, is humbled.  This is the one who wins the day, in my opinion; for, being humbled also plays an important role.  It is the opposite to feeling superior and God-like.  It lets us know just how ungodly we are.

To be humbled to a state of knowing, brought so low, as to realize, we are not the almighty, whom, our pride tells us we are, is a beneficial experience; a lesson in perspective.

Humility teaches us to know mercy, to have mercy on and show mercy to others.  We learn empathy, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and what is like to give and to receive kindness and grace and, that we all need both to give and receive it.

It’s true; mercy, from one vantage point, seems to be undeservedly dealt to both the arrogant and the humbled (the haughty and the meek; the most wealthy and the most impoverished), regardless of whom, may seem to be the more ethical or moral of the two in any given conflict.

When it comes to offenders and defenders, we are all switching sides continually, at every level and type of disagreement and, at some point become the humbled because there are simply too many frustrations in life for our less than superior selves to resolve, manage and/or forget, in a peaceful way.

This is not to say we all succumb to physical violence except, once hostility enters the mind, the physical enactment seems to soon follow in one form or another.   As far as efforts are concerned, humanity gets an A for Abominable, a B for Brutality, a C for Conniving and a D for Destruction.

Violence is made apparent to us in many ways and is difficult (a different culture) to deal with, especially, when we lack the insight and tools of harmony but do not lack an abundance of covetousness and desire to be comforted (rescued from the perils of the world).  We long for a peaceful and harmonious existence… a comfortable living experience.

Inner stress eventually is exhibited through some visible manifestation.  The violence hostile thoughts perpetrate on us is ineffective and infectious (in-fects-us).  That is, it affects us by vexing our inner spirit by stirring negativity on the inside but, is not an effective resolution once released, other than, to burden and incense another’s inner spirit.

It is a disease spread through the air (contagious by airing dis-ease) to all it comes in contact with.  Once a thing is seen, heard, felt, touched, sensed or, known, it is one’s own and cannot be undone (It lies under one and becomes ones underlying perception and cause of action.).

In general, we are not peaceful beings (we are not full of peace); therefore, it makes sense, our unrest surfaces everywhere, e.g., locally and globally, throughout the surface of the earth and everywhere under the sun; at some point, it all comes undone and something must be done.  We are propelled to act on it, to act out.

I recently saw a video revealing the kindness and mercy many people showed to various animals in need of rescue by helping them to safety; though, in many of the circumstances, they risked their own safety during the rescues.

They didn’t run from the turmoil; they ran to it.  They were touched; became engaged through compassion, were moved and, acted mercifully and outwardly, toward the animals.

We are all moved to action in the face of upset; that is our role in this tumultuous world.   To disturb the peace!

There is no such thing as being truly carefree.  We all care about something, sometimes, as we should and, no one is free from care.

We all have cares and we all need to take care (We all need to give and to receive to live, not necessarily in harmony, but to survive.).  It’s this balance of strife (the giving and the taking) keeping us rife with life.

Life’s a dance; you learn as you go.  

Sometimes you lead; sometimes you follow.

-John Michael Montgomery

It seems like a nice idea; to have no cares but, really, that would be merciless (mercy-less).  I prefer to be caring, be a care-giver and merciful (mercy-full), as there is so much and so many to care about and, I know this because, I am humbled; realizing the need for mercy and the joy of grace, when it is received.

Therefore, if you are given (give-in) to dance, do that.  If you can give mercy (help-out), do that.

Dance or dare and dare to dance.

By all means, move-it, move-it!


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