Kummerspeck   German: n. literally meaning “grief-bacon”, this word refers to the excess weight we can gain from emotional overeating.

From: Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders

Thanksgiving, like most holiday observances, has probably become a celebration quite unlike how it may have initially been celebrated.

Whatever its beginnings, no matter how well intentioned or misinterpreted, today, it is often a day filled with emotional eating as well as, a day filled with obligatory gatherings which, result in welling of emotions. Sometimes they make us well and sometimes, well… they don’t.

Often, as tradition dictates, in addition to or in place of turkey, ham is served. It is interesting this German word, kummerspeck, refers to bacon and grief.

It’s funny how pork bellies became a risky stock-market-futures investment. Pork could cause misfortune in the future, not only to ones financial health.

If you’ve consumed pork, you may be aware of its notable affects on your individual health and may or may not be aware of the Old Testament’s biblical warnings against eating it and of the New Testament’s touting its paralleling spiritual meaning, whether to eat or not eat previously earmarked “unclean” foods, stating, any food is unclean if it is regarded that way by the individual and suggests, in faithfulness, keeping your feelings about food between you and God as to not cause another to eat what they deem unclean, as this has the potential to cause them harm… do for yourself as you will but do no harm to your fellowman.

As to the reference to the grief inherent in the meaning of this unusual word, each of us grieves regularly, over someone missed or some mishap (a miss happening, i.e., something we long for; something missed, i.e., something we wish were happening).

Our chemical make up mixing with the chemical makeup of food and all of the offerings to our senses food can bring, e.g., when it’s cooking, at sight or during its harvest, its smell, taste, etc., triggers emotional responses as we, soak up it’s nature   as we, absorb its nutrients and, as we, eat of it.

The emotional responses triggered are mingled with our emotional state prior to introducing food. This release, compels us to act and we remember how we act and its affect, albeit temporary emotionally, can set us on the path to relive the experiences (to revive the feelings we wish were occurring, through recurring behaviors).

Our modern societies labels of indulgences as addictive disorders can be misleading.

We all have addictive or compulsive behaviors, which, if we put forth effort in facing the sometimes disturbing or difficult emotions behind those actions, would label us as completely normal, merely, given to excess from our believing we can and need to rearrange the order of things.

Physics tells us what seems like random chaos is really immeasurable order. It is seemingly out of order and viewed as disorder to our unassisted eye and limited ability to calculate what is not random at all, rather, what is really beyond our ability to comprehend the entirety of an existing pattern.

We all cope with what we recognize as disorder in some way and we repeat our own patterns.   It wouldn’t matter which behavior you were to indulge in, we all end up in the same place.

It seems what happens is hit or miss, depending on the order of things.

It certainly seems like, we are all in different alignments at different times, enabling us all to act in what seems like independent ways and we witness the suffering of others. Since our inclination is to control everything, we set out to put things straight… to, put things in order.

Thinking we know how things, should be, we prescribe another pattern; a substitute pattern to replace a “bad” habit, for a “good” one. Supposedly, bringing health to the same dying being.

We can recover from many “bad” and “unhealthy” behaviors, but never regain full health. We still die in the end. This is why the food on this earth is free game, if you’re in. None of it will lessen the end result, which is ultimately, death.

It may affect your state along the way, though. However, it is between you and your maker in what order you digest, anything.

Physically, food sustains us and feeds our bodies. I refer to this as filler… it fills our basic needs. It energizes us, resulting in our being filled with hope. We are reaching because we have hope.

Fulfillment on the other hand, isn’t acquired by eating food. To be fulfilled (filled fully) is to be completed. It is to meet hope; to not lack or need any more sustenance than what has been ingested and digested     by which I mean, will be put in mankind and is twofold (di-), both in the body and in the spirit at once.

This is the happening we are missing because it hasn’t happened, yet.

At some point, we will be fully filled in a body and spirit as one. When they are changed and melded to become one and the same at which point, we will no longer need what we are missing in our current state, which, keeps us compulsively reaching for something to fill us up.

Until death due us part, we will continue to reach for some relief to quell our longings, as long as, we are in this insatiable state of being. Until death parts from us and is no longer (until there is no more death), we remain in need of healing and need to be brought to a healthy state of being.

How healthy our behavior is depends on how well it works to heal   thy.

Be hopeful (full of hope). Give thanks for whatever you are eating and for those with whom you gather in whatever quantity either of them comes to you.


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