When Autumn Leaves

It’s agony to be turning into something else—

And when you certainly weren’t intending to.

from “Autumn Leaves” by Frederick Seidel

MyBlogPic_WhnAutmnLeaves_120114When Autumn Leaves

I cannot speak for everyone, but, I cannot imagine it is pleasant for anyone and, probably comes as a shock, the realization, “I am actually aging; really, I will not get younger no matter how much I work at healthy eating and no matter how hard I work out… the damage (damn-age) is done!”

I relate this to autumn because it is a type of fall. We fall off our pedestal, our hopes fall away… we fall silent.

If we haven’t made noise, i.e., made our big splash in career, hobby, fame or, whatever big deal we think we ought to have become… by now… we stop shouting about what we are or want to become… when we grow up.

As we decline, we also recline.

It’s hard to put the bounce back in our step and gear up for new challenges when our mind is telling us to slow down and, go down, quietly.

It’s also a time of extreme and bitter frustration. We resent having more wisdom after the hardships we’ve endured learning all this great stuff and never seeming to have enough resources in the form of finances, physical ability and/or companionship to enjoy our acquired hindsight.

I think hindsight is a super power. We can all reminisce in the form of daydreaming… in looking back, our nostalgic mind relives various events while weaving in our wisdom acquired from having survived them.

We are still in one piece but want to make peace with… our present selves, our past and our future.

We begin taking an overall health inventory, which includes our physical and financial state as well as, our level of knowledge. We work at organizing our skillsets to meet our desires; pondering what things have always inspired us and made us crazy happy with that, “What a great day!” feeling.

We usually run into barriers much like we have during the former years of our lives. We don’t have everything in place to do what we want for the rest of our lives… always hitting a roadblock  to our plans. OK. Detour (The Tour; that’s what our lives are, an eco tour, of the world, not only ecological but economical.).

As usual, we must go where we can and make do (create and be innovative… do make… something). We have to learn, still… and, are continually challenged to overcome the many obstacles we encounter both expected and unexpected.

We have to think, some more, about how to implement our dreams, utilizing what we know, within our financial limits and in the most remarkable and enjoyable manner possible within our present boundaries and conditions, because now, we have a sense of our mortality and have no idea how long our current state of health will last.

We need to act, now. If we don’t, our tendency is to while away the hours, to the hour, on the hour, of the final hour.

Ssph  mmn… that is a lot of pressure and it’s stressful, can be overwhelming and, really, we just want to relax.

It’s important to evaluate your overall state of health, regularly, at every stage of development. I mean to have mini goals with some long-term goals in the back of your mind.

Mini goals could be a daily routine, but throw in some out of the ordinary events, frequently e.g., once a week or every two weeks, at least.

It’s so easy to be lazy and stay in your comfort zone after even a couple days so, make sure you include some fun, new and varied challenges or, relaxed but entertaining events into your schedule, even if it is watching an online tutorial of interest to you or perusing a local store you don’t often go into, a walk in the park or, whatever you like to do; but make sure to do it with zip; get as excited as possible.

Sometimes, thinking about it and doing it are two different things. You might not be excited until you are actually doing it. In this case force yourself to get out there, regardless of what may be a less than enthusiastic attitude; most likely, you will enjoy it even when you aren’t sure you want to get up and go. This could be part of your mini goals… forcing yourself to pick an activity, schedule it and just follow through.

Meeting mini goals may be your long term goal or, set all the mini goals to pertain to your long term goal e.g., if you want to learn a new hobby, perform mini goals that relate in some way to the hobby you are learning.

Every step you take toward doing what engages you is a step away from stress and the frustration of not doing what you want or have always wanted to do or learn about and is a step toward a more relaxed you.

You are a better or, at least a more learned you, every day you learn or look forward to learning.   It’s the looking forward that keeps you as young as you can be and gives you the ability to add some zip to what would otherwise be mundane activities.

We are not old until we are gone. The old days are gone. We have hindsight which, I like to call on for mind-sight (my-in-sight).

Instead of wishing those old days back, which, is fruitless, relive the good ole days in a new way, today.  Focus on how you felt, what strikes you about those good ole days and think of ways to mind set (set your mind) to a way of living those feelings again in a fresh way now, today; how to activate and incorporate things that make you feel the way you feel looking back on good times.

What is left when autumn leaves, is you in the cold. Go get warm.

Do you remember the childhood game, where you close your eyes and have to find an object while someone directs you by saying how warm or cold you are… how close or far you are to the object?

That’s what happens as we age. We grow colder as we grow older. Our hearts turn bitter, the harsher the cold… I am referring to a cold-hearted world. However, when you keep your mind on the object of the game, (on the objective… your mini or long term goal), you are warmer.

Learn to be objective.

Friction creates heat and the more you move toward your goals, the more friction you create. Therefore, you stay warm and stimulate your circulation (Stay in circulation.).

Keeping up feels better than being down.


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