The Gift of All Time

How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?
~Dr. Suess

The Gift of All Time

I’m a big fan of Dr. Suess; his tricks aren’t just for kids.

As adults we become far too aware of how time seems to fly by and we often feel we have too little of it to accomplish what we’d like.

This is our exhaustion catching up with us. We act on the idea that we are in a constant race to stay ahead of time. It’s a drag race that, drags us down, creating resistance in the wind as we move forward with force. We are mechanical bits and pieces that break and need fuel and repair to keep going, all of which, only exhausts us and we waste away.

We want to save time, as though, we can store it up, believing if we do, we will achieve more for our future to keep ourselves in the race, to stay alive, to survive and “get” healthy and happy.

We have the same amount of time we had yesterday to work toward our future; it’s just that we are one day further into it.  Our future still happens in its allotted time.

Our future didn’t change. The only change is how we relate to time when we go beyond yesterday now, that we have moved forward but not “gotten” ahead of time.

We may be in the dark as to what will happen next, however, our future is still bright. We need only make it through the night to see mornings light.

This life we are living is our form of darkness due to our being restricted by the time we are limited to and subject to both the day and the night.

We are influenced by both energies, dark and light.

We are given the future through knowledge we acquire piece by piece, with the dawn of each day. We may not see movement in the darkness but there is still a lot going on to catapult us into tomorrow.

We are even active in our sleep and there are nocturnal beings going about their business regardless of our temporary slumber or restoration period. Tides are keeping everything in a motion of balanced interaction of environments; in a give/take, push/pull and yin/yang interplay.  Gravity keeps us where we should be, for now.

We may not acknowledge or recognize all of the splendorous details of what is happening around us, behind the scenes (behind the seens), though, an earthly and heavenly world is taking place, which, is keeping us literally, “in” time.

What’s held in the secrets of our world is keeping us alive and moving in step, in accordance with time and its passage.

We have been launched on a voyage of a lifetime. We flow with the current direction of things, always moving forward, toward something.

Everything is synchronized to run its course and take place precisely as it needs to, to move us into our future, which, is the present to us. It is all we can witness to, what we see now, currently.

Our memories can be as distorted as our current perceptions.  There are hidden secrets that lie in what we see or, think we see.

Anything presented to us is the result of everything which occurs (what… occurs to us), what we think and act on, is a gift   a present.

This gift we are receiving, is the gift of time. We cannot “get” it for ourselves, it is being gifted to us.

Gods powerful mind thought up the workings of all things of which, we have a minute knowledge and understanding.

Part of those workings he created is, us. He thought of us and we are… we’ve come into being, we are his creation.

We were an after thought; brought into existence after we were thought up by God and manifested by his power, forced by his hand.

We are created in his image, we are a cheap knock off, with the promise of someday reaching our potential of inheriting his character and properties (that which makes him…Him).

Like him, when we think about making/creating something, we work to foresee its consequence   its cause and effect.

Unlike him, because we lack his power and knowledge, we continually miss something unknown to us and, often, that is when we discover something new, which, is not new, but exists and is now uncovered and realized by us.

We become sighted. What is revealed to us, the “now” seeing, expands our knowledge and experience. It’s an add-on to us. We become more than we were yesterday but, less than we’ll be tomorrow.

Living in the “now”, in the moment, in the time given us, teaches us to be like God. We learn to be all knowing (all-now-ing).

God is not subject to an ending. Yes, he is the Alpha and the Omega (the beginning and the end); the end in the sense, all things begin with him (he is the thinker and the creator of all) and all things end with him (they start and stop in   at, his mind).

God doesn’t perform experiments.  He performs miracles, i.e., miraculous creations; spectacular to us because we are spectators to his vision (We just have to… wait and see.) and when we see it, at this point in time, we do not see God, only his creation and the parts not hidden from us.

God thinks… I am, therefore, I am. Creation is his way of life. He has infinite knowledge.

He is all-knowing so there are no accidents, mistakes or misgivings. Everything he thinks, does and gives is, fresh “goods”… it’s all good.

He is the definition of good since, he defines all things, therefore, can do no wrong.

Nothing can be if it’s not in God’s mind. That would be as though it never existed, if God didn’t remember it; it would not be.

Time never ends for God, he lives in the now, as though time doesn’t pass away, yet, once he has a thought, it is and it is past.

Our time ends, in the now   in the now as we know it… we are living in a now… not to exceed time.  However, we are in the process of receiving the gift of never-ending time… a now with no limits.

We will be like God in every sense, other than, we will not be the Alpha and the Omega, rather, the Alpha-ed and the Omega-ed.

We began in Gods mind and there we will remain, with no end since there is no end to God and he promises to remember us and never leave us.

We are always behind God’s time, his now (his current) is ahead of our time even though, we will end up “in” time with and with a share “in” time and will “keep” time with, God.

We aren’t there yet, that is our future event our ending up   our being lifted up  our being made higher/more than we are now and to enjoy the gift of never-ending time with our God family (family of God), whom, loves and cares for us for the rest of our lives.

He puts the “rest” in our lives.

Now. That is a great gift… literally, all time; to be remembered by God is to live forever.

In contrast, man’s tradition of celebrating Christmas with family, friends and/or co-workers, exchanging/passing, gifts, which, do not last, is less, not necessarily thoughtless but, less thought is given because we are less than God. We have less to give.  We cannot “make” happy or “give” forever.

Our intentions fall short, we lag behind in our race because we cannot create life or make time.  Sometimes we are disappointed because our celebratory efforts didn’t bring long lasting happiness, we didn’t really “get” happy.  However, we may have been given some joyful memories. In that case, it gives us something to think about.

I believe the best gift I could give now, in this lifetime, and present to those I love and care about, is time.

I value that gift when I receive it more than any other. That said, I do not lack food, shelter or clothing so, I can afford to spend my time thinking on needs other than basic sustenance to, “get” me by or through, now.

When someone I love and care for gives me, literally, spends themselves now, by sharing their presence, precious time, attention and affection, I am affected and my now becomes harmonious and peaceful. I am temporarily at rest in knowing I am loved.

This is a small-scale example of what God is creating for us… one forever time (time for everyone); to be a time of rest, living in complete harmony and peace in knowing God (now-ing with God; being in the presence of God).

God will present himself to us.

We are on the eve of receiving the most powerful, meaningful, lasting gift which, is unmatched by any other in any time.

It is ironic our knowledge and understanding of our world and our God is minute.

This time we are in, is a blink in the eye of God. It is less than a minute when compared to an infinite lifespan, an eternity.

It will pass. The dark (the evening portion of our existence) will give way to reveal the light (our enlightened life).

Know (now) God thought us worth the price paid to make a way, a path, for us to be with him for all time; living in his family, as his children; always learning and always loved by him, as our loving, caring father.

The way is through his son, whom, died for us to be born into the God family one day, one long day, full of light brighter than the sun we now see; living in light forever, which, never again turns to darkness (the way of exhaustion by trying to “get” or “save” time working one conflict after another to end in time wasted; time which brings no life or happiness but only waste… nothing).

We will never again be laid waste by haste. We will have all we need because God has presented us with a savior who is saving time, for us to live in Gods sons-shine.

Our future is bright.


2 thoughts on “The Gift of All Time

  1. Love that Dr. Seuss quote! Now I need his quote for “How did I miss your last entry until now?”
    …”When someone I love and care for gives me, literally, spends themselves now, by sharing their presence, precious time, attention and affection, I am affected and my now becomes harmonious and peaceful. I am temporarily at rest in knowing I am loved.”…
    This is a marvelously phrased sentiment which I share deeply. Thank you!


    • I make note of many a Dr. Suess quote. Thank you! I think this speaks to the hearts of many if not all as, I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to feel fully loved and appreciated.


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