There’s been a death in the family, Uncle Max.

I keep praying I am an exception to the rules. Not, the rule of death, as sometimes I feel, that might be a welcome reprieve; just waiting of a different kind.

I am referring to an exception to all of the pain that is usually the precursor to the death of loved ones and the suffering we all experience until we die… until our time comes.

I can embrace the concept of learning value through suffering and the idea, you cannot know happiness without knowing sadness, etc. This is the cycle of learning.

To understand a thing, we must become familiar with its opposite. There it is, life and death.

We are born to a planet, which, is dying and, as a stars birth begins its death; ours does as well.

That point where the star begins expending energy unto burnout. Our birth is similar; that point, where we begin to spend our energy until we are spent.

We lie and die under the stars above.  Starlight; starbright.

God says his children will be more numerous than the stars. How many stars are there?

The number is not as important as God’s promise that not one life will be given to death, a second death, that is.

We, like the star, are born to die, however, we will be born again… passing over… passing through, death, to never ending life.

Our “passage” is the death of the flesh.

To know and understand life, we must become familiar with its opposite, which is, death.

We are familiar with time because of deaths abrupt end. We measure our current life by it.

To understand untime, i.e., eternity, we will live without death, the next… time.

Starlight, starbright, you, can only be seen at night.

Come a day when you will pass away and out of sight.

There will be no more night.

In that day, there will be only lasting light.


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