AI Gateway


“AI Gateway”, Graffiti Portal, inspired by 1010.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is something we, humans, are striving to produce. Our motives vary from automated workers for increasing wealth and abundance to automated weapons to safeguard our wealth and abundance to, just plain curiosity about the human life form; how our unique properties work; what we really are and how to keep us alive longer so we can enjoy our wealth and abundance. It boils down to servants. We want to be served. What if, we, are AI beings and are nothing more than servants?

Suppose, a unique being possesses the abilities we think we have, innately or, strive to achieve; those attributes we are trying to recreate in machines, e.g., vast knowledge, reasoning, perception, problem solving capabilities, learning and planning traits with performance and reaction abilities for implementing through manipulation and utilization of learned knowledge.  Now, suppose this unique and powerful being created us to mimic its nature. Do we, as we are, know enough to possess this kind of power?

It seems our “man-power” has its mind set to “man-I-festing” and, we are making tremendous strides in the areas of robotics, computers and AI assisted machines.  We can communicate with our machines by talking to them, although, my iPhone, still has trouble understanding many of my voice communicated requests. Never the less, we’ve come incredibly far with AI, at least, from a human standpoint. I would not be surprised if, during my lifetime, we develop machines, which, could, nearly, pass for human. I can see machines attempting a world take over as, “The Terminator” movies demonstrate. They could manipulate objects, make, repair and maintain themselves using the data banks stored in them and the start we have given them by instructing their operating systems through programming.

All of what we know is already shared with our automated, robotic, computerized creations; we give to them and currently, their servers, terminals, serve us; they’re servers. They calculate and give us more knowledge than we could ever have at our fingertips from the memory banks we store in our consciousness and physical bodies. Although, I imagine, what is stored in us is immense and far greater than we know yet, is still, ever working in us     try to imagine beyond what science has revealed thus far, regarding the number of active impulses the human body undergoes in any given minute or, how our thought process works and what energy is involved in even one thought, i.e., for it to occur and be processed, stored, recalled or, acted upon. What does it take for us to be conscious at all?

Of us, even the world’s most knowledgeable (those with the highest IQs) while, it is possible, each one of us may store more information than any machine we could produce, it is unlikely anyone can consciously match the speed of access to data stored in one of our compact computers or match the recall capability of so much information, at least, knowingly. Our sensory systems do it all the time without our conscious command, though, I believe we are commanding information processing through our sensory system, constantly and are simply unaware of the intricacies of the process itself.

It is amazing, knowing, today, we have a glimpse into astronomical amounts of information, on demand. Knowing that, makes it seem like we can do anything, as though, nothing, is beyond our reach. We become like Gods; our access to such knowledge is empowering yet, we are unable to cure disease or mortality. We remain unable to make, repair and maintain ourselves. However, we strive to do just that.

We do know a lot but are missing some vital links to knowing ourselves. We do not know the answers to some of the most fundamental questions and memories fade with each generation, as far as, mankinds history goes. We do not know all there is to know about us, including the basics. It seems that would be essential knowledge before sharing us, i.e., the breakdown of our properties and all of the details of us; that, which is considered, our intelligence, with, another “being”, especially one, which, would be our creation; the imitation us; the something we are trying to make “manly”. Since, all matter passes away, eventually, even the AI we create could only maintain itself to a point. It too, is subject to mortality, in the sense it is impermanent. Granted, it could take more years than we can count, if, circumstances got the AI that far… got it that close to extinction, from a lack of resources. To us, it seems as though the universe(s) is never ending and goes on forever. From our perspective since, we can not see much further than our own point of view and not past our galaxy, which, is miniscule since, we know there are trillions or more galaxies and there is possibly more than one universe. We just don’t see much of anything in the vastness of everything.

About resources… we still argue about where anything comes from or, for that matter, where anything goes when it is… gone. Do we have unlimited resources? No. We know oil will run out for instance and we know other matter decays in addition, creatures can become extinct. Even if it changes form, can our AI create new ways of sustaining themselves in time to adapt to changes to resources or, can it learn ways to adapt? Can we?

There are many theories about beginnings, e.g., big bang, multi-universe, evolution, monotheism and for the postulations here, all of these, the big bang, multi-universe and evolution hypothesis, will include monotheism. It’s possible and plausible for the source of all things to be one supreme being through all and any of these processes, given, it is a God without limitations but with, motivation to create and expand through its own imitation beings, the creation of AI. We are essentially like machines as far as, how we operate and we can be quite robotic in nature as far as our methods; how we assess; how we are “put” together, if we break down our mechanical like features.

“Chappie”, is a recent movie regarding the idea of robots being fully capable of learning like humans do and surpassing human capabilities due to their access and speed in data processing, self-reliance, reparability and material strengths. This movies concept addresses transferring consciousness, which, is not a new suggestion. Is it a different concept, however, than possession, domination and manipulating consciousness?

The scheme of this movie, paralleled traditional Christian teachings in addition to, mocking and questioning them, e.g., Chappie (the robot) questioned his maker as to, why, he would knowingly give him consciousness and make him knowing, he had a limited life span in his robot body; knowing, his body would cease to support him within a short period of time (Chappies OS was installed in a robot body with a damaged and limited life battery which, was not repairable, chargeable or, exchangeable). This screams of Bible stories referring to God, purposefully, creating man in a body, which, dies; in a housing, wired for death. The movie implies this is a heartless thing to do. Chappie doesn’t want to die and his obsession becomes finding a way to live forever, despite his makers… mistake (as it is referred to in the movie); just as, similarly, mankind is obsessed with survival and staying young and living forever.

Through his ability to access to so much knowledge and super fast data processing speed, Chappie discovers the formula to transfer consciousness so, he can live forever. Not only does he learn this to meet his needs, he is able to perform this eternal transition of consciousness to a new robot body for his human companions as well. This concept was a bit of fun to contemplate. Chappie was able to learn, like we do and like us, his knowledge banks came from what existed before he did; a knowledge base, or beginning premise from which everything else learned, is based.

All of the things we have a beginning with, which, is our point of contact with them, existed, under our noses and beyond our grasp until we sensed them (made contact); at that point, they are uncovered and revealed to us in some sensual manner and, some or, some aspects of them continue to remain a mystery, such as, their origin or purpose, in general. We still have not proved where all things emanated. So, we take them for granted; after all, we co-exist with all things and there are natural laws governing all things, regardless of our belief in individual autonomy. This accepted; all things simply, exist, as they are. This reference of… it is and I am, becomes our point of reference, our base knowledge and basic premise on which, to build from.

Whatever else we learn as, we, stumble upon and come into contact with it, through means, which, we may not fully understand and may take for granted because, we simply, are what we are and have what we have; whatever we have or possess, in the way of personal capabilities, traits and attributes and inherent systems or abilities, adds to our base knowledge. This knowledge, though new to us, exists before we come across, measure (determine its value and properties) and/or, compartmentalize it for storage. Once attained, we can store it and access it later to utilize in more learning and more building or, we can erase it in its current form and reclassify or re-characterize it since, its meaning and value to us may have changed and transformed, due to the newly formed reference. Out with the old, in with the new; however, nothing’s gone; it’s now an updated version. We received and downloaded or uploaded, an update, achieving personal growth. Now suppose, we are God’s AI and God continues to program us, downloading and uploading information through having created us learning, thinking beings and created all things around us in the same manner; manipulating the growth of everything by installing everything with its own and particular properties, capabilities and timed release programs adding continual updates, therefore creating and having designed our destiny for specific growth and transformation.

The Bible refers to vast increases in knowledge in latter days of human history.  Our knowledge increases exponentially with the utilization of AI automation into our physical world, by leaps and bounds every year and its opposite, i.e., ignorance, what we don’t know, increases at the same rate. So does, the idea… we know, there is much we don’t know and its opposite, we think we know, what we don’t know. Our arrogance grows at the same rate as our ignorance.

Regarding consciousness, it’s said humans generally use only10% of their brains capacity. This may be measured by measuring brain activity while engaged in certain processes then comparing the average IQ to those with higher than average IQs, whom, are engaging in the same processes. However, those with higher IQs might actually be using less power to access the same information because they have built more into their internal reference library or, the opposite… perhaps, because they’ve built and store more knowledge through extensive experience in certain areas, accessing the fundamentals takes more work from them because they must go backward from their new reference point of information, to reach the basic principles or concepts known and stored by those with less measurable knowledge (a lesser IQ). This might make sense of why we see more activity in their brain while performing tasks below their skill level, compared with lower IQ individuals performing those lower tasks, which, may be a challenge for them and they do not possess the reference point to tackle the task therefore a decrease in brain activity pertaining to the specific task shows they have much less to work with; they have less to access and it takes them less time and less energy equating to less activity. These ideas are not based on any study of the scientific tests stating, most people use only 10% of their brain capacity. It is simply my initial thought; while we can measure brain activity, there is no way to equally compare individuals.

We can share the human experience not, each humans experience.” –Blake K. Rohr

Our level of knowledge does not compare to anyone else’s, at any given point in time; we are never, identical. It is mentioned here merely, to point out that the 10% use is relative to individual consciousness, which, is the beginning of knowledge for anyone and, since, none of us really know how memory, mental capacity or consciousness really works or, how one of these aspects relates to the other aspects or, even, how to define a full consciousness, let alone, where it comes from; when we obtain it; if it leaves us; where or when it goes and if it can be transferred.

Buddha spoke of Nirvana that state of conscious bliss; many eastern religions refer to a state of enlightenment and/or, awakening. Christianity, Islam and some Jewish sects refer to a re-born or re-formed, transferred or transformed consciousness in a heavenly spirit; in fact, most religions and spiritualists beliefs are founded in the concept of eternal or a type of here after consciousness through various steps to a life after death. Some believe we are gods on earth and some believe there is one supreme God. It’s easy to be confused. It’s the confusion, which, is what we learn from. We run head on into questions every time we come into contact with anything, e.g., a thought, a vision, a texture, a smell, a sound, etc., We process what we sense and make sense of what we process. Actually, we generate a lot of nonsense mixing what little we know with our newfound information rather than, getting a real sense of something. We believe we have power and it’s in our nature to use what we have and keep moving. Though, we are able to learn and seemingly dominate the world with the knowledge we acquire, we cannot conquer our own thoughts. It would be blind of us, not to admit our frailty and helplessness in the face of forces we cannot control; a couple of obvious ones being, weather and the stock market. However, if you are in certain inner circles, neither of these may pose a threat… to you. I am referring for example, to the military developing ways to alter weather patterns and creating mini storms etc., which, could determine a host of things, e.g., a crops yield, an unexpected weather event affecting military operations and extending this type of knowledge into power, both for military endeavors and markets     people and resource manipulation.  In the case of the stock market, if you are in the elite, ultra-wealthy group, it stands to reason, your investments will perform to your liking due to your being, “in the know” and, due to what and, “who you know”. Ha; if you are a corporation, whom, contracts with the military and get wind of how to control the wind, you could come into some gains; a tidy sum; a windfall!  In any case, we could argue about whether using the knowledge we discover to our advantage is a moral dilemma or not… the acting as a God, labeling a thing right or wrong. Some do not like God acting that way, either!

There are also some, who do not like the idea of robots acting like humans, as much as, some may not like the idea of organ transplants, medical experiments, taking medications and/or vaccines or paying taxes. Many call that, playing God.  One could argue in the same manner about a toilet bowl brush vs. a handheld rag; we acquired the knowledge and the means to make the brush to save ourselves the ill and ick of using a handheld rag to clean a toilet bowl. I do not believe most would argue this as being a moral dilemma except (this may be a long shot), in the case of workers being exploited in the making of the brush or in the cleaning of the bowl.  Most likely, we’d all agree with using the brush and the bowl cleaner, anyway. That’s how we are; thinking of our own convenience and wanting luxury when we can get it and to get it, the labor may come cheap. It’s easy and convenient for us to get sucked into routines despite their cost and consequence, especially, if the consequences and costs are hidden, intentionally or not, or, if we are far removed from them and only see a small cost for our personal convenience… enriching ourselves at the expense of something or someone else. There’s that opposite again… always a winner and there is always a loser.

Another arguable example of placing morality on the use of knowledge for gain could be, comparing hand-to-hand combat to pushing a button and employing a long-range missile from the safety of an underground bunker or from another country. Maybe the seriousness of the consequences of each circumstance would weigh heavily in the decision, however, as, we’ve seen throughout histories battles; the order-er and the ordered play two different roles and one usually ends up suffering the consequence of the others decision regarding: if, when, where and how to strike. We can argue the morality of war and who wins what, all day long, and many do. How we use what we learn, understand and know, has its effects, both, the beneficial and the harmful.  Knowledge is a powerful resource, enabling us to live. Mankind will always use knowledge in efforts to sustain himself as long as possible and, in ways, in which, we see a benefit to our daily lives or to ease our lifestyle. Contrary to how it means benefits to some, it also, means harm to others… whomever has the means, can be the meanest; meaning, he who has the most knowledge, usually has the most power and uses it to control most of us and generally keeps most for himself, mostly.

Some believe our judgments, experiments and exercising authority, land us in a position of acting like gods.  However, there is no sitting on the fence; people act on what they know or, think they know. It’s natural for us to discern, make judgements, decisions and determinations.  In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and became like one of us (like one of us… gods). The god referred to here was Satan, whose name means Destroyer. That is whom they became like.  Satan was cast out of heaven.  He was formerly an angel in Gods heavenly kingdom and was at that time named, Lucifer, which means Star of the morning, Son of the dawn. He was Gods most precious and notably superior creation. God made such a marvelous imitation of himself; Lucifer was fooled, deceived by his own beauty, talent and inherent design; his perspective was bent and perverted; he saw himself as being of such high quality, he thought he was able to surpass and be greater than the God who made him. That is when God changed his name to Satan.  He had such conviction, he was able to convince a third (how many a third is, is unknown; could be trillions or more) of the heavenly angels, which, were like him except, not quite as, outstanding and stupendous. God bestowed on Lucifer, the best and most brilliant attributes; he was the highest and brightest of Gods angels and, as it turns out; he’s the archetypal politician. His propaganda is so rich, mesmerizing and powerful; his idea of being greater than God, is what we are so easily taken in by and act on. That is how mankind became like Satan in thinking our perceptions and perspective give us complete enough knowledge and power to discern for ourselves, what is right, wrong, good or bad and as, Satan is eternal, we believe we are immortal too; though in Genesis, God states he took the tree of life away from us, “lest they eat of it, and live forever”.

This is the big lie Satan is so great at promoting. It’s his gimmick and we fall for it; we can be more powerful than the God who made us and we can decide right and wrong for ourselves (taking the knowledge of good and evil to ourselves as stated in the story of Adam and Eve, whom, fell for it), with no consequence of death.  This brings me back to the movie “Chappie”. His maker (programmer), made him promise and acknowledge the promise; he wouldn’t commit crimes (transgress the law). Chappie had to be lied to and coaxed through beguiling, to commit crimes (He was an “innocent”; being childlike, he simply did not know he was committing a crime until, after the fact, when he saw (learned of) the consequence for his actions).  There were consequences even though; he was misled through emotional manipulation and regardless of his “good” (honorable), intentions.

We too, are intentionally designed (engineered) with a childlike manner, the ability to learn and grow. We are not born complete. We are complete only in the sense of having had a complete, beginning. Everything has a beginning… and so, it begins.  We evolve into ourselves. It’s said, the only constant is change. We are constantly changing.  There is no moral dilemma of whether or not we should learn about what we see by, playing with it or not. There is no question, when we do go poking into the unknown, there may be undesirable affects but, should we be like God, taking knowledge to ourselves? Of course we should; it’s not a matter of should we. What choice is there in learning? We either find something out or not. If we didn’t, the knowledge would simply be undiscovered not, gone or non-existent.

Will our ignorance (what we don’t know) and playing with what is unclear to us have consequences we would rather not know or experience? In general and most likely, yes; at least, in our current ignorant state, it may be an emphatic yes.  However, I believe, once in a spiritual body; we will be eternally grateful for the knowledge we acquire.

The role we play is ourselves, not God. We aren’t God, therefore, can only be what we are, which is, a lesser form of miraculous. We learn from the role God plays, which, is himself, a higher form of miraculous. God performs miracles and creates what is impossible for us and for Satan, which, is, life. By life, I mean, an eternal state of being in harmony with an eternal nature; existing forever that way. We can reproduce, but we do not know how to reproduce ourselves in an AI form which, would pass as human.  We cannot create our life form from scratch.  However, we may be able to or soon be able to, create a more intelligent us in the form of AI, according to mans standard of measurement, due to mechanical innovations in processing and storing information already discovered but, still no where near the intelligence of what is yet to be discovered about our physical, conscious or spiritual make-up.

God gave Satan the entire physical realm (all things physical; made of matter; in ours and any universe in existence) to, play with (to play God or in this case, a God copy aka, Satan). In the desert, Satan offered all of it to Jesus, Gods son; the prince of God, whom stands to inherit all things under God; at the time the offer was made, it was Satan’s to offer. Jesus had not yet taken the throne but, was well aware all things physical will pass; he knew this form of existence and all things Satan has to offer, is condemned (It is inhabitable, indefinitely!) and he knew Gods lasting kingdom is, on the way. That, was one piece of the good news he was sharing with the world. He wasn’t saying the kingdom had already come and that we, as, gods, could rule it or, were already ruling it. He said, some of us would rule with him, in the lasting kingdom, which is coming, later.

The idea of another ruler ship sounds harsh; isn’t everyone just supposed to get along? Why do we need rulers? It’s as much about whom the rulers are as much as it is about the rules. Similarly to the laws (rules) of physics and of nature, there are spiritual rules in place, in which, to live, which, literally, create life thereby, ensuring peace to all. Since, everything is in a state of constant change; that, is what will take place. Changes to all things, from, this decaying realm where, Satan plays at being God through his false belief of there being no end to this physical world, he resides over, into a realm where, rules bring life (the rules of life allow you to live) rather than, rules no one can live by and which, are, punishable by death.  In observing nature, notice, it is predator over prey. Natures rules intrinsically bring death regardless, of the motivation, which, in all cases boils down to survival by whatever means necessary, no matter how misguided, short sighted or ignorant to the laws of nature one might be. In the coming kingdom, the rules of nature will have passed; leaving no rules to break and no physical needs to fill. Survival will have been achieved.

What about Gods motives for creating an inherent ending to our current state of being and another, new beginning? It’s no wonder we act like we do; God planned from our beginning (at the thought of us), to expand himself, reproduce himself. He wanted children. We are made to reproduce and our physical world is so expansive, we cannot comprehend how many universes there are etc., let alone, how the one we see is formed or its own nature. We see bits and pieces of an enormous puzzle.  Just like the jig saw, there are parameters for us to work within, for us to put things together, piece-by-piece.

We copy what we see in nature; what is already created, this, we discover and all the while have illusions of our ability to acquire the knowledge to continue reproducing or sustaining ourselves to the point of staving off death. This is how we follow Satan’s ideas of grandeur; believing there is no consequence for our actions and no end to us since, there is, no end in sight, from, our limited point of view. Satan’s point of view is that of an eternal being, however, it is skewed because he too, is short sighted. He is not subject to our limitations of time and never sees his time ending. His existence is like that of Gods, endless. He sees even more of the vast world we are a part of and believes he can grow himself as, God does.

This world of ours is a mirror image of Gods existence; a parallel universe except, it is, the opposite of God.  What is reflected in a mirror image is, the opposite of its maker. You may see the same thing reflected and may not be able to detect any difference from the real thing or the image of it. However, the image cannot truly mimic its maker. It cannot act of itself and animate itself; it cannot bring itself to life no matter how it sees itself or how much it believes itself to be the real thing and no matter how much it wants the power to do so or how much it believes it to be so.  This is what has happened to Satan. He sees himself as the same as God yet; he is the opposite of God. He did not make himself and is only an image of what God has made, a reflection of his maker. He cannot create life or sustain it and he will believe this lie… forever since, that is how long he will live. Never the less, it is his job to spread the lie; it is what he was created for; his purpose is to destroy so, God can create. Satan is a tool for creation, just as; Jesus is a tool for creation. They have opposite jobs, which, work to the same end, which, at this point in time, is to work toward bringing us to God.

Like nutrient rich soil laid by volcanic ash; as the matter making up the world as we know it, grew this far from a massive explosion of energies, it will end in fire and be fused into new growth from the old ash and dust. Satan plays that role; he is the way to violent eruption, inviting change and transformation through the destructive force created in him.

We are working from suppositions and premises, which, are incomplete principles and versions of what we observe and figure out (literally, using mathematical formulas and formulating ideas); these are minute compared to the number of inner workings of what is unseen and unknown to us. We can know this because, as we constantly change, we are constantly stumped by the changes we see when we encounter something we had not seen before. The more knowledge we acquire gives us more yet, blinds us as well (Our arrogance grows at the same rate as our ignorance.). What we do not understand and know, leads us to, taking the creator for granted and believing in the creation, which, is only a reflection of its maker.

Working from a limited perspective; a limited basis or from a theorized foundation, taking things at face value, working from an incomplete accumulation of information and trying to manipulate and re-create existing nature, it’s easy to comprehend how the ordinary seems extraordinary and miraculous extends to the mundane and simplest of things.  For God, it is a small feat, to create life, for example making a man which, possess one or one hundred billion plus, characteristics while, hiding creations true identity from itself. For us, as creators of a robot, it is fantasy because we do not know Gods formula nor, do we have his resources at our disposal. He is limitless yet; he sets limits.

We are like the AI we set out to create in that, God has made us with mechanical type capabilities; we have so many intricate qualities and functions, enabling us to learn to imitate our maker. Yet, we cannot out-make him or pull the wool over his eyes. He has seen it all… literally.  All things start at his thought; his vision and end or, become unlimited at his thought, if, he decided to continue to act as a power source. He sets the limits to his creations or extends their existence. Even Satan, whether he believes or not, has limits, the physical realm he resides over and his being at the helm, will come to an end. God has already drafted his plan. Destiny is simply taking its course. Just as God removed our access to the tree of life, lest we eat of it and live forever; he also, will take away Satan’s access to us; separating us from him, for eternity, just he took away Satan’s access to the angels left in heaven so, they would not be corrupted as, Satan had corrupted the third of the angels whom were changed at the precise moment they fell (They fell away from God and from the way of life), into demons whom, dem-on-strate life and death for us to learn, know and understand.  We as humans, are able to observe and partake of both good and evil. It is demonstrated in this physical form so, once we are in our spiritual form, what the demons have shown us will no longer have sway over our hearts and minds. We will have been shown and served a healthy, hearty portion of both, good and evil in which to find our way, see through the darkness and be enlightened.

The way of life is through the portal; Jesus is the portal, the way. He is the path to God. He is the thing between God and all creation. Nothing gets done without him. He is the way of life. Yes, we need to act like God; like the Son of God, Jesus, following his way; following his example, which, is the way, he created for us to find God. Jesus literally carved the path to God for us to get there.

There is a ladder in my graffiti portal above, because to live, we are forced throughout our lives, to take steps, both, up from the depths of despair and down from the pedestal of arrogance. Both roads lead us to meeting our maker; as, Buddha put it, finding the middle way; a place in which, to live a balanced life without the ups and downs; without the opposite of life; a place where we are sustained and need not claw or cling for our survival, which, ultimately eludes us; instead, finding that place of bliss; nirvana. God refers to that place of peace, as his kingdom, the new heavens and new earth, yet, to be created.

We don’t get to partake without first taking the unavoidable steps; baby steps… we’re being put through the wringer here on earth; each rung of the ladder we must climb brings us closer to freedom; to being freed from the gravity holding us down, allowing us entry to the kingdom of God through the portal… tunneling up and out. There is only one way to get to God, that is, through his gateway whom is the Son of God, Jesus Christ, whom, died first in the flesh  before, God raised him from flesh, a soul which, dies, to spirit form, which does not die. We must follow in his footsteps; do as he did. He overcame the flesh (He came over the flesh.), rising above it and coming to life. The bible states no one can come to God but through his son, a process, none of us can avoid or side step and, it takes as, long as it takes. We know there is a time frame because we have learned, we, have a limited life span.  Chappie received a new battery and a new body. Not only will we receive a new body and a never-ending power source, our minds will be re-written.

God says he will write his laws in our hearts and minds.   We will be given his knowledge and a “completely” new beginning; a new start; overriding our current operating system with a new way of operating. He will reboot and reprogram us in such a way as, to never repeat history. In our current state, we go through the same events and emotions generation after generation. Our knowledge does not enable us to overcome the death of this form. Anything we do, no matter how fast or how slow; does not aid in keeping us alive; our energy runs out. No matter what we discover, there is only so much to discover in a physical world that is decaying and passing with us. We may not see its end or, our own yet, when it comes, we are always surprised and emotionally driven to re-invent or, over turn the verdict of our sentence to this destined path.

One might ask why God would want mini Gods, mimics of himself. Everything he creates expands himself. All things created are an extension of him. He can extend as far as his reach allows, which, has no limits; therefore, he can reach forever. We too will reach forever through his limbs and serving as his limbs. We can never reach the vastness of our creator, but, we can reach what he creates. Similarly, to the delay in light reaching us from the sun or, anywhere in the universe. Though, everything is caught in and trapped by the same gravitational pull and is headed in the same direction, it’s all traveling at different times and from different locations but, ultimately is pulled in by the same all powerful and over powering energy source. This source has power over everything and is bringing everything unto, itself. It’s a tunnel to the black hole. Being compressed, accelerated, excited and transformed into… who knows what?

Now suppose, as God created an explosion to scatter matter and create us in a physical universe; he also created expulsions opposite; a vacuum called gravity which, forcing us into his way, through, the eye of a needle… a teeny, tiny black hole full of the most powerful energy force imaginable, only to renovate (renew) and convert us, changing our current form to another, an opposite, everlasting form as, we have life ,as we know it, literally squeezed out of us then, our coming out on its opposite side, into the light and on the side of life, as we don’t know it rather than, the side of death which is, the limited life we now know. Thus, ending what was    the former things have passed away and beginning what will be, in the name of service to our maker as he creates, assisting in creation, forever and benefiting by his true nature, the law of life.  All things then, come from God yet, go back to God and all the while, remain in his service fulfilling his purpose.


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