Keeping Time


Excerpt from: The Time Keeper by Mitch Alborn:

Man alone measures time

Man alone measures the hour.

And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures.

A fear of time running out.

Keeping Time

It is true no other creature looks to a watch or worries time away as man does. Some may believe man created time since only he measures it; however time was created as part of the recipe for the creation of man.  Man did not separate night from day, which is the clock to which our world turns. Other creatures do not experience the worries man does from day-to-day, as mentioned by Mitch Alborn in his book, The Time Keeper, yet they are subject to time constraints, as is man.

Time does run out; we burn out. Our worlds energy, fuel source, the sun, is a burning ball threatening to engulf us in its flame. Our time is spent because it literally burns out. We’ve been singed by the this burning energy and know… it is only a matter of time before it consumes us. Stating, it as a matter of time, is literal. We are made of particles, matter, and time is what stands between us mattering (being in matter), and us not mattering (us being not, or our being nothing at all). “To be or not to be”; in time, instead of being… to be, we will… not be. This of course, is a lifetime away. Again, this is literal; it is a life span (our lifes time) away, from happening, which it will do, in due course.

There is no disputing the brilliance of Stephen Hawking in his determination of the elements repeating history forever, given our discoveries.  There are two things missing from his conclusions, which are the crux of everything thus rendering what he professes regarding the origins of our universe and his theory of its self-regeneration faulty or at the very least, incomplete.  His foundation negates first, where the elements came from; rather, he theorizes, they simply exist and were formed as we know them by a first and most violent explosion, ever. Science does not have an explanation as to the causes of the first explosion.  A second issue with accepting what he takes for granted as far as the elements simply always having existed is regarding, partially, the fact that elements decay.  Time is a measurement of decaying matter (death).  It is a mistake to ignore the decaying process in concluding the elements eventually are forced through black holes until all things are regenerated, over and over and over to forever.  All all things are currently being pulled toward and are headed through a final black hole however, everything, all matter, is decaying at different rates given its properties and proximity to our sun.  Since we can measure decay and our sun expends its energy, eventually burning out, there will be less and less energies going through the final black hole and the elements won’t be the same in mass or volume therefore do not regenerate forever, at least, not renewing in the same formation or former order of things, though it may seem so from man’s perspective because it will take so much time, by man’s calculations, for time to pass away, we do not imagine the end of our sun, or of our universe, not in our (your and my) lifetime, anyway, most likely. This makes it is difficult to imagine an end to things; especially things we cannot even fully measure yet, such as, the stars in our galaxy, or in our universe, or the number of galaxies, or the number of universes, or the various types of stars etc. These measurements are beyond our comprehension, as is numbering the grains of sand on any one beach or in an ocean, or for that matter, the grains in an anthill. We could measure its weight in order to know if we had more or less in the anthill than the beach, but would not be close to knowing what the amount is; what’s… out there. Time is there, and here, at the same time! You might say, time is, all at once. It is everything all of the time because, it is right now in any place it inhabits.

We do not multi-task well.  Recently studies state, none of us are ever able to truly multi-task; it’s a myth. We may have many projects started and may jump from one thought to another however we are ever only thinking of one thing at a time, at any given time. To measure this, I would begin the measure from one point in time to another. One time points to another. We cannot keep time, as time is always on the move and any measurement always begins after-the-fact. We can’t measure where we are when we are there; it’s only when we’ve moved that we can go to the previous point and begin our measurement.

Quantum physics tells us particles randomly share different points at one time; the theory of a parallel universe; simultaneous identities sharing the same time in different places; they are one, yet not at one; not united. Man doesn’t have the capacity to measure the randomness, which is part of a cycle so far-reaching in time; we cannot duplicate its pattern in order to begin a measurement of its activity, or its time spent in activity. We can observe its behavior pattern and points we determine relevant in efforts to speculate and predict its future behavior.

From observation, we are aware of patterns all around us, all of the time however we are unable to record all of the patterns, all of the time, or all patterns for all time. This is our short coming (our coming in short). Throughout mans history, records have been lacking finite details linking causes and effects. The convoluted mess of string in the above artwork represents the infinite and complex intricacies linking one point to another, as it relates to cause(s) and effect(s), how all things are connected in some manner and predetermine both the causes and effects of any particulate or any particular action.

I recently heard someone say, he believed in multiple causes to each effect rather than believing in the touted cause (single cause) and effect.   It is easy to relate to this because so many things are involved in any one happening, anywhere in time. To understand history, we need to pin point each happening leading to any one event and its nearest effects; an impossible task for us as short-lived beings, and as beings whom learn, as we go, not only about pre-existing environments; also about our own inherent nature and individual environment; each of these contributes to our development and tendencies. Time is only relevant when it is current; that is, at the precise moment it is taking place.

We are time travelers… taking ourselves, or being transported to another place and time. We can do this nostalgically or virtually by visualizing however this is no different from when time actually transpires while we are engaged in any other activity because it is transpiring while the visualization takes place, one is traveling through time. The visualization is taking the place of whatever else we would be engaging in during those moments of time spent in the visualization.  Visualizing is not different from any other performed activity since we actively engage in it, and as we do, time transpires.

We measure the time we are allotted to engage in specific activities by each twenty-four hour period.  From our measuring and gauging comes speculation then worry emanates.  Our natural gauge is day and night, which are effects of other causes such as gravitational pull and oceanic tides. These too, have their causes; origins, of which we can deduce, theorize and speculate but not view because time has transpired and taken place, in some outer space (outside our point of reference or beyond our view). Although, the fact that light travels through space is amazing because it also is a natural time gauge, a tool of measurement. It is not by coincidence we are given such a tool for the measurement of time and space. We have to wait for the light to come to us, to reach us, before we can see, or understand what incredible events (causes) have occurred through the space of times creation. We are an effect of time in the making.

Earlier I mentioned time taking place; really, time takes up space. We can measure a space, the span of time. There is time and space markers throughout the universe; everything in space is full of markers, light being the longest, oldest and most revealing natural time line known to man. It is literally a straight line marking the space of time and revealing multiple causes to our own individual space and time; history (the i-story).

We have not seen the entirety of the light, and our story is incomplete, as we know it.  From mans perspective, we have not seen the light.  We won’t rest until we know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Light, as our story guide, has yet to reveal itself fully to us, so we will know; we haven’t seen things in that particular light.  Once we know the rest of the story (are enlightened; we will be truly free-thinking, knowing full well, aware of the facts; the truth will have set us free), at that time and in that space; we will be, at rest and can take rest in the story; literally our time will be occurring in, the rest of the story.


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