Rock Concert


I feel a vibe just thinking about being outside in the fresh air.  A noticeable vibration accompanied by an overall feeling of wellbeing zips throughout my body and a smile overtakes whatever noisy thoughts are at the forefront of my mind.  Like being bathed in the perfect amount of sunshine.  The covering, an invisible blanket of mild warmth and soothing pleasure.  Comfort.

Recently, I was listening to hymnal, chorale music.  It was performed in Latin therefore I did not understand the lyrics however I felt the emotion.  Relaxed against the headboard in a cozy guest suite of a house built into the mountainside, peering through the picture window across from me, I examined what was a steep, rugged and rocky hillside with interspersed Aspen, Spruce and Evergreen trees.  As I lay back listening and appreciating this inspiring view, I began to conjure individual voices; imagining how lips would look as they vocalized these incredible sounds.  Soon, the varied giant boulders took on the shapes of each voice and its vibration coming to me from the speaker, from the highest pitch to deepest lows and sharpest tones.

As I imagined the choir and each member’s voice, I was enthralled and taken with the emotion resounding in the beautiful harmonies I was hearing, and feeling.  The exquisite sound was resonating, within me, as the rocks were singing to me; some of them with palpable joy; a couple grinning as they harmonized; some swooned toward and away from others to impact the intensity, or to simply hear the others range, harmonizing as they sang together.  I pictured them as friends.  These images and the vocalizing harmony were simultaneously soothing, and stimulating.

My husband was feeling a different kind of vibe, as he sat reading from his laptop next to me while I was at play, and feeling this deeply emotional exchange with the nature of sound and sight.  He later told me, he couldn’t believe I enjoyed this particular type of song so much; he didn’t get it.  After discussion, we determined, his association with Catholicism triggered his less than enthusiastic reaction, and opposite set of emotions to what was overwhelming me with a happy, peaceful feeling.  So much of what we experience affects our perceptions.  In this case, he expressed a dislike for the music because as a child, sitting rigidly during the church service, as this type of God-praising hymns were sung, his focus on being a behaved boy, and the inability to comprehend Latin crippled his ability to enjoy it.  It brought on confusion, uneasiness, and hostility.  He was a young rebel, as I think all children are until they are forced to conform with the “way things are done”, regardless of whether they learn meaning in them or not.  When things make no sense, there seems to be no sense in them, and that makes them, non-sense.

Our senses can make, or break, how much, or how little we understand, and what makes sense to us, i.e., they can inhibit, or put us in an uninhibited, open state of being..   Our feelings are stored up, revived, re-vibed, and reverberated through us later, as current sensual triggers recall them.  We don’t always know why we feel the way we do.  We may remember a feeling and not the context of how we learned or perceived the feeling; how we came to know the feeling.  Sometimes the context changes, and sometimes we are unable to get past the initial vibe felt in our first or repeated encounter with a particular vibration, or the event(s) and the motion of them, which created their specific vibration, no matter how subtle the movement, some part of us feels it, then stores the memory.  It becomes part of us, in the sense… in the sense; it is part of our physical memory and our emotional memory.

I am a fan of vocals, love singing, and believe vibrations affect us constantly without our conscious awareness.  Everything is in constant motion and is pushed or pulled, compelled or repelled by vibrations.  Color, sounds, everything vibrates us, and this sways us (this way is us). Even, while speaking, each of us can feel the vibration of our own voice.  Thinking, also, can send vibrations through us.  All of these affect our emotional and cognitive state, at any moment therefore affecting the status of our health.

I find a comfort in the massiveness of mountains and forests; although there have been times (not often), while in the middle of a forest, all of a sudden, an uneasy almost unnerving feeling wisps over me, for seemingly, no reason.  I have not pinpointed why, in general, at the time it has occurred.  I feel invited to explore nature and think, nature rocks! Because of vibration, nature literally rocks.  I sense it teaming with active life and everything is doing its own thing, doing what its designed to do, and playing its small part in making up the whole… me too.  When I’m there, I’m in it, part of the buzz, the natural buzz, happening, whether I’m in the forest or not.  It’s buzzing with activity affecting my world and me, directly.  It’s bigger than me and I always feel there is something more, something bigger at work than the small world of me, where I consciously dwell.  We think the city is always hopping; pay attention to a wilderness for a moment, you too, might detect the same sense of bustle, and a much bigger picture than we notice day to day, as we go about our routines; however, whether in a populated, or remote area, everything is doing something, and all of the activity is contributing to each localized, and acute vibration felt.  Think of histories big events, pivotal points, e.g.,  “the shot heard round the world”, Emerson’s verse referring to the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.  This affected people far and wide, even reading it, the thoughts alone impacted peoples personal vibrations, causing movement within them through individual perception, much of that, affected also, by reactions of others around them.

There is a positive and negative, a good and bad, basically, a helpful or harmful attribute to each of nature’s participants’ role; always an opposition; this is inherent in the nature of everything.  We lack understanding of the nature of all things; though we can observe, and feel whether close to something or not, just as we are ecologically linked globally.  We can have a sense of something’s nature, forming a perception of how it affects us. In science, studying what exists, proves there is both positive and negative causes and reactions; however it is perspective, and perception, which determines which of these we interpret, and label a cause, or impact to be; though, it simply is, how it is.  It exists in the manner, or order of its design, with its particular properties.  This is its nature.  We perceive, categorizing it, as this, or as that, something, or other, positive, or negative, good, or bad, and helpful, or harmful to us.  The perception causes our reactions.  We feel.  We feel the nature; we hear it, see it, and sense it, but we don’t yet understand nature, or comprehend it fully; we do not know why it is, what causes its unique form, what it can, or will become based on its special properties, and how the effects of other unique forms shape, and alter it, or if everything is designed to be exactly as it is, affecting things in and around its specific qualities intrinsic to its nature, with adaptation and change considered in the formula (what forms you, and all).

This week while hiking in one of the national parks, I observed steam evaporating from fallen trees.  It looked like the waning of a smoldering fire.  Upon further investigation, it was one of a long line of felled trees not previously stricken by lightening, but blown over by the wind.  These were dead trees whose roots gave way to the wind blowing up this gulch, channeled up through it on a continual basis; natures wind path.  The live healthy trees lining the gulley here, just beyond the trees lying dead, revealed shorter branches and limbs on the windblown side and long full plush ones on the side receiving less of the wind, most of the time, anyway.  These tell tale signs reveal natures pattern to us, and tell us, it took a long time for these trees to be impacted, ultimately, with death, from their having been entirely uprooted and knocked down.  Not only were there a lot of them, and many of those were huge (for the state’s standard size).   Many years of growth occurred before they were defeated by their hostile environment; however this too, has a purpose, a re-purpose, to fertilize the soil, provide haven for small animals and food for insects, kindling for the next forest fire, etc.  I’m sure I do not know the half of it; only perceiving what is evident on the surface, stumbling into this natural setting.  At first I was fearful it may be on fire; upon further examination, I was relieved to learn this was not the case; however, I still have no control over how the forest will progress, and the impact on the living trees, now with no bodyguards blocking the wind from stripping them down also, or if new growth will spurt from the fertile area where trees have fallen.  I am supposing, they will not be cleared by man, due to budget, and political arguments over national park conservation vs. preservation issues, etc.  It will undergo whatever takes place.  As with us humans, we experience undergrowth and overgrowth, also of both, our personality, and physical states.  What takes root in us and what doesn’t, is not in our control, despite our technological advancements, desires to manipulate, and meddling with the nature surrounding us, which is obviously our pattern, an attribute of mankinds nature.

We too, are blown by the wind; exposed, able to withstand its persuasion for a limited time only, without protection, and ultimately, vibrated to extinction by the harsh environment, impacting us.

We study the wind.  We know about climactic cycles, and know, our actions impact these cycles.  The nature of us is, to act.  We learn from acting.  When we observe cycles we can spot repetitions, and focus our attention on specific events thereby seeing what the recurrences cause and how they affect our environment.  We know for example, we are causing, or at least expediting a global warming pattern, and must make changes to our recurring actions to reverse, slow, and attempt to stop the reaction our current impact is having on our environment because it directly affects us, adversely.  Its effects are destroying our habitat, if continued, as is, and at this rate, will extinguish the human race in a calculable time period; eradicating ours and other life forms existence.  This is a big deal, since our aim is to survive.  Based on what we see and know, we perceive global warming as negative, and harmful; therefore halting negative acts will be perceived as positive, and helpful; though it may not restore what we’ve lost, or will have lost, before we actually change our behavior to influence our planet, positively.

Our struggle is in finding balance, a place of harmony to feel peaceful vibes in conjunction with our natural world.  Is this possible, since we are stuck between the known, and the unknown of nature?  I think we are stranded in balance, right now; it’s what keeps us alive e.g., the oceans staying within certain boundaries; clouds form and rain, the sun shines, plants and animals grow, and populate the earth.  We have enough oxygen to breathe.  Our base needs are met.  Simply put, the world turns.  As the world turns, actions and reactions take place bringing us in and out of balance, but keeping us alive… life hangs in the balance!  When we lose balance, things fall apart.  Similar to when the earth erupts and gas escapes its depths, when massive glacial ice melts, when we lose our strength, as we fight our inner storms; our personal battle with survival overcomes us.  Just as our immune system doesn’t have the ability to stave off all disease, forever, our planet undergoes dis-ease from occurrences within it, which it can only combat for so long; before the pressure is too much and the changes create tumult, and such drastic changes to its environment, as to alter its state of being, to a degree it cannot withstand.  This could mean the end to, extinction for, mankind, or at least a radical shift in how we live, and to life, as we know it.

We are learning how serious current conditions will affect our future on this planet.  It seems, not all of us are conditioned to taking this seriously.  As with anything learned, repeating, and spreading the word to the world, may help conditions around the world; however the world will never be restored to its former glory, as we lose the glory of youth; what is gone is has passed away, and is no more; conditions change.  My focus (futility), for quality of life is, to keep myself, as healthy as possible by natural means, which includes adapting to changes around me the best I can; however there must be sufficient natural resources for maintaining health, and this goes for all life on our planet.  I’m not a Darwinist; however if we do not have what it takes (in resources) to keep going, we’ll be stopped dead in our tracks, like civilizations of old, those of whom archaeologists claim, were sophisticated and ingenious for their time, or were well on the way to surpassing us in knowledge, had they not been wiped out by, this or that, disease, catastrophe, etc.  Today, we are many, having multiplied and covered the earth.  A lot of people means, we need a lot of resources, and everyone needs to manage them thoughtfully.  This sounds silly to me, in a way, as I write it because in general, peoples concerns are generally local, which seems right, and proper, as we can only handle, and work to manage our own little selves, however there seems to be many of us, without conscience, concerning ourselves with globalization, and of what seems right to a few, while wreaking havoc for some other small, local area(s), in the name of profit, for the few, that is at the expense of most.  The bigger picture cannot be ignored; however it is no small task, and harder to comprehend than concentrating on a localized area.  It is easier to see the details making up something small, than something further away from us.  Although, sometimes being too near sighted can damage our perspective of what is affecting us, keeping it out of our viewing range, and sometimes if the thing is big enough, we can be far sighted enough to have an insight about it.

All of this leaves me with an anxious vibe, not knowing, and not being in control of the future, for me, or anyone who comes later.  I believe, as long as there are living beings around, there will be vibrations rocking our world, maybe enough to shake us all awake, maybe even at the same time, or in time to salvage what we can from the extensive damage we are spreading throughout the earth for all of its inhabitants, human or not.  I am not saying we can save the planet, or mankind from the natural decaying, life-shifting, and natures transformation process; however I do believe if we concentrate efforts in our local areas, then we could possibly all benefit, including those around us, and the environment in our vicinity.  If each region and all people participated, there might be some harmony; however I am not naive enough to believe this will take place because I have seen a repeating pattern in mankind’s inherent nature, which expels any hope of man saving himself from himself, or the nature dwelling in him, even if he could be relieved of his true nature and put on a better self, the world, as we know it is in a constant state of change.  It seems miraculous; there is a perfect balance to have kept us from extinction, naturally, to this point.  It is mind-boggling, the amount of minute details, which need to be in precisely the right time, place and quantity for us to be alive and breathing!  This goes for everything on our planet and in our solar system to interact in such a manner as to make up our Eco system and keep it… balanced, at least enough to breed and thus far, sustain life. This is the natural state of things, not the result of an accident. It is a result of synchronicity; a unification of specific elements for creation.

In the upheaval, and chaos of any naturally occurring event, are a cause and a result.  I don’t believe this will ever stop.  There is always a cause and it will always create a result.  God is always creating, and because (be-cause, i.e., he is always the cause) he creates, and there is always a result.  We may not see, or understand the, be-cause, especially, since we came to be (be-came) in the middle of, or at least, after many other results were created.  This gives us limited vision into the bigger picture (the mind of God).  We continue to imagine based on what we learn, but have a hard time, and are doing hard time, in a sense, while its all, from our perspective, slowly coming together, even as we are moving forward, as all things progress to what they are in this moment, and what they become in the next, our memories, and skewed perceptions of the past are often misinterpreted, and be-come distorted.

I may not have had such a great vibe from my mountainous rock concert if my perspective was that of someone experiencing an earthquake, or of the men spoken of in The Bibles’ book of, Revelation, whom fled to the rocks and mountains for refuge, begging them to fall on them so they could hide.

The earth does quake and those vibrations bring about radical change, in ways and times, for which we cannot fully prepare.  Whatever occurs, the base cause is natural.  We are part of, and have a nature to us.  We mimic our creators’ nature.  We attempt to create.  The difference is, we can only play with what already has been created, and our ideas are copies, stemming from what is already in the world around us, what exists in nature, which we observe.  The patterns resonating within us, they are the vibrations causing a result.  They cause action, movement. We respond to the vibrations moving us.  I hope, and believe, at some point, we’ll all be, as the song lyrics go, “pickin’ up good vibrations”.


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