The Last One Standing


What are numbers? Number 8, listed in the io9 article by George Dvorsky titled, 8 Great Philosophical Questions That We’ll Never Solve. The following excerpt from the article is a great place to begin contemplation:

This is essentially an ontological problem, where we’re left baffled about the true nature of the universe and which aspects of it are human constructs and which are truly tangible.

I imagine numbers to be both, abstract, and tangible. At least, the impact of their existence is tangible; therefore they have an intrinsic value. Though we can perceive a value in them, a higher number does not always equate to a greater value.

Are they man’s constructs? They were constructed for man, and are his measure, being an inherent, base, and innate part of his form. Man is the only known creature to measure, and they are a form of measure… form-u-la (there-you-are), but what is a numbers measure of man? Time; everything measurable has a time, whether it is brief or seemingly never-ending. Forever is immeasurable because it is not subject to an end, therefore has no time, but is the whole time; one time made up of timely occurrences the entire time; all of the time.

The value of one unending time is imperceptible when compared to an end of time.   We can perceive an end because throughout our life’s measure (mankind’s span of time, as seen in our recorded history), we see things end, continually, in, and of ourselves, and in the nature of our environment. We can see time expire, which is what numbers come down to, the expiration of life, as we know it in the form of our experience, which is our witnessing. We only count to expiration. That is the full measure of us, as far as we can see, which comes to zero, no time in us… our expiration.

One might argue, numbers themselves do not exist, regardless of a perceivable outcome of their sum, or the sum of their impact; the sum being the total result of time, and energy spent. Time is not generated, as energy can be, although it once was, as it was created, instantly, when the Big Bang occurred. In that moment, the mankind formula came to be; our time came; we were generated, and became generations. One by one, each generation took their time; used the time given, and spent their energy, to now, our current time.

Someone of another generation recently told me, “We didn’t analyze why we act, or feel things the way today’s generation does; we just lived.” This may not be a verbatim quote, but the gist of the statement is there. I find this statement to be a half-truth. All generations philosophized about life in their times, thereby recording and analyzing a, “why we are the way we are” history. The first communicated stories, both verbal, and written, throughout history, in every culture, are nothing but philosophizing about, analyzing, determining, or asking why we, or things, are the way they are; why bad things happen to good people, or how to be a good person, which all comes down to portions, and divisions, how bad, or good a person, or a thing is, and what’s its worth, value, or sum… numbers! We have not stopped trying to prove ideas, theorizing, questioning, deducing, or deciding what needs to, or can be measured; figuring how to determine the measurement of time, why it stops, and how to control its length.

Perhaps one reason it might seem more convoluted, or complicated today is due to both the increase in knowledge, and population. With vast growth in these ways came giant strides, which has also increased confusion, blinding us from seeing the simplest of forms, the overlooked, lost, forgotten, or destroyed pieces, which create mystery where there is nothing mysterious, then becomes a missing link to what might have been obvious answers to some of our greatest questions. There are also times, we are so busy, and consumed in seeking, we miss what is directly in front of us; like looking for a fallen contact lens on the floor, which becomes obvious only when the light is reflecting it just right, otherwise, it is not visible within, or in light of its background; it is imperceptible, regardless of its existence in plain sight, and becomes anything but plain, while a part of, or blending into its existing plane; its particular location in time.

Recently, I’ve heard the scientific world announce, mankind, as well as, the entire universe could be a hologram, a mere reflection of something else, not truly existing… not real. This is incredibly interesting, and the information comes from numbers, both actual, and speculated measurements of dead, dying, seen, and unseen matter, as well as active energy references.

A mere reflection… this makes me think of a mirrors reflection, and reminds me of a lecture I listened to recently, given by Alan Watts regarding Zen teachings on being like a mirror. He explains this Japanese teaching basically means to not think before acting; to be trained not to think, but to act on autopilot in an anticipatory state (Sounds like an oxymoron.). The idea was to have students learn to act spontaneously, using whatever was around them to their advantage, since anything can happen at any moment, so they would not be guarded, but would not be caught off guard, thus they would learn not to hesitate to act; therefore would not lose valuable time in deciding what to do, rather, by quick assessment, would gain the upper hand over their opponent based on quick reaction of a deliberate act; sort of going with the flow, but also taking charge by movement. For example, the instructor would have them do various mundane chores and tasks, then surprise attack them with a whipping, or other painful infliction in order to teach them to defend themselves with whatever item, etc., was available in their vicinity at that moment. Teaching them to rapidly analyze each circumstance, doing what needed to be done to defend their position, and become expert warriors by thinking on their feet. The concept is understandable, however, they still have to think, in what seems like… real time, then act on the thoughts, which are caused (initiated, and directed) by the Zen masters actions, thus thwarting their opponent by reacting in an opposite manner in order to gain, or maintain a sense of control over themselves, and over their opponent; all through a reaction, in a deliberate manner. This sounds simple on one hand, yet is easily confounding on the other.

In the case of a mirrored image, it is the image-maker, which causes action. The mirror is the tool used to express an image. The image reflects the exact opposite motion of what the real thing is doing, and it is commanded/controlled by the real thing creating it. This generated action, more accurately, reaction is based entirely on what is creating it, and initiating the reaction through actively creating it. In other words, the image does what it is told, as it is the creation merely doing what it is shown it to do, which is forcing it to do the opposite, since that is the property of the mirrors reflection, a revelation (a revealing) forced in opposition to its maker; it can do nothing else, and it certainly cannot do anything of itself, or on its own. Its life wholly depends upon its creator. It is lifeless, inanimate, and doesn’t exist without a creator, the creators energy, or power to generate it.

We are created in Gods image, and we are doing the exact opposite of what God does, and giving a command performance, i.e., doing what we are commanded to do by copying what we perceive him, our commander, to be doing; therefore we are opposing him, which put us on a destructive path, while He is on a constructive path. This is why I stated earlier, numbers were constructed for man, for our measure, meaning, our earthly (physical) days are numbered. However, God is actively constructing, and building; he is a creator; and promises his children will not be out numbered by the likes of Satan (those like Satan), whom are the opposite of God, referring to mankind; we are like Satan, doing the opposite of God. We were created in Gods image, as a mere reflection of him, acting in opposition, though, this opposition didn’t begin with us, we follow Satan’s lead.  God gave him authority to be the leader, having dominion over this world for a period of time (He is our leader, similar to a kingship; ruling over his kingdom.). God promises Satan’s family will come to not (will not be). Satan’s numbers will not increase, but God’s numbers will increase more than we can count, to be more than the stars in the heavens. Who can count the stars in our heavens? That’s an enormous family, which will come to be once we are born into it, and given an eternal, heavenly, spiritual body, just as we’ve been born to our physical bodies in this time. Our current body is the opposite of spiritual, and heavenly. It is not eternal; it is mortal, and physical; of the earth; made from earths elements. Physical things decay, die out, and pass away because they were created in an opposite form than God’s. Our form is limited; his is unlimited, and ever-expanding. It may take an unfathomable amount of time to occur from our perspective, never the less, ours is a form unable to last indefinitely, because we are the creation, the image created, and cannot renew, or reanimate ourselves.  This form we live in, is a temporary abode, and will not stand (A house divided, falls.) Our reward, our earnings, what we will receive for being like Satan, and being the opposite of God is, not living; it is dying, it’s a death sentence. We will have learned the value of life, by the rule of death.

There are laws governing life, and death; actions equate to consequences. There are no escaping natural, physical laws to which we are subject, and there is nothing binding us to them once released through their death. When we are changed to a spiritual form, physical laws will have passed, and no longer affect us, since we will not be physical ever again, this is the death of death, and the end of time. We will have been given our full measure, never to be empty; never running out; this is the point of no more death, which is equal to nonexistence, and nothingness. We will not see it, nor witness it ever again, therefore it will not be our experience ever again; nothing will have ceased to exist; yet when this world, as we know it reaches point zero on the scale of time, there will still be one in existence.

Christ put an end to death, through his death by crucifixion, and resurrection to life, thereby saving us by providing our route, and being our root to life, through the death of our current form, and a resurrection to a new, free form of life, a new way of living (… for the former things have passed away); thus creating the path, or way for all of us to truly be as one (acting in accord; in accordance to the one, i.e., in accordance with God, not the opposite of him, as we currently do, which leads to nothing; because Satan’s promotion of the physical creation, offers us zero lasting life, which is why Christ did not accept Satan’s offer to him in the desert, to give Christ all of what is in this worldly realm; everything in the physical universe. There was no offer of real substance from Satan, while it was given him by God, to rule over, he cannot perpetuate it because he is not, nor can he be, the creator; rather, he is only a reflection of the creator; therefore an opponent, and expression of Gods opposite.). This is the process of being born to God, and increases his number to an innumerable amount of members in his family, of his household; all dwelling in his house (the house of the Lord), where there will be real, and true oneness, where we will stand in unity with God, as one. Numbers will have reached their end, adding up to one, as we will all be counted as one of God’s.

What are numbers? All numbers are Gods, and there is one God whose number exists forever. He, being the Alpha, and the Omega; not only shall we have no other Gods before him, there were none before him. Christ was with God in heaven as his word; at his command, and was God; all things being created through him, including our salvation; the transition from flesh to spirit, so we can become part of the God family. He became flesh, so not one of his would be lost, and will return to collect his reward, as the Lord of all things, and to claim us, for whom he paid the price, thus doing his father’s will on earth as it is done in heaven, and fulfilling the law of numbers… all things are away from God, and all things are to God; all things die to God, and all things live to God; man having been created in his image; sent away from him; scattered in the big bang (at the time of Satan’s banishment from heaven); enduring through Satan’s dominion of the physical world, for its allotted time… remember, Satan’s numbers add up to zero equating to not withstanding; being stripped of his throne, de-crowned    cut off. Notwithstanding having been given governorship over a physical universe, Satan mimics the true creator of lasting life, and believes falsely, life in this dying universe is the same, or greater than the real life it mirrors; the subtlest of lies, as the time frame is long from our perspective, deceiving us into believing it will last forever. We are born into in this shortsighted form, and this deception in perception fools us, as we are under Satan’s leadership, and subject to his distorted views. Later, the deceptions of this moment will be imperceptible, once we see clearly the lie we have perceived to be true, is not; however, despite this false reality, and it being opposite of truth, none of us will be lost, falling to him by default; instead, he will be in default, and all that he has (including reign over us) will be taken away; he didn’t pay the price for us, Christ did (… as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away). We will be brought to God, to dwell with him (Christ is preparing many rooms in his father’s house, one for each of us).

Every single thing in life, adds up to only one life, which is the number one thing in life, and all are dependent on one being (being one with God). There is a real, tangible, perceptible number in existence always…one, which is an unlimited number, and the last one standing.


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