Some Thought On Another Bloggers Post: Why God Gives Us Problems And Challenges In Our Life

Source: Why God Gives Us Problems And Challenges In Our Life

God never takes away something from us without giving us something better. When you pray, don’t beg, just simply believe. That’s how faith works…challenge is the key to maintaining vitality of mind and body!

–Sourav Adhikari, 10/17/15 Blog Post: Why God Gives Us Problems And Challenges In Our Life

If these statements by Sourav Adhikari were true, no one would die, including those 6 million Jews of the Holocaust. The key to vitality is overcoming death; now that is a challenge!

God does give us more than we can overcome with the short lived vitality of mind and body we experience in this form (our soul), which is why we need his saving grace, to overcome a second death, so we can be born into a second life, changing from a dying soul to an eternally living spirit with true, and lasting vitality, which can only be received through grace. There is only one (the first of many) who has overcome the flesh, Jesus Christ our lord, and savior, whom made the way for us to follow in his footsteps (dying in the flesh, to be born in the spirit), in order to receive eternal salvation.

We do learn to have faith when we are challenged, not because we initially believe everything will work out; rather it is because we want it to work out in a perceived “good” way, for ourselves. The challenge of faith is, not being able to control the outcome of circumstances we are in, being forced to face our lack of control, and pray to a God we “know” has everything under his control, and whom is determining the “good” outcome, which could result in another challenge from our not knowing what “good” is, in other words, our not knowing how things will turn out in any particular circumstance, but believing in, and trusting the good works of a God we blindly rely on to keep us; blindly because we cannot see into the future, and keep us, meaning caring for us, and keeping us from harm; knowing all things are in his hands (He is creating all things and knows what is good for them, his creations), which is good for God, as well, since all things are his, to his benefit, and for his glory.  He is the one behind the scenes, setting the stage for everything to be acted out. To us it seems like improvisation, but is the opposite, fully planned and executed down to the number of hairs on our head, to the smallest of details, by God.

Trusting in God does not lessen the challenges of the flesh, but increases the faith of the weakest. There is nothing wrong with begging for mercy, it is one thing given repeatedly, as God’s hand is extended in, and to creation, to us, everyday, yet unseen by us nearly everyday due to our unbelief. Through prayer, we blindly have faith thereby seeing the unseen; the challenge is believing God really is God, in the sense, God is in control as our creator, and we are under him (under his control, as creation).   Faith is believing God, because he is.

Being challenged in this life doesn’t get us anywhere, but takes us everywhere, by leaving an indelible impression. It is God’s way of writing on our hearts and minds, his mercy.  This is how we will come to know him, through his mercy and compassionate grace (a gift, free of charge, something we can’t earn; it’s free to us, debt forgiven, forever).  The reason we are challenged is, challenges are the process by which we are brought, through challenges not through choice, to learning to know God, and to know his mercy and love, experienced first hand (by the first hand, which is God’s; all things begin with him).  He extends mercy and love, single handedly giving to us (Christ is the right hand of God… with his right hand he creates life… through Christ all things are made, including us.  We’re a work in progress.).  There will come a day when we see clearly, and no longer practice blind faith, at that point we will know God, up close and personal, we will not question his authority, nor will we believe we can overtake God’s throne.  He will always rule over us, be higher in status (Creator/us (creation).  We will still be happy subjects in his kingdom, which he will share with us; take away the challenge of getting there, once arriving, being put in our place, where we belong and where we fit, we will live harmoneously in the kingdom.

Regarding this quote, also from Sourav’s blog post:

“I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.
—Mother Teresa

God is the handler, and he doesn’t trust any man, as Christ stated, he knows what is in a man.  Rather, Christ and his father who is in heaven, can be trusted in every way, and to do what they say, they are sharing in the process of creating everything, of course they know what is in it; what it’s made of.  God has challenged creation.  Creation can only pass the challenge when God gives it a pass!



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