Needful Things

Note to reader: You may want to read my previous blog post on 10/17/15 regarding challenges, as this one is an offshoot on that topic.“>http://

The attached video is an incredible demonstration highlighting the entire concept of being faced with overwhelming challenges of the life and death variety, while revealing it’s opposite, overcoming challenges… living through seemingly impossible odds.

Seeing is believing! Please watch the short video (see link above); what I am following with is a perspective you may not have considered; which may have been obvious to the eye, but not necessrily apparent to the mind.

Initial reaction, shocking; starting with the speed of events, seeing the Impala jump into the back seat of the vehicle, and hearing the slamming noise of it! While processing that, the news broadcaster lets you know the Impala walks away unscathed, as you watch it unfold, amazing; he also mentions the Cheetahs go away hungry.

You might think, thank God, the Impala made it, as a first reaction. Then, does it hit you what it means to be hungry?

The Impala is freed to an enormous grassland, or free lunch to be more accurate. The Cheetahs, however, are not so fortunate. They have expended massive amounts of energy stores only to have missed the target. They walk away to a similar plight to which they started; they’re still hungry only now, they have less strength to pursue another meal, and their family depends on them, none of them are satisfied today.

Both hunter, and hunted are faced with brutal challenges, each taking a stressful toll on them; both are able to walk away from these challenges, today, but not without the consequence of experience, and one day closer to death.

We can see in the video, and vicariously experience; feeling the mercy bestowed on the Impala, however the Impala is now separated from the herd, and left vulnerable. We know there will be more challenges for the Impala, although, securing food is not one of them, as it has grown to a readily available plenty, just bow your head and graze on herbage. The Cheetahs challenges remain current, in securing sustenance. It won’t be easy for them until they are fed; given what they need, and it is instinctively in their nature to seek what they need, unto death.

We all share this same dilemma, to eat or not to eat, when do we eat, what are we gonna eat, do we have enough to eat… are we ever satisfied? No, because we must face challenge after challenge; it’s all a temporary state of affairs! We are designed to follow our desires, we stumble upon, through and around until we find something; we consume it, and need to pick up on a new trail to satisfaction, our nature, also is to keep going, and seek what we need.

Desires can deceive us. Through our senses, our sense of what we want; we pick up a scent of something that our senses tell us may lead to nourishment. We follow it, become challenged because it is a ruse, only a temporary satisfaction of desire. Our need of fulfillment doesn’t go away until we do, when we die because the dead don’t need anything; they simply… are not, at least temporarily. We want; our desire is to live. We’re born with a desirable need, an overwhelming, and compelling attribute through desire, to overcome challenges, which more often than not, leads to challenges, never the less, we must overcome if we are to live.

Survival of the fittest is to be a good fit in surviving; being fit enough to survive. The only way to fit in is to find a way in. Our way in, is like going through the eye of a needle, similar to the Impala finding at the precise moment of greatest need, a perfectly placed, visible way of escape, and barely fitting through that car window in order to come out the other side, having overcome death, by trial (great tribulation). This is an incredulous event, even after seeing the video of it. Upon reflection, having seen it, and having felt that type of exhilaration, and relief in our own life of trials, we can more easily relate to the feelings stemming from the extraordinary experience (we share understanding, and a knowing of them.); both positions, the Impala’s leap to freedom, and the Cheetahs disappointed chase. We have been let down by our efforts, so we can relate to grave disappointment, sorrow and a discouraged heart, not to mention the physical pain of giving it your all in a no pain, no gain situation. We know these experiences; every one of us has had them throughout our lives in one circumstance, or another. We are empathetic beings, and empathy is one of our teachers. We also know the elation of an effort that pays off. Enduring the in and out, on and off, up and down, high and low of our traveling through experience with the impermanence of steadiness, and exposed to the harshest enviornments is the bumpy road we traverse; but once we make it to the end of the road… we’ll finally see it was paved with gold, the best stuff for buying security, creating wealth, and a strong substance on which to grind, and gnash our teeth, as we, such needful things, make it passed suffering, to calm waters awaiting us, to be carried by ships designed for smooth sailing, into the sunset, an alighted world; no longer stuck in the vessels we are encumbered with now, our temporary bodies of death. Our ship will have come in, finally bringing us comfort; our sought after security in being given, and receiving the wealth of a treasured life.


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