Sin-ergy vs Synergy


The quodlibetal topic of this post is, whether we can hate the sin, but love the sinner.

Sin is wrongdoing, going against the law. All world cultures are founded on laws. The cultures are as diverse as the religions, however they all have basic laws, rules, which each expects strict adherence to, in order for everyone to get along.

Recently France was attacked by ISIL (Islamic terrorists), and retaliated with bombings to known ISIL targets.

Islam and France are both full of our fellow-man, including these terrorists, regardless of they’re being extreme activists, and war mongering radicals making up the members of ISIL. Our fellow- man also includes whoever is harboring them, which is not limited to the people of certain Islamic territories who welcome their presence.

All nations undergo struggles to uphold peace, establish, or maintain a specific government within their home borders. Supporting France in their retaliation may not be Christian-like, but it seems necessary. If all is fair in love and war, i.e., anything goes when one attempts to overtake another, and if you are the activist group, or nation with intentions of, and follow through with violent perpetration, attacking civilians will gain you the spotlight in a hurry. If you attack civilians, you obviously want to receive a certain kind of attention, and in provoking a super power in this manner, unless you are out of your mind, you would be fully aware this act of war would not be forgiven without some serious war-like pain being inflicted upon you, as retribution; in fact, you are intentionally declaring war. In instances of this type, extreme violent confrontation, a defensive position is forced, and placed in a defensive position, a strong government reacts by going after the attacker…a smart strategy is to also to go after the terrorists associates, with a vigor; not stopping until all threats are diminished to the point of being rendered incapable of inflicting damage, or harm to those being defended, ever again, or for so long into the future, the current government will not see it occur again, perhaps going so far as favoring eradication of the enemy completely; doing whatever it takes to knock the violators out of the war games, until the Day of the Lord, which would mark the end of times in the manner we are currently experiencing them.

God gives and he takes away. History has noted the position of trying to hold onto, or using force to instate one’s religious, and political system. Which nation’s leaders don’t want control over its people; allowing for perpetual resources by oppression in one form or another? It’s a matter of economics; throughout history, the few hold the greatest riches, and keep power through wealth to themselves.

In the Old Testament are many biblical references; stories about nations whom fought battles, some to complete annihilation of their enemies, and some not wiping them out entirely, but leaving a remnant of an enemy people alive, enabling them to multiply once more, usually in futile hopes of far less aggression, and in surrender. God told the Israelites he gave them victory not because they were better, or more righteous than the heathens; the pagans they conquered, but because he wanted to sustain them, as his chosen people. They had not done anything Godly to earn their nations safekeeping.

Today’s world leaders also, are not “good”, i.e., righteous by a godly standard, however God doesn’t save people from being good, he saves them from the corruption ingrained in them, repeatedly stating, how in the wrong man is, and not, how man will change, but how God will change man–not, how man loves God, but how God so loved the world, he gave his only son to die for us, while we were still sinners (in the wrong—wrongdoers). The sacrifice did not stop the consequence for breaking his laws, though sin doesn’t always kill us instantly; most of us suffer the consequence of having been corrupted, which is death, at any rate, instantly, or slowly.  Regardless of our being held captive to sin; we are held accountable for our actions by going through the consequence of being subject to the laws of this world, as we are constantly confronted with desires for what is in the world, thereby living a life filled with lessons gleaned in the process of deep suffering through the decay of our bodily soul.

Not all sin (not all transgressions) lead to death, and we have been given a way of escape, through the embodiment of the law, which is Christ… he fulfilled the law on our behalf, and became our way to God through forgiveness; through our being forgiven our sins; therefore our sins will not lead to death for us, forever, but will lead to a death of how we are now… a death to the sinner in us.

The laws of physics impact us with physical consequence. Spiritual laws impact us, also. The Ten Commandments demonstrate both. On the one hand, we can break each rule pertaining to (going against, and striving with) our physical body; this causes us to suffer the consequence of our going against the nature of what is good for us. The commandments also serve as a witness against us in order to reveal our weakness as human beings because we cannot keep them… if you think it, you’re guilty of it—the physical body reacts to the thought, as though you had followed through by acting on the thought… a crime is committed by witnessing to it in the mind, its effect is the spread of disease throughout the body, yours, as well as, whomever else you infected; caused to stumble with wrong thinking. However, once spiritual, we will apply the commandments, which are the instructions regarding how to love, and how to get along… we won’t be committing trespasses, but will be committing the commandments to mind, which is why each is written in a future tense… thou shalt, or you shall.  The commandments teach us God’s will, and how we shall do God’s will… on earth, as it is done in heaven.  Once spiritual, they can no longer be used against us; we will be made masters of the law, instead of the law being held over us; serving to point out the weakness under, which, we now suffer unto physical death; we will–we shall, be above the law once we are fully developed, and born into a higher form of being then, spiritually capable.

By the sacrifice of Christ’s death (God sending his son to die for us to live) was made possible our being at once, and instantly reconciled to God; living with him forever with no fear of punishment, as we will be incapable of wrongdoing, or going against his law ever again; because the physical aspects will not apply to our new spiritual bodies. The punishment for sin is death. Once we are made spiritual beings, which cannot die, death is no longer a consequence; therefore will not concern us.

Men among us, whom are caught up in a terrorists world of sin; the ugly violence of terrorizing their fellow-man unto death by murdering them, are also subject to death.  We hate what the terrorists are doing; we hate the sin; the lawlessness, the lack of love and compassion toward one another, and the cruel, and brutal wrongdoing hopefully, as much as, we hate the thought of hate itself, in our own minds.

War is the result of the plague we all endure, which is the nature of thinking we can gain control, take power, have, and keep it, as a possession. Only God gives, and only God takes. He made it all, and it all belongs to him. He places people, and nations in positions of power to move them, not, further from him (mankind could not be further from him), but closer to him through the power forged in forgiveness. The whole world is moving in a direction toward a new world order, it’s not man’s order, as we might believe it to be; no government of man’s can stand because all men are corruptible. God created us, and says he is bringing in a new ruler; reigning in a new king… the Christ, and the former things will pass away; in the meantime, until this new, and different kingdom of God is established, until God takes to himself the power he has given to the current ruler of this world… there will be wars, and rumors of wars. Our world will not see peace until God changes it through a final, major war. Our most devastating wars to date do not compare to the destruction of the final war of the world. We are in the progressing stages of it, and currently have access to a war chest with the ability to bring the whole world to extinction. Everything we need exists, and is in place, except the last straw, and the modern-day Judas (the vessel needed to push the button; the one of a mind given to the abominable belief, destruction can, or will promote a peaceful life, or life of any kind; the one deceived into believing he is in control, and can keep power to himself)… forgive them, for they know not what they do; yet these things must be fulfilled before the Christ will return.

Recent terrorist acts of war are not good; they are not instigated out of goodness, but they are among the wars, and rumors of wars referenced above, with the purpose of stirring the boiling pot, and are a small part of a large tumultuous change well on its way to taking place; taking the place of what is the current status quo.

When children act out with violent aggression, parents nip that in the bud; they used to, anyway, usually, promptly with the sting of a “good” spanking. France reacted to the children of the antichrist by spanking them. Yes, stated correctly… terrorists are made up of the children of the antichrist, and are a bunch of little antichrists!

In 1 John, children of the antichrist refers to those who do not believe Christ is the Son of God, letting Christians know how to spot them. These passages state, all of mankind with murder in mind are anti-christ, and are in accordance with Satan’s thinking, not Christ’s, which is the same as God’s; also stating how God sent his son to die for all sin, for all of the world; not only for some, or only a few of us. This does not refer to they’re being righteous people in the world, it means, there are those whom believe in Christ, as the Son of God, and those who do not believe he is the song of God.  Those whom do not believe are called antichrists, those non-believers are against Christ because they are not with Christ in belief, therefore do not believe God when he said he sent Christ to deliver us from lawlessness which destroys us, and is the work of Satan, whom is the Destroyer, not the creator. God sent Christ to destroy Satan’s work of destroying.  God’s offering:  God offered up his Son, that we could be offered up to God, and out from under the rule of Satan, and no longer destroyed.

All humans are subject to the same weaknesses because we are made the same, however God separates believers from non-believers; for example, the Apostles mentioned in the Bible vs. the non-believers, whom killed them for power, and they were given the power by God, to do so. Not because he is merciless, but to demonstrate his will—it is a demons trait to go against Christ. Satan deceived a third of the angels, turning them into demons, whom believe they have a free will, and can do what they please without consequence. A demon believes laws do not apply to him; yet his power is determined by God. We are given example after example of who rules this world, and the Bible states clearly it is the spirit of Satan (the antichrist).

Many might be thinking, “Wait a minute, I don’ t believe in Christ, but that doesn’t make me an antichrist; I am a good person.” I challenge you to follow your concept of good back to God, and beyond what you know of God. Ask yourself what “good” means, and where the idea of it came from; go as far back in history, as possible. In doing this, I was directed back to the law given to Moses in the desert when God brought his Chosen people out of Egypt. If you go back further, because people lived by a code before Moses received the covenant, you end up in the Garden of Eden, with the first humans receiving God’s set of rules for living. If you don’t believe the Biblical account, go back to any time in history; in each period of man’s development, he had a code of conduct, which was expanded on as populations increased. At the earliest stage of his existence, it was put in him to live by a system of some type. Man learned the code, at each phase. In order to survive he had to learn what worked, and what didn’t. The law of the land existed, and pre-dates mankind, whom had to adapt to its pre-formulated structure, or he would die fast, or faster. We are still learning the laws of physics, but things in existence, prior to our discovering them already have a structure, and boundaries to which we must adhere to in order to live, and survive together. Now take a closer look, rather than examining the mankind family, down to an examination of a small family’s inner workings, e.g., parents confer, organize, and compromise to keep order, and work toward the success of the family members, and its growing prosperity. The family doesn’t function well together when kids rebel, or one parent isn’t cooperating for the group’s sake, or when any member is acting solely for an individual’s wellbeing, to the detriment of others. It upsets the whole, and it takes strength to resolve selfish feuds, deal with conflicts, or enact punishment to establish order. Especially in the case of family it’s not difficult to relate to hating the sin, but loving the sinner. When a member steps out of line, we are motivated to work through the issue to regain order, or the family will be divided, distant, separated, harmed and dysfunctional. When terrorists attack, it’s much harder to keep perspective of being, or staying connected to, and showing compassion to our fellow-man, particularly if they threaten to ruin our family. In this case, with obvious hatred, there is not room for negotiation, or compromise; it is one culture, one belief, one law, against another. Terrorists, violent activists are antichrists forcing others to defend, what they have come to know as “theirs”. If another culture is not for us, but are against us, we can pray for God to change them, just as much as we pray God changes us. We pray this because we are aware of our weaknesses through the commandments, which direct us, as to how to get along, and also witness to how we do not practice them faithfully, thereby do not get along; however in the meantime, we can also pray God lays hatred to rest until our day of change, a day of mercy, as the mercy laid down by Christ’s death comes to fulfillment in us, and gives us victory over our battling with hating the sin and loving the sinner. Because we are placed into a position of fight or flight; defend or die; we must battle sin, while praying for love of the sinner. We have witnessed, and know men’s hearts are filled with hatred toward their fellow-man. Knowing our human family; our human connection is broken, and dysfunctional because we see some are of a mind, dead set on destroying us, we can see they follow Satan, whom is synced to mankind’s hearts through sin-ergy–putting all of his energy into leading man to sin, thereby on a path set to destruction, and has the radically vulnerable trying to take power, to Lord it over others through spreading fear of punishment by a gruesome torturous death.

Praying in earnest for sinners, as mentioned earlier, is a form of loving the sinner, and hating the sin by praying God gives them a change of heart; however, as it is for all mankind, I don’t believe true lasting change in man will come until Christ does, and with him, a spirit of true synergy… where all are of one mind, connected by one culture with compassion, and genuine concern for every one’s wellbeing, as the common, and accepted code of conduct.


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