Revision of a Facebook music challenge:

From: 7 songs in 7 days — To: 7 feelings in 7 songs

No. 1 of 7: Max Bruch, Kol Nidrei

I am overcome with deep emotion, usually appreciation with an emphasis on peacefulness when I think of the violin.

I’m not sure when its sound first captivated me, or when I heard this particular piece; however when a dear childhood friend played a solo piece at her church’s event, which I attended (more years ago than I am able to comfortably disclose); though it was not this, most likely was a much simpler (probably xmas related) composition, and not, as expertly played, given her youthful age of 11-12ish; never-the-less it sounded as eloquent to me, and evoked a longing in me to play violin at that time, as I had not played, or rather played at it, since being uprooted from one state, and moved to another.  I was no Mozart   afraid; any talent I may have will remain hidden, and undeveloped… destined to be an enthusiastic listener!

That short-lived musical introduction befell me during a period of tremendous upheaval and sorrow, as harsh realities of life were thrust upon mini-me. Managing, I found comfort in, as many cuddles given, as possible, as well as, finding a mate in wondrous make-believe; spending most vacant moments in utopia with like-minded visionaries, sharing all I knew… lessons… of all kinds; taking away from mounting experiences, everything crucial to put in order, my chaotic little world.

The violin is such an expressive instrument, and manipulated well, enables the conveyance of any expression one can conjure, which makes the violinist a true master artist for merely recognizing it’s exceptional beauty and sublime qualities, even if it is only in imagination, since it’s effortlessly felt   easier heard than strum (I know… should be strummed, grammar-police; but it sounded better to me this way… a word string, quartet that is; a word-strum, or wordplay, you might say!).

I’ve had the privilege of hearing the Kol Nidrei live, thus far, only once, by the local symphony orchestra… in the late 90’s to 2002-ish. I cannot remember the specific date, or who the violin virtuoso was, but he instrumentally transported me to a favorite spot, or at least, directed me to noteworthy sensations from my experience archive, which is probably the draw to music in the first place; a conduit to memory, and longings, including those buried way back when, and continued yearnings to be suffused in profound exquisiteness, today.

Other than renowned anthems, religious, holiday, and popular tunes, or re-makes; in general, a composer’s structured intent may not be obvious to the listener, especially as time elapses; when current events become not, so current; obscuring initial aspirations of the renderer. As with any art, beholders infer personal meaning within its content,  which determines individual contentedness with the implication. By way of a conductor:  the artistic and thoughtful composition, accompanied by the art of a masterfully played instrument, by any means, not limited to the violin nor a single instrument; possibly delivered through a combination of single instruments, peace can be felt in the freedom provided when surrounded by a shared feeling; while enveloped in an emotional environment, having traveled to an unshared space   a unique, and  personal atmosphere, where it’s okay to, “feel that way”; allowing release, or at least, interaction with, and acknowledgment of any highly personal feeling triggered, without the addition of words aiming to a particular sentiment; just music doing what it does… making note of feelings.


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