And on that note; I’ll leave you with a smile

Revision of a Facebook music challenge:

From: 7 songs in 7 days — To: 7 feelings in 7 songs

No. 2 of 7: The Carpenters, Sweet, Sweet Smile

I feel grateful when I hear this light-hearted song with its deep-hearted message, as I am reminded of how much my husband cares for me. He’s touched me with his earnest, heartfelt smile, which he’s given to me every day I’ve known him… maybe, not every moment of every day… we are married, after all; but I am continually moved by how his concern for my well being is paramount, and evident; even during our dreadfully foul, and wretched states.

Despite the many flaws of human nature, which often leave our good intentions spilling over us in a lather of shame; he remains the warmest, most reliable, and undeniably the most intimate friend I could imagine in this more often than not, jarringly discordant, callous, unforgiving, and all too human environment… Cat Stevens is softly sounding in my head, now… oh baby, baby, it’s a wild world; it’s hard to get by, just upon a smile. My husband’s smile without a doubt positively helps me get by.

I am attracted to his constant desire to uplift a heart; not just mine, he is not monogamous in this area. I am also immensely appreciative for the comfort received in each smile he loves me with, and am careful to note his luminous beaming; reminding me, I am blessed with the companionship of a compassionate soul.

The lively rhythm of this song, Sweet, Sweet Smile by The Carpenters makes me envision salt and pepper, in the form of sprinkled little versions of a happy him and a happy me, playfully dancing our way down together, as we are vigorously shaken out of our comfort zones forced to land on a multi-textured palate. Meant to collide; mixing with not only our basic and obvious differences; but also with the flavors of our condition, which could mean combining with any amount of these, or so many more: salty, sweet, spicy, tart, bitter, fiery, and mild, in order to find a balance of tastes between opposites, or more precisely, balance between an unequal measure of excitement, friction and volatility in a particular set of circumstances, as flavors are not only affected by different ingredients, or what each ingredient contributes to the interaction; but also by the quantity of each delivered to the compound. Smell also affects how we receive flavors, which has a direct affect on the level of excitement generated. Sometimes things get too heated, and need to cool off a bit before we can taste them, or we may delight in they’re sizzling. Other times, they are too diluted, sharp, or sweet, etc., for us to appreciate them fully. I could go on and on; but I’d only get hungry, as I like mixing it up, stirring the pot, and especially the mouthwatering activity of checking in on what’s cooking, and the last course, enjoying the scrumptious outcome… hopefully.

This depiction represents the extension of compassion to one another throughout the challenges of finding balance in a relationship made up of opposites, mostly in gender, as a mixture in differing volumes of the various other human qualities, characteristics, attributes and skills are served up. The variations bring contrast to what might otherwise be a bland combination; instead we practice blending. Our fusion enhances the concoction; often emphasizing one seasoning, which makes the whole dish appetizing, but individual tastes may be too strong, or too weak to be palatable. The additives, and extracts, all input, and what we take away is, the making of our recipe, a favorite soup (won’t get into substitutions, or condiments here; savoring that for another topping altogether).

The friction arising while merging our distinctive tastes serves us by way of benefitting each other through the curing process, as we become full bodied, and mature, and when directed toward a mutual goal, agenda, exploration, or purpose; a slow simmer exposes our essences, and stirring occasionally, as we taste life, leaves we two taste-buds an aftertaste of much to be grateful for.


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