Unrefined Behavior


A refining process is intended to remove impurities. In the case of refined salt, it removes everything beneficial to the human body thus rendering the body unrefined since it does not receive essential minerals found in natural salt to keep it healthy; therefore aiding in its state of vulnerability to the storage of toxins and impurities.

In addition to ingesting refined salt, drinking purified water in the large quantities touted as necessary by so-called experts in the medical and fitness communities has been found by others to deplete nutrient content further by diluting body fluids and diminishing nutrient absorption.

I’m not a medical professional and am not dispensing medical advice.  I am sharing what I have come to believe regarding this particular process through personal experience having drunk vast quantities of specifically, reverse osmosis filtered water on a regular basis over many years, all the while believing I was doing myself a favor by strictly adhering to drinking water treated with this highly rated filtering process, both at home and on the go. While it is an effective way to remove many impurities it also removes minerals from the water. At home, I’ve invested in an additional system to remove more impurities, like chlorine. Now being more informed about essential minerals; I’ve come to see, filtered water is terrific, as long as,the correct amount of minerals are provided elsewhere in the diet, or if they are added to filtered drinking water; otherwise the result is flushing out your system, literally, since it makes you have to go… a lot!

There is much campaigning in favor of sea salt vs. iodized or un-iodized table salt; however neither compare to rich mineral content of natural Himalayan Pink salt crystals or Grey Atlantic Celtic Sea Salt, which between them, claim to contain all of the 82 trace minerals the body needs.

Merely sprinkling mineral rich salt on food is said not to provide the way for optimal assimilation of all the good stuff. I’ve stumbled upon a recipe of water plus unrefined salt called salt sole (pronounced so-lay), promoting better absorption of vital nutrients.  The mixture is inexpensive and as simple as, the salt plus water and a little does go a long way.

Sleep is naturally restorative and detoxifying; because of this, upon waking we are normally a bit thirsty. Implementing the salt sole regimen is as easy as drinking your first glass of water each morning upon rising.

The formula is as follows: one glass jar with a non-metal lid filled with 1/3 unrefined Himalayan Pink salt crystals or Grey Atlantic Celtic Sea Salt, or a mixture of both or some other brand of salt equal to their rich mineral content.  Use any size salt crystal; I am a fan of finely crushed salt crystals because they dissolve quicker than the larger rock salt crystals; next, fill the remaining 2/3 empty jar with water.  Shake up and let the solution sit for 24 hours to allow the salt to dissolve.  There will be about ¼ – ½ inch of salt crystals left at the bottom of the jar; this is how you want to see it everyday. If the water level decreases, add water. If the salt level decreases, add salt. The solution will keep indefinitely, and no refrigeration is necessary. It is full of electrolytes needed for hydration. I add a teaspoon or two to my first glass of filtered water each morning on an empty stomach; right when I wake up and wait at least one half hour before eating anything. I believe this is an empowering way to start to the day; so everything I eat or drink after can be absorbed fully. Of course, this reveals the importance of being mindful of what enters the mouth to receive benefit from absorption; by feeding the body what is best for it… one good turn deserves another; similarly to healthy relationships… it’s the quality of what goes into them.  Including essential and nourishing ingredients makes them; but fueling them poorly breaks them.

I noticed two things by the second day of following the salt sole routine, which have continued for several weeks now. First, I drank far less water than I had each day previously; I wasn’t nearly as thirsty. Secondly,  I noticed I slept through the night to morning; no longer waking with a need to relieve my bladder nor drink more water throughout the night;  while I am still thirsty upon waking; I am not nearly as parched as I felt in the past.

Sleep is critical to maintaining health and affects all aspects of health from digestion to clarity.  I count sound sleep as a treasure.  Since beginning the salt sole regimen I am sleeping more soundly and awaken feeling more refreshed.  Experts have stated there are many more health benefits than the two immediately noticeable things I’ve mentioned, which are dramatic life improvements adding to refinement at least by altering behavior patterns in the rush to flush department. Sold!


3 thoughts on “Unrefined Behavior

  1. With all your research in the recent years, it appears that there must be a degree (educational) of some type that for which you are now qualified. Everyone needs a few initials after their name, right? But, I digress. Very interesting info here!


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