Altered States

Excerpt from: On Journeys Through the States

…We make trial of ourselves and invite men and women to hear,

We say to ourselves, Remember, fear not, be candid, promulge the body and the soul

– Walt Whitman


Walt Whitman referred to liberation through a united states in writing On Journeys Through the States. While we are the United States, the only unification we might truly share comes from individual journeys through various states of the human soul. One of those might be the liberating feeling we get when we feel triumphant in a personal protest; in the achieving of what Walt Whitman advocated, “resist much, obey little…”. We’ve all been on both sides of that state, either offender or defender. We’ve also made “trial of ourselves”; subject to judgment and criticism when opening up to others.

Faced with the challenge of being candidly open with others, fully aware many of my views are far from the norm and are generally not well received; I am bolstered with courage by inwardly murmuring to fear God not men. Only God can truly judge, as he holds all life in his hands. Certain beliefs set me apart from most, which can be despairingly disappointing at times.  It is also liberating in the sense, I believe God is creating faithfulness through this separation by directing passage to him via my seeking refuge in him only and in relying solely on his power for comfort and support, which is the greatest assist, providing adequate resources in perfect supply dealt by the one whom is able and willing to deliver all of us from the gross misinterpretations of justice in the world.  It is one thing for God whom made the rules and defined justice to condemn a man; but quite another for man to judge another soul, since both sit in the same boat and suffer the same injustice (sitting in just ice; ice running through our veins in a cold hearted and neglectful world). Men are merciless when applying their belief in exemption; that is, their belief in being exempt from fate or consequence and in believing they can choose to live or die vs God, whom is merciful in offering us redemption through Jesus, whom is the way to life by having put an end to the judgement of death.

It’s necessary to “ make trial” of promulgated information in order for us to witness things are not as they may appear. Ideas need to be tried and as Walt Whitman wrote, dispensing them in each state, city and town. Making them known allows for the trial, to see if they are worthy principles or misguided ideologies and a slant on worthy principles. He referred to the dispensing of these ideas to the states to how seasons come and go… at once dispensing, then moving on. We could also say some ideas may be like the seasons in this sense; they are fleeting and pass on because they do not stand the test of time. I like how he referred to the broadcasters as, “We learners of all, teachers of all, and lovers of all”. It reminds me of how we take a stab at knowledge; it’s not a wonder there are so many holes in the human story. We, the jurors are still in deliberation; pondering the evidence we think is strong enough to put things to rest or speculating on the missing details causing confusion as to how to achieve putting things to rest.   We truly are in deliberation; i.e., not liberated. In judging for ourselves based on what we think we see, specifically, what state we think we’re in or the state of change we see coming. This state of confusion is further complicated by the arrogance of recognizing false authority as valid and disregarding valid authority. We are further muddled by how we see the future course of events, which is a deviation from the true course of things because we falsely think we can change our course and head in a “right” direction.  When we make false judgments, we can count on receiving our just reward.  An example of this concept is stated below in another excerpt from Walt Whitman’s On Journeys Through the States:

And what you effuse may then return as the seasons return, and may be just as much as the season.

This reminds me of the karma philosophy… what goes around, comes around, and the biblical text… you reap what you sow, and this one… we don’t make mistakes, mistakes make us (not sure who said that).

Our vision is impaired by the state of our soul at any given point; therefore our judgments cannot be tried and tested, since they are based on what we see, which may be unclear. Men’s discernments are inconsistent; but God sees all; he is our constant. Look, for instance at the number of times eggs and coffee have been seen as healthy or unhealthy demonstrating clearly, we are poor judges lacking essential information to make any accurate or final determination. We can only reap what we sow, be rewarded the consequence for our actions and hope to be bold during the altering of our state of mind; during the many changes to our thinking… that’s our story and we’re sticking to it, for now anyway. The condition of our soul as our state of being is altered is decided for us based on our position in creation, which governs the conditioning (training) throughout the differing times of life, thus seasoning us with modifications.

I questioned why my Mother didn’t prepare me for some of these modifications, which I struggle to adapt to. There may be no point in that since we all must endure pain and hardship in adapting to various states of being, which, is part of our transformation into who we’ll end up as, the who we are destined to be and the us we are growing into.  The struggles are the prep work.  She could no more prepare me than prepare herself for the unknown, which overtakes us.   We are all in individual states of injury; never really healing because we cannot hold back aging nor can we jump ahead of ignorance. It’s like telling a child in the 60’s not to experiment with sex, drugs or rock n’ roll. OK, there may be one or two who didn’t inhale; but I’m sure they tried something forbidden as all, we, children throughout history have; after all, we are the learners of all, teachers of all and lovers of all. We are all young once, for a lifetime and each of us must go through trials ever making judgments about them and those associations surrounding them, which makes us prone to judge others as guilty by association. We are indoctrinated to make moral judgments and endure the motions (and emotions) of doing so; but are not in a position to override God’ s determination of the right or wrong of things. We do not share God’s vision of righteousness and do not comprehend it because, unlike him, we are not aware of the details in the creating process and he tells us, none of us can see them due to the splinters in our eyes both absconding our vision and influencing our judgment. This is one of the most overlooked details about creation, which imbues cold-blooded hearts and pitiless minds callously exercising judgement without mercy.  However, credited or not, God continues to pour mercy on us while we are in this altered state, which empowers us to stand in bravery, going where all men have gone before; dispensing their own truth (as they see it) and learning by trial, the truth of God’s verdict, which is just mercy for all.


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