Snip It Good


Revision of a Facebook Music Challenge:

From: 7 songs in 7 days — To: 7 feelings in 7 songs

No. 4 of 7: Whip It (Devo)

The lyrics of this song are all about conquering. The first two lines… “Crack that whip, Give the past a slip”… are what all of us try to do, forget the past and get over it.

There are things in my past I want to forget and get over. It’s true, time affects our memories; but our memories are never true, which becomes truer with time. Just as we forget our dreams but remember how we felt in a dream; we too, forget or re-sort details of past events. Feelings related to those events linger as something more or less than they were. They evolve and develop with us, ever-changing as they’re pressed further into the past and more of the future is presented to us. Much of the change in our perceptions may be due to our ongoing inner reflection as we work to resolve the negative feelings masked in memories leftover from past occurrences     in our evolution, we seek to conquer powerlessness and strive to break free from it’s oppression.

As I contemplate what I’d like to forget and what I’d like to retain from the past; I am reminded of Rod Stewart’s lyric, “I wish I knew then what I know now”, and the hopeful concept of being able to go back and do it again, only not do it again!

We cannot go back, and I for one don’t want to, after-all, I’m almost there! That said, I don’t know anymore now than I did then, about the future, that is. It occurs in order. There is no way to re-order the past for it to not occur. We can’t take it (time) back, nor can we take (do) it over. We are powerless to control the past, the future and the present, which creates the past and future; so can we conquer the past and overcome it? Yes, we are beyond it right now, not through our willing it away; but through, “it’s over”… through it’s passing during the progression of our power trip through this life.

If we examine history and which Peoples conquered whom, we can see through the passage of time many are defeated and suffer the oppression of helplessness at the hands of their master, that time’s over lord. It’s easy to say we suffer needlessly, for example saying, don’t worry, we die whether we worry or not so be happy instead; however we do need to suffer from helplessness to learn about our weakness, learning we are not the over lord, are helpless and do not hold power but are merely caught in the current, the current event, through which we may seem to hold power for a time… until we are ousted and overrun, being overtaken by the bigger body of energy generating the current to which we may fight against but eventually succumb to it’s stronger force. We become swept up and away to wherever the current’s pull subsides thus appointing us a position (putting us in our place), whether that be the current oppressor or the oppressed, both of which are forced to go with the flow.

We all want to be empowered with resources securing our power. It’s popular to say we are not victims of anyone but ourselves, limited only by our imagination; rather we are limited by the unlimited imagination of a higher power, God, who has no limits; therefore our empowerment can only come from his power as our unlimited resource, if we are given access to him. Through him, nothing is impossible because there is no limit to his power.  He is the one in charge and he decides where his energy goes.

None of us like to be told what to do. We all want to be the boss having ultimate say so about our well-being. We work and toil, all the days of our lives to gain independence; yet end the same as all before us, in defeat.   We’re told we have power and can get over it, though none of us has, the current keeps us grounded, landing us back in the dirt… dust to dust. Our lives are made up of an effort to get over the powerlessness to control not only that outcome, but also the path leading to it; but our intellect cannot re-create us despite efforts in this direction. The more we learn, it seems, as clear as things may come to us, the more clouded they are because they are veiled under the false perception of believing we can control everything or anything.  Even the highest and most intelligent, (those holding the most measurable amount of information) among us, received every bit of knowledge, perceived as theirs, from another, from a higher other, whom is controlling the movement of the current by imparting on us, all we know, through his creation; continuing to give us more precepts until that time when time doesn’t overpower us, when we can truly get over it.

Jesus, the Christ is the way over it. In the flesh, he was the living example of how to overcome death and told mankind, his father has power over death and taught at the behest of his father, through himself (Jesus), was the path to overcoming deaths hold on us and how he too, must do his fathers will, as the Christ (our Messiah/Savior) fulfilling his role in creating the way to Salvation. As Jesus went before us, becoming the first of many to be born into God’s spiritual kingdom, we too, first, must die, being sent back to dirt; thus laying to rest our futile efforts so we can get over it once and for all by each of us becoming a living spirit and being reconciled to God, as Jesus did when he was restored to his glorious form, to his former higher, non-physical self; but only after he was first brought back from the dead to his renewed earthly body, then transformed at once, lifted up to his higher spiritual form, where he  resides currently to forevermore, never to experience flesh and dying again.  He was raised to freedom having been freed from death to a forever-living state of being, which is a higher life form than our own, never seeing decay.

Like Jesus, we too will be resurrected and given brand new bodies. Rod Stewart didn’t know it; but once raised from death, sporting renewed earthly bodies, we will know what we knew at the point of our death; yet, no one will have to go through for a second time, the torment of being the oppressed in a dying state. From the decay of the old world, we will gain new knowledge to go with our renewed bodies; the worldly knowledge we knew will be dead, having passed away with the old world. The past will be given the slip. Nor is there a need to be reincarnated; coming back, over and over to get over it. We won’t come back to inhabit the body of a slug to reach enlightenment. We can learn from the slug, it’s purpose serves to teach us, but a slug does not have the capacity to learn as we do and does not surpass us in death, nor in life.  Our death is a one-time thing and being saved from death is a forever thing. It happens, yes, to us; we don’t make it happen but participate in its occurrence and are therefore affected by its happening.  We are not victims but are recipients of God’s grace and the glory in what he creates. Once we are saved there is no need to be saved again and no need to relive the past. It’s over and we are over it. We will have conquered it once we are revived following Christ’s  lead.  He is the tree of life branching out to all, providing limbs of security stemming from his father and he is the one through whom we receive share of the required tools to escape the torment of our current death trap.  We will be grafted into his root system and stand solid in his upright trunk, with his strength, the power of God the father, to lean on as we embark on our eternal life as godly spirits and are no longer helpless, as we’ll have finally been helped and given a hand up to… snip it good… having cut our losses and moved on to budding growth, forever blossoming. God will cut off death, by giving life to all.  With loss of life behind us and of the past and with rest assured, we will be above it as God is, having been graciously given power over death, forever.




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