Tipping The Balance


Life isn’t all about balance; but it is a balancing act.

Recently I encountered a street vendor selling instruction in the art of walking a tightrope. It’s popular to find this sport in local parks these days; a strap hung a few feet off the ground between a couple trees and usually, a couple guys attempting the walk across. As I listened to the instructions of the street vendor making his pitch, I realized it was all about pitch. He was basically saying, if your arms were kept down at your sides or forward, pointing toward the ground, the ground is where you would land, since you’d be setting up for a plunge downward and gravity would be your friend, giving you a helping hand, just the pull you needed to get there; however if you flailed your arms above your head and kept your eyes up and out in front of you, in so doing, looking forward to what’s in front of you, you’d be in a great position to keep balanced as you continued the journey forward. With your arms overhead and eyes up and out, it’s easy to feel the tipping point, the point at which nothing really stops, though it seems neutral, tips you off balance. The tipping point is where we have lost stability; it’s the, too late or, gone too far point and is our downfall.

Throughout our lives we are challenged by being thrown off balance and caught off guard. We resist, flailing and fighting to keep our head up and eyes looking forward for stability, to find balance. We teeter on the edge of balance in every endeavor. We go too far and try to come back to just before the tipping point where we lost our footing. We spend a lifetime becoming more and more cautious, with each step, making it a life’s mission to feel anything but off or out of balance. It doesn’t matter how hard the struggle, all of us must take the next step and we can only go so far before we’ve gone too far.

We learn from infancy how to test boundaries, learning through baby steps to comprehend them, finding consequence in the sequence of steps… take a step forward, tip, fall, learn, repeat; since we are compelled to make another go of it after each attempt you could say, we back up or regress; but that essentially equates to our getting back up in order to repeat and learn a new sequence, which, isn’t really new since it too has a tipping point; the point at which we receive our tip, our reward… learning by tipping the balance; though the reward doesn’t end here. Where the will is strong enough to stop short of falling, we are held up by balance. When we are given strength of will, that is the point where all will stand tall and walk the line. I am referring to the will of God, his strength and his willingness to share with us at the tipping point, where all we have learned thus far will fall away and all we see is before us as we step in line never unbalanced again but with the stability of God keeping us in balance; where it is no longer possible to fall out of balance. We will have been given just right, having received God’s justice and be right forever, as he is just and righteous in declaring what is just and righteous.

Being toppled has its point; but the point of it is, we will pass that point and move forward having learned from it’s sharpness, having been made sharp in mind and given faithfulness in the understanding acquired from flailing in the fall   ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find.

We’ve all floundered in our thrashing and grasping to maintain balance. That’s it, we are seeking it all the time and it will be given us when we reach the point of no return, that is, the point where we no longer need to seek because we find. We will find comfort in knowing God, not only that there is a God; but knowing him and who he is, being part of his expansion, understanding his power and what he does with it by grace. We will fully understand the mercy he extends to us; yes, even in our most painful moments, which become visible to us and humble us at the tipping point   where we’ve lost balance   the innumerable times when we want so badly to own power over the elements of our struggle. The nature of our ego is to tell us we can achieve balance and, that we’re not, but can be in harmony with our desires. We are tormented by the idea; we can attain control over our environment and stave off the fall. This concept is a constant irritant, which has us writhing and thrashing both physically, and mentally because our spirit is agitated by its inability to sway itself to a place of peace, to keep balance. That is what God will bring us. It’s his will for us to come to a place of peace, where he resides. He humbles us through the process. The point is for us to learn to know our creator, learning to love in knowing God. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to create a path to our liberation from the opposite of love and peace. Through Christ, God created a Sabbath to give us R&R (rest and renewal). The Sabbath is a loving gift   peace with God. Jesus Christ is the Sabbath typified; he personifies it and is the Lord of the Sabbath, decreeing peace (he keeps the peace). When we are brought in (gathered together) with Christ, we will have found peace and will rest as God does because Christ is with God and if we know Christ, we know God, as they are at one (of one accord). Finally, we will live the rest of the Sabbath (live in peace) and will have found it in God’s rest, in his Sabbath, in Jesus Christ, whom gathers us to rest. We will understand what it is and how it came to be through the glory of God, therefore will know God (see his brilliance), as Christ does. We will be faithful in knowing God because we will have understanding; having full awareness that anything and, anything opposite of God doesn’t exist independently. All things created are made by God through Christ, whom is his executor, utilizing God’s power, which is the facilitator of creation (God’s holy spirit). God commands his power through Christ, whom is the head, and has been given the highest status, which is Lord   ruler over all things to implement God’s will. In our case, in creating us, Christ is our mediator; going between us and God to instill in us, brotherhood through the process of life as we know it now in order for us to later metamorphose (be born again) into a Godly life. Instead of condemning God in envy of his power, we will praise him, willingly, in knowing his power and being filled with exaltation for him because of it. No more will we be tipped upside down; now our pedestal will be stable as we follow Christ in executing God’s will going forward, never being thrown off balance again, and not having to be on guard, as there will be nothing to guard against, nothing to thwart our path, nor opposition to our standing because we will stand with God in Christ forever; therefore reaching and balancing on the tip of the highpoint, remaining on the pinnacle with God.


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