The Throat SHOCKra



Most, from all of the political parties are aghast or claiming to be from the shock wave of statements made by Donald Trump this election season; although his statements do appeal to some “fed-up” citizens, which, is no surprise since the federal government is in our business, literally… though not an equal amount, everyone pays taxes as a cost of doing business and the bottom line for Republicans, is business’s bottom line and, facilitating the desires of big business i.e., making and keeping big profits for themselves.

Using the shock factor is a politician’s ploy to be heard. While things may never be ideal, proposing they are less than ideal to the point of horrific is how politicians generally implant fear of loss, thereby terrorizing citizens with emotional anxiety through blame and promising to be the savior of our demise; along with average citizens not being privy to details which might reveal fact from fiction (ignorance breeding apathy) is a powerful tool used against the masses, making them easy prey for un-wielding, office-seeking individuals taking advantage of the drama generated by jarring society’s sense of stability (This is not to say there are no horrors taking place, as we speak.) and, in all fairness to politicians, they, specifically the successful of these, act as the underlings of the no less insatiable but more powerful individuals and their groups and organizations, whom hold enough wealth to enable them to manipulate those seeking and in office; steering them clear of anything but doing their bidding, which in general, stems from motives which are far less than noble or compassionate but tend to be despicable. Trump is not a newbie in using the shock tactic, nor the fear factor, nor using money to his advantage despite the cost to citizens, after all, he seems an expert, having filed bankruptcy six times while still coming out with an increase to his personal net worth (maybe within legal boundaries, but ethical?). He is no stranger when it comes to using dramatization and extravaganza in selling whatever scheme he is involved in (this is not exclusive to the Republican Party); it pays to be noticed and remembered. In remembering past elections with more eloquent oral betrayal vocalized by previous candidates, Trumps trumpet blasting seems new, out of the ordinary, hard to swallow and shocking. I liken him to an annoying commercial but am drawn in to hear what he shouts next; while it may appall me, as with most anyone (generally speaking), I can usually tolerate listening to what I might deem short sightedness in either belief or rhetoric out of consideration and for consideration, as there is usually something to learn whether it has to do with being considerate or considering another perspective or, simply practicing patience and, while he may be flooring us, as a candidate, he has the floor.  However, regarding the Trumpet blasts, I think the draw is simply astonishment and incredulity of his pomposity!  I had to ponder whether he is a jokester or sincere? At realizing it’s not funny, I assume he’s sincere, at least to the end, he may be creating drama as an election strategy and with that, in order to appeal to a majority of certain groups; maybe his generation or economic class and associate circle, far right extremists, perhaps white Americans feeling disenfranchised and to some older than him who grew up with some of the biases he has touted; though they may long for days when they may have felt secure economically, others, such as minorities were suffering; whenever there is great prosperity, it’s never for all, not at the same time, anyway.  As the wheel of man indicates, interludes of revolution turn the tables, rather than popular memes of compassion and generosity; mankind tends to be anything but kind; rather is kind of devilish in nature, thinking more of personal (special) interest than concerned with social equanimity when it comes down to the business at hand.

Speeches allow us to get out there what is, in there. Free speech doesn’t resonate from our voice’s tone; rather it’s our attunement, which sets the tone, giving voice to the tune we are singing. We resound; most often unaware we’re verbalizing what we hear through an internal sequence of events leading us to calm or anxiousness in it’s guiding us to reverberation of the tonal vibration of those feelings of confidence and peace or fear and frustration,

Our throat works in two directions, both ingesting and releasing edibles   by edibles, I am referring to physical or spiritual nourishment. In eastern cultures, the throat chakra has an associated color (blue) and symbolizes truth and integrity. One tell tale cause of a throat problem or disease is said to be caused by not speaking out (pleading the 5th) or, not telling the truth while speaking out… could also be from the radicalized change in modern foods, which is food-less filler resembling digestible food produced by big business in the food industry as a result of working to stop the spoiling of natural foods by creating non-spoiling “food”, so it makes it to market(s) in order to increase profits… jus’ sayin’! This is a subject for another time. All right, alright, back to more speaking out… clearing the spiritual issue of the chakra may clear the physical symptom. For that to happen, we need true nourishment. What we take into ourselves, what we are told and what we tell others as well as ourselves, matters   how we speak our mind and, what we say matters. Our language, not just self-talk, matters. Our language is our tongue, it’s no coincidence we have a tongue to taste what comes in and it sends out a particular dialect. Each dialect has its own meaning and must be understood in that context to grasp its meaning or, it may cause trouble for others or ourselves.

Political language is doublespeak, distorting and inverting the truth. It can have multiple or no meaning other than what is derived by the listener, whom is full of inner dialog, which is skewed by ingesting emotional filler in place of nourishment complicating the gut’s ability to recognize real food from filler. It needs to decipher the root of the matter in order to distribute sustenance throughout the person rather than toxins, which, if ingested, it must release in order to maintain health. This doesn’t happen overnight… an idea must be planted to take root! This is not always strategy, but is also a resulted tragedy of the nature of the throat SHOCKra… speaking our thoughts, however shocking they may be!

We all misunderstand, taking out of context what we see or hear and promote further misconceptions by how we are interpreted or misinterpreted. Be mindful of the quality of your tone   watch your tongue as it’s wagging! That and the Momism, “Bite your tongue”, rings a bell. Our tongues are surrounded by gnawing and gnashing teeth when speaking in a biting manner and biting our tongue hurts but definitely gets our attention and causes us to gasp long enough to put our attention on what is going on, forcing us to take heed. And speaking of tongues… speaking in tongues, in this context, refers to the language used to convey a message, not gibberish no one can understand; just the opposite, it is about understanding what is being communicated and about inclusion, not exclusion, which is one of the premises Trump harps on, i.e., isolation through exclusion. Biblical reference to speaking in tongues was about Christ’s appointed teachers (true Christians, followers of Christ, his Apostles), being given (through God’s power, the Holy Spirit), the ability to speak and understand different languages by fiat, instantaneously, in order for them to clearly and confidently spread God’s message of salvation through Jesus Christ as savior of all people not only their own Jewish community. The Apostles had a political backer (God), whom gave them the power (holy spirit) needed to speak his message of the coming kingdom, which would replace man’s current government. They were spreading God’s politics, which threatened the power rulers of the day held; therefore were contrary to the politics of the day and of today; all government is still about power through economic wealth   trade and the ever present exploitation… attaining and holding wealth and power over the people, not necessarily for the people, at least, not all of the people, anyway. Just as our government heads do not like the idea of being overthrown, the Romans didn’t like the idea of a new ruler, they wanted to keep wealth and power to themselves and Lord it over the masses. They wanted their position of power secured. Jesus walked around healing people, not just one or two, lots of people, enough so as to stir an uprising! He became well known for his generosity and ability to provide and was preaching a new government. The people wanted him to be their king, right then; so much so, they were willing to force a coup to empower him.   He reacted to their vigorous insistence by sneaking away and hiding from them, stating it was not time yet, for him to overthrow the government, but promised to rise from being dead to do just that. The Roman’s were powerful and may have felt they ruled the world at that time, but Jesus spoke of a one world government to come, in a better world, in a tomorrow where the world will not be as it is now; where there will be one language, spoken from true integrity, where true loving compassion for each other abounds along with a prosperity for all; where everyone will receive resources they need to live in a manner in which, we all do get along; where there is plenty of nourishment to go around and revolts are not ever necessary.

It’s hard to imagine a world without misunderstanding or corrupt motives from greed in attaining for oneself… a world where all needs are satisfied through receiving enough, which is available, not withheld but freely given and being governed, not in a tone so as to Lord it over all, but in accord and harmony with the Lord over all.


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