Turned Inside & Out

“Holding the secret was not only a defense against punishment but also a holding back from a next courageous step.” –from, Confession by David Whyte

Confessions are a revealing, often to ourselves not only to others. We can learn a lot about ourselves by paying attention to what we do not confess. Each of us is full of an innumerable amount of unexpressed thoughts and feelings. Expression is the outcome of our turning inside and out in active participation with our environment. We become involved in order to evolve; our growth depends on and revolves around it.

Scientists are now saying, we are not wired to see reality but are designed not to, as a protection trait. Much of what we know comes to us slowly, taking billions of years, as things evolve, and are revealed bit-by-bit.  However, it seems what is revealed is perpetually an incomplete picture of reality. We believe what we see and our view keeps changing; the story of us seems to be unfolding as we are turned inside and out. For example, what we are learning about how our brain works is, we cannot believe our eyes, which are fooling us by being continuously filled with portions of reality, half-truths, falsehoods, and lies… if flawed perception is an inherent protection trait, as now determined, we really can’t handle the truth!

Confessions are usually a revealing of a lie, secret, or a withholding of information. We are holding within us, private and secret information, not only in our DNA, but in our recently discovered, Don’t Notice Asset, which is causing us to not see with clear vision and insight, thus affecting our judgements and therefore, every decision and action we make. When a secret’s out, we see or are seen differently and begin acting from a newly found reality, based on this new foundation of belief, derived from our current perspective. Even seemingly small discoveries affect our foundational premises; those things we take to be evident, evidently, are not so, depending on how you look at it!

In contemplation of why we hide information, the main reason is to control the perceptions of others regarding how we are seen, which determines how we are treated; it is no secret all of us want to be treated well, no matter what we may think, secretly.

How exciting to know, there are things hidden from view, which promise to change us, like the changing of seasons, we will be turning over a new leaf. Confessions are like that, creating a renewal. Oh sure, it can be annoying, daunting and overwhelming to discover we, know not what we do and are reacting to an unfinished picture full of gaps in the edges of reality; but it’s intriguing to know, our fears of being found out, which keep us relying on an unstable foundation are really just what we’ve thought crumbling and, what should be less scary and is causing us to take that next courageous step into knowing, is knowing we are learning about what we can’t see, that which is so stable, it’s holding everything together and filling in the gaps so we will one day have a complete picture of life itself.


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