Do Something


Revision of a Facebook Music Challenge:

From: 7 songs in 7 days — To: 7 feelings in 7 songs

No. 5 of 7: Do Something (Matthew West)

This song promotes a dive-in, can-do feeling until plunging into the lyrics and landing head first into a rock; a name for God, which has it’s origins in Hebrew war history and their poetry regarding enemies slain and kingdom restored by the power of God whom they called Rock or Stronghold. The Hebrew reference made a smooth transition into symbolic Christianity referring to Jesus Christ as the Rock of Ages. Christianity revealed him also, as the Word of God and through whom all things including men’s strength are derived.

Below are lyrics from the first English/Christian version of the Rock Of Ages:

Rock of Ages, let our song, praise Thy saving power;

Thou, amidst the raging foes, wast our sheltering tower.

Furious they assailed us, but Thine arm availed us,

And Thy Word broke their sword, when our own strength failed us.

Kindling new the holy lamps, priests, approved in suffering,

Purified the nation’s shrine, brought to God their offering.

And His courts surrounding, hear, in joy abounding,

Happy throngs, singing songs with a mighty sounding.

Children of the martyr race, whether free or fettered,

Wake the echoes of the songs where ye may be scattered.

Yours the message cheering that the time is nearing

Which will see, all men free, tyrants disappearing.

The lyrics may not seem relevant to current world events, however any one aware of God’s power, in our time and throughout the ages, prays for deliverance from suffering and it is common throughout spiritual organizations to include in their prayers, a call for aid, relief or a show of favor regarding whatever worldly struggles are suffered or, help in what to do to overcome any form of oppression under which hurt is felt, whether agony from being held captive only in attitude or from a more palpable tyrant.

Matthew West’s song, Do Something, really gets to the crux of mortal anguish. His lyrics point out ongoing human frustration, which is displeasure with things the way they are, their not being under our control and our entertaining schemes to control them; while we don’t like the way they are most of the time, we do not have full insight as to how they got this way nor what to do about it, other than, as the song mentions, to shake a fist at God, questioning his sanity and/or existence, then standing up shouting, as the song states, “I’m gonna be the one to do something”.

The lyrics to the Rock Of Ages shown above, point to Jesus Christ for salvation. Biblical reference states, through God’s word, Jesus Christ, all things are created, including freedom and the promise, men will be released from their suffering of tyrannical rule.

We cannot see how things evolved into what they are because we were not with God when all things came to be. Our perspective and lack of insight comes from our being born into a position whereby we grew in slavery, into an attitude of wanting and living in a manner suggesting we can get/take and own whatever we want; this belief was already present in the world when we came to be. We didn’t just learn it; we are under its influence, so we’ve learned it well and follow this directive. We are merely caught in a web, unable to free ourselves from believing our struggle will end in our being free of this trap we find ourselves in by our own doing.

Our governing premise is the tyranny of a false sense of ownership, claiming our lives as our own. We are shadowing what is described from biblical scripture as Satan’s way of thinking, that is, claiming lives, which are not his regardless of what seems an endless physical world for him to rule over… we will not dwell with Satan forever.

He is god-like, in the sense; he was created in a timeless form, where as humans live for a time, the difference is we are lower than his form currently and easily influenced by his superiority; yet, he believes he can do something to become or believes himself to be a God most high (equal to his creator), i.e., able to be in control; rather take control   this attitude, we are subjects of and, subjected to is tormenting. It causes us the same frustration, fear and tormenting madness from a perverted, distorted and confused point of view and is why there is not world peace. When things seem out of our control it causes us emotional distress as we struggle with feeling we need to change or get something else to make it better   to take control of the situation in order to free us from pain and make it what we want; we struggle with an inability to make something happen and control its outcome. We argue over our being creators or servants; we want to be served and free of restraint or limitations. We can understand force due to forces compelling us; how we are compelled to do something and, people in general, do not like being forced to do anything.

Our resistance comes from the oppression inherent in lawlessness, which is the attitude promoted in our being made to believe we are or can be our own Gods (our own boss and, just like Satan, our own maker), making our own rules, taking that authority to ourselves and discerning what works and what doesn’t and adopting a belief in our flawlessness, which is the same belief Satan has about himself, though God declared, iniquity was found in him; that one flaw, which is his wanting to take control from God and stuck in the perpetual torment of not being able to. We too, aren’t flawless. What we are is, full-lawless in the sense, we believe as Satan in thinking God’s laws do not apply to us because we think we are above the law and can be above the authority of God whom makes the law to govern his creations; putting his commands into application as a creator. A difference between God, Satan and humans is, God created the application and commands it. Satan wants to. We want to. God can. His knowledge and power over it is supreme. Satan and ourselves in suit, believe we are masters when we are only masterful over that which God commanded us to have mastery.

Biblical teaching makes clear Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of Gods law, which he, as God’s Word, gave these… God’s commandments, Gods rules, Gods law, to Moses whom in turn, dispensed them to his community acting as a God- appointed tool for leadership. This event is symbolic of an event of a spiritual nature; when God laid down the law, it was literally Jesus Christ, the embodiment of the law, whom was laid down for mankind, in order for us to receive saving grace (Jesus created/made the way for mankind to receive salvation through grace   the gift of salvation.). We didn’t and, couldn’t take it; we do not (there is nothing we can do to take it from God)… we do not, own or, possess the power to take it (it is not under our control to take it; it’s given to us). This was the same way the Israelites received the law from Moses, whom God appointed as a leader at that time to present God’s Word to men. Jesus taught, no one could come to God but through him and only when called by God, just as the people were not to follow Moses up the mountain to God because they had not been called on to do so; since Moses had been called by God, he wouldn’t perish when given the law; however they would if they tried to take the law into their own hands   by going up on the mount to get/take it from God, on their own, without having been called by God to his presence. There are many points and physical and spiritual parallels in this story; one is in relation to men having the law given to them, not that they could keep it; but that, once Jesus Christ fulfilled the law by keeping it as God commanded while among men, having died under it (unable to keep it, in order for them to die to this world), he intends to give men the power to keep it once he saves them from their suffering under the law by giving them the power through birth into a spiritual brotherhood, thus enabling humans to be above the law once overcoming the world-wide web of deceit surrounding us in this physically limiting form.

Thinking we are able to or do keep the law, flawlessly, is a misconception under the circumstances in which we find ourselves. The law is currently a trap for us because we are bound to the idea of being moral and are in constant combat, fighting to do something to make ourselves higher than the rank we are living. Because the law means what it says by the governing body, which created it and, which exists, we suffer the consequence of breaking order (mutiny; trying to take over the ship). We battle, knowing our cause is futile; yet, caught up in the strain of wanting to override what dictates us in hopes of gaining superiority by the indulgence of our own reasoning with all of the perceived independence of possessing riches and spoils.

Our striving always routes us to the notion of our doing something in the belief we can get to the highest point of command over our situation.

If God does not give permission, by his own authority, which is above all others, then nothing can be done. The only way we can do something, anything, is through the one God gives his authority to do anything, which is his word, whom is also Jesus Christ and, is our way to God, by the authority vested in him… by God whom commands, by his own will. This is a source of torment for us because we are torn between wanting our way and believing in God’s way.

Our whole lives are spent trying to do something. We spend all of our doing, trying to control our lives! We want to live and, live well, forgetting God rather than getting God in the process. We cannot control all of the hiccups we are forced to deal with on our road to living well.   Even if we resign ourselves to a belief in destiny, expecting to have to deal with some hiccups, we can’t control what type they are, what we learn from them, whence they come, etc., anything; yet we also have no control over our wanting things to be different than they are or in wanting to be on a different road or, our disbelief of the road we’re on being the right one for us or, the one which serves us as is popular to say today. We don’t want to waste our time, we want to make the most of it, be the best we can be; we want to have an impact. In order to fulfill our order, we need to do something. Most likely that means something needs to change in order for us to “find happiness”, “our bliss”, “nirvana” etc.

Matthew West’s song says God did do something by creating us, implying it’s now up to us to do something to make the world and ourselves better.

God did do something and it was through the creation of a man for men; this man was not an ordinary, of this world man, but the man, Jesus, whom this world rejected; killing based on the laws of men, which misjudged Jesus in order to keep professed power to themselves.

God created humans with purpose just as Jesus’ purpose was to be resurrected from a fleshly death in order to be raised into a spiritual life by the authority of God to fulfill (to keep) Gods law. Our purpose may seem futile… we can’t keep the law to the letter, we are misguided, our good intentions go south, we scratch for a scrap of a life only to have our innocence robbed of us through worldly struggles in clinging to a diminishing life until our spirit and flesh is exhausted… seems a futile and hopeless situation; but it teaches us about love through mercy. God created mercy and we are living its definition. We were planted in this dire circumstance and deliberately embedded for growth; in this, is shown us the tremendous power of love through the graciousness of mercy.

In mercy, God didn’t create us eternal beings, our flesh wears out and the spirit in us cannot live without a body or without a body blessed by God. Our struggle is similar to an unborn child, growing a body to dwell in until it is fully prepared to enter the world outside the incubating realm. It takes a specific order of events and specific elements and conditions to grow, not by accident, but by specific, exact incident.

God created continual tumult in our lives, specifically to develop us to the point of birth… yes, a physical birth, also, in preparation for a non-earthly future phase of existence, a spiritual birth. In mercy, we were created for removal from our physical aspects after being fully developed to enter a new world order. Jesus passed through the flesh first, so he could pass God’s law   way of living to us, in order for us to have a future. Satan too has a future; he was created as an eternal being and will exist forever; but will no longer influence us in our new form. Once we are born into a spiritual world with a new order to it, under different principles guiding us, the current law cannot entrap us. It will not affect us, because our nature will have changed. Biblical reference to God writing his law on our foreheads, referring to him having created us in such a way, so as, we too, will live by those laws; not as commands we are unable to live up to, but something we cannot be dragged down by.

Our current standard is that of incapable dying flesh; through the Rock of Ages we are given God’s strength, as the foundation for life. We cannot get up to Gods standard but our standard will be given up in order for us to live by the law, under which, we currently die as a consequence of the rebellious attitude we are in service to.

God gave the law of life as a stumbling block and, as a result of this mercy, we will stumble over the law; consequently, it doesn’t block the path, but illuminates the way.


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