Offense/Defense, The War At Home

A neighborly view on Kendall F. Person, The Neighborhood’s 12/26/16 blog post titled, TIME:  

… while  the breathtaking reunion of Xiang and Sua remain fresh in our minds, here lies a chance to take the offensive, besting father time. Pick up the phone, give it no further thought, call your estranged loved one, and simply say hi.

(click this link to read his post,


It’s funny Kendall used the phrase,  “take the offensive”, given this telling of reuniting war torn siblings. It is also, insightful, as to the motivational prompt to attempt reconciliation by moving aggressively on a timely and strategic opportunity for unification between individuals; since conflict is an ongoing, palpable barrier maintained between fellow men born of solicitous qualities, where porous boundaries are set and trespassed, perhaps more notably but none the less devastatingly by those closely related, whom are welcomed on the inside, than by neighbors residing near or far, outside both subtle and hard lines of, all too often, inflexible and unforgiving defenses.

It may seem, opening dialogue will bring minds together and, yes, it is a forceful way to attempt this; however it is forgiveness which gives direction and creates a bond of unity between relations, regardless of direct or indirect offensive moves. There are always two sides to the same story. There is the offensive (aggressor) and the defensive (attacked); although a defense is often the greater type of offensive~ it’s being directly indirect! It boils down more to the strategy of compromise. Everyone practices this throughout life; tis the nature of the me-beast.

Each of us is a ravenous beast when it comes to personal borders and the limits therein and, is divisive in defending them, unto the death; though they are set, broken and reinforced continually as we adapt to the indefensible or, to the isolation it brings us; thus finding our confinement tolerable or agonizing, each in it’s time for, no man is an island. We are a co-op, a community (of common unity).

As a collective, all of us must rely on each other despite the barriers in place to defend our positions. No matter what we want to keep to ourselves or, how much we want to remove the unsightly view of our neighbor, his more or less fortunate status and goings on, whatever the issues imparted us within the limited view of our neighbor, we are attached and must get on together in a manner becoming a well constructed union. With an easement dividing us by permit, ocean or mountain, all come by any kingdom, whether a nation, village, home or human body, through granted permission to enter or via brute force.

Consent is granted when we are not under attack or, do not feel attacked. Defenses are let down after the war, until then, all are on guard in anticipation of the attack. When we feel included and are understood through kindness and patience, forgiveness seems an easy, unhesitant task. This does not mean the me-beast is tamed nor, implies we must bend to the beastliness of others; however it recognizes the restrictions of weasts (all of the me-beasts) and innate tendencies toward protection and keeping locked, the gate; thereby suggests working to agreeable separations as necessary to get along.

Harmony’s insistence or the contentious resistance to it requires an easement to reside in peace. After all, we’re adjoined on every side, even if, unified only in defense of our view.


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