Polarity For Clarity


Polarity For Clarity

Opposites attract and imagining opposites is attractive! Polarity gives us clearer vision through imagination.

The present seems unending when we remember we are always in it. Disregarding whether or not we are thinking about the past, present or future, in order for us to imagine everlasting, think about our having been in the present during each moment of our unfolding life. Now, imagine that continuing, seeing an unending present or, a timeless existence simply, one time made up of no measure, no time   there’s no time like the present. Now, imagine the opposite, an existence subject to the measure of time, with a limited life span. That, given our human condition, should be the easier to imagine; however it seems more difficult for us to grasp, at least on a daily basis. In general, we hold fast to the idea, there is more life in us than what we see; thus believing we have no real end or, we can make ourselves perpetual.

Our vision is fueled by what we sense presently, however sensations propel us through time. As things unfold, things previously untold are realized. We often find a fiction turned fact. This foreshadowing is made evident in both technology and events. Stunning, but is not surprising if we examine imagination and it’s relationship to measurement.

Imagination can seem to come from nowhere, yet anything we’ve ever seen is present in our environment. We mimic everything we see. Endeavors at duplication result in forthcoming changes because we see things differently than they are in the present, through our soul’s sensory influenced imaginings (defining our soul as, what encompasses us in our entirety, including all of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of our nature and their fluid, symbiotic association, which makes each of us the unique, handmade individuals we are; made by the hand of God). Our imaginings are made up of input from an unfathomable amount of information our soul interacts with   we can only imagine! Imagination is the compiling of information being fed us, through our pores, brain, sub-conscious, memories, digestion, etc., whatever is expelled through the various excretion processes and how all of these things affect our enviornment and, vice versa (through the everything that makes us, us processes); it’s the action of thought processing resulting in our eyes being opened and/or, closed~seeing clearly or being blinded~it’s this process of our being created~formed into what we are minute to minute.

Our souls are taking what comes to us, devouring it and spitting out what our soul is given the capacity to create… waste is what comes to mind in this minute… the product, not necessarily of what we create but of what we re-ate! That said; what imagination brings us to realize (what is real to our eyes) is what we see, now, currently. Formulating from what we see; putting mechanisms and pictures together through imagination in order to fashion what is expressed to us in what we see (imagine) as beauty or, imaginable as to be of use to us in our quest for the perfect us, both in function and form through art and science, which can be considered, at their core similar, as each is fueled by what is pre-sent to us, through natures presence by way of actual figures, figuring (measuring) or, figuratively, all of which takes place in what may seem like a real-time way rather than with or without time interference. In either case, our imaginations are limited to what we are able to see or measure the limit of, through the real-time influence upon us, which may seem unending and eternal from our limited range; like the massive universe(s) enveloping us seems to be an unending magnificent wonder; but even this splendorous mass surrounding us is in a state of entropy, all the while, subject to the measure of time, whether we can imagine it in the present or not. At some point it won’t seem so far away, at the time in which it is presented to us, for real. We can imagine this also. Take a look at your grandparents’ baby photos or, your parents, anyone’s, at least a generation ahead of you (I’d say your own, but I still see myself as a young babe, so for this example, let’s not go there!); now, compare their baby photos to how they appeared when you were a child, or, to you, now, as an adult. On second thought, I think you’d better use grandparents photos, because Mom’s don’t age, like us kids don’t, through our eyes anyway, until we do, seemingly, right before our very eyes! Getting the picture? We can see the entropy, it happens all too fast for our minds to grasp it until it’s gone, especially in the case of loved ones; yet this is the state of everything, it’s all decaying, even if the decay is so slow as to be undetectable to our eye but never-the-less measurable. This is the present, whether we see it or not, it’s moving right along to withering heights, which will be our all time low. However, this too shall pass… as time passes, according to biblical reference, God will create a new heavens and a new earth, for the former things have passed away and, there will be no more death. There will only be the present, an endless time.

Imagine the opposite of decay; it’s growth. As we can imagine decay, we also can picture growth; they’re both present around us. Can we imagine our personal growth in a world without the presence of decay? Some of us surely can, if we keep up with science, especially medical science and military developments. Science studies what is and, is every bit as theoretical as any religion, including godless religions, in the sense, it concludes from present findings, much of the time only to gain funding to continue “the work”, using current unproven bias’s as it’s basis then, working toward proving their picture of what is and what might be, not only as fact, but also, being true. Presented facts can inform an imagined basis. Truth is always (all ways are true to form). Whatever is, creation, is in its true form; yet is not always evident in the form of fact (may remain unproven), but can be evident in the form of fiction.

Truth is present always. Our imagination is fire resulting in flames of fiction; by the friction created through our taking up imagination, thereby fiction takes form as the active soul acts on its sense of the present, based on its intrinsic nature; meaning the present activity in all of its true function and capabilities and the interaction with what it takes in; facts become evident and dreams come true. Imagine growth as the unfolding of the bloom, the flower blossoming to maturity, its interaction with, not only the process of maturing itself, but insects, birds, wind etc., to populate, growing itself, expanding its territory (spreading); it is growing always in its true form, it will always be in the development of flowering, in doing what flowers do. Now, imagine each of us humans as a flower, unfolding to a mature blossom, but imagine our stem not limiting our ability to expand, but supporting us as we explore vast regions beyond the spot of our planting, continuing out and about, seeing, touching and experiencing everything we encounter; brushing along all things like moving water. Looking through our new eyes during the tour, see us growing and taking in sunshine, delighted and exhilarated with enjoyment. See us growing ever longer as we are presented with new analysis with every interaction. Attached to a relentless vine, endlessly absorptive, interweaving and water-like, able to mingle and circulate freely, linking with all that is in an interrelated fusion. At this point, you may begin conjuring those stubborn vines behind the garage or, along the fence, entangled and creeping everywhere, leaving no other living thing in their wake; but that isn’t the take away here. Picture the resilience of your vine is because of its strong foundation; the unyielding support from which it stems. Now imagine God as an incalculably enormous mind, surpassing and compiling any thought you could imagine, making anything possible. He is imagination in action, firing, expressing; thereby expanding himself in every direction (well, every direction his thoughts take). Imagine Jesus Christ as God realizing (making real and true form come true~ forming truth). Imagine them in the present, always and forever, all of the time, and see them measuring you. First God thinks of you, makes you up and everything involved and needed to make you up, as he sees you.  It’s as though you are already in existence because he has seen you.  As he keeps you in mind, you are commanded to be (so be it and, all be it, in order, to create you). Boom… a triumphant gesture by God who gives way to Jesus, whom sows the seed, thus planting you. You’re nurtured by all creation as it was made with you in mind. You receive water, are given sunshine and night, are fertilized etc., until you sprout and grow up tall and pretty (this is before you wilt and wither). You watch your neighbors come and go.  As you mature, your seed is scattered, carrying on the process. You could separate the process into components as is done in the measuring a life span, with a timeline… toddler, teen, adult, to wilt and wither… going, going, gone.   That is time~the measured. Instead, further imagine… see a change in the process, a climate change affecting you and your environment. See yourself as the flower nurtured forever; no more wilting, no more withering. You became a flower before you could “flower” (think verb here, you are a flower and that also, is what you do, you flower). As a flower, your true form is to grow. You are now nurtured unto forever by this new climate empowering your progress and, are excited by the discovery in the journey of your never ending day of which you experience as you’re going places you have not been because you are eternally sent presents (pre-sents) by the never ending presence of God by whom true imagination and expressions are made true because they are seen through, whose eyes truth stems.

The depictions here are of the known. When imagining a world opposite the known, in contrast to ours, it can appear bland in comparison. To envision a world without conflict and obstruction begs the question, what will we do? What would we learn and how without being challenged? Unable to conclude that world, never seeing it end, is intriguing never-the-less, not with a picture of lazing about cloud nine for eternity; but by picturing what is done with knowledge when it’s known, based on what we can see. Yes, we have made strides through struggle in learning what we know now and, in measuring its value to the end it serves us currently; however imagine how incomprehensible and astonishingly vast the reality of what is invisible to us and what we do not know about our world and, which already exists for us to learn about, all of which may be in plain view, yet is obscured. That is just in the world we can see or visualize! If there are multiples of our world, only different or, our world made different by the various phases of development, all the more there is to learn in the present, which takes more than a lifetime by the measurement standard in our world. This might cause some trouble in imagining us ever catching up to the amount of information there is to know in what exists, even with an immensely improved capacity to see it with understanding. Maybe a bullet point to imagining learning without obstruction and, in realizing meaning and value in what is learned is focusing on what is visible, when and how it can be made visible. We are familiar with confusion and obscurity; which would all change in a world without opposites and seeing only what is; rather than a clouded view of reality or, a different view of reality. We’d only see the real visible truth. It is difficult to depict encounters of the next kind because they are not known to us currently. They may already exist, if other worlds are advanced in their development, or it could be all of the existing worlds make an in-time exit, i.e., end simultaneously regardless of the stage, some of us were made to go further due to development beginning sooner; yet at having begun at the same time as the beginning, in so far as the point at which the thought of man began.

Consider the vastness of the universe and the possibility of multiple universes. God is not limited and created them knowing what that entailed and saw to their purpose in serving him, in serving his purpose for creating them (they wouldn’t really be a them because they’re and us too). It could be, there are more of our kind out there, maybe not a living parallel; but perhaps a living of times in more or less advanced stages of creation. Maybe some of the UFO sightings are of advanced humans, so advanced in technology, they are only part human, part machine and, maybe we are in the infancy of following in their footsteps. Easily imagined through the advent of robotics and our body parts replaced and enhanced with mechanical implants, limbs, stem cell growth, etc. Maybe they are flowering the universes, going forth and multiplying as God commanded us by imbedding in us reproductive capability. Maybe there are so many of us here, there and everywhere, we can’t count us because we cannot see that far ahead or behind. Maybe we are considered the teen of the human family and our future generations will be the adult stage of our human-ology. We cannot see nor measure the beginning or end of our universe (though we are aware, it will expend its energy and burn out, maybe that is merely purification through fire… to experience an end to what we know~an end to opposition). It may be, our kind on this planet and all others like it will reach full maturity, the furthest point in advanced adulthood or die as toddlers or teens because it seems, at any stage, we all reach the point of no return, finding only the same thing, our number is called, time’s up… we have the experience of an ending~ the known being unknown, as though it never existed. Maybe to the end of all we know, all of the us’s everywhere will be brought together in one place, maybe into one giant black hole, expanded by gathering all of us, each from his position in his allotted space, wherever the dwelling, no matter how near or far, no matter how young or old, in due time, when time stops for us all or, when one day begins, the last great day, an immeasurable day; lit up so all can see all, never clouded, murky or dark… on a clear day, I can see forever. Maybe the force holding us all in place, where we are is bringing us all closer to the end of this time, in a spiraling cone through space (our seed case, like a pinecone), and is the force of reckoning (our re-coning, as preparation for new growth by an accounting of our existing true growth~how we were made to grow, in so far as, what, when, where and how we know and when, where and how we go; thus summing us up for true growth). A spin on going out through the in door!

It may seem humorous hearing today’s slang saying, “I love you man”, with all its contradiction regarding human love toward his fellowman; but we want God to say without humor, “I love you man”. We want love to grow and for that it must take root where it has access to plentiful resources in the right measure. There are no missed opportunities because God doesn’t leave his garden to chance. He makes sure, seeing to it, his garden grows and is groomed through Jesus Christ, who is our groom, and groom is what he does for us, so we may forever remain in the sight of God.



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