A Writer, Thankful I Am




I’m thankful I’m a writer because I’m one of the exceptionally few people I can engage in complex conversation. I’d include meaningful as a description of the type of discussion I enjoy, however deriving meaning can be subjective; so I’ll qualify this by saying, I particularly enjoy discussing subjects from which I derive great depth of meaning. These discussions often tend to become complex and can be extensive but are most often expounded from simple concepts.

I am ever thankful my companion is more often than not, as enthusiastic as I am communicating wide-ranging topics arousing both of our interest; also making for scores of indulgent and spirited conversation. This is an attractive quality and is a quality attraction! It promotes growth, which all of us could stand; there are ceaseless things to learn and while it can be challenging, it is a fun, healthy way to share quality time.

A large number of people say they want to be heard or understood but do not involve themselves with others in a way, so as to channel their interests and challenge their thinking. I have a short attention span like most anyone else these days and it gets even shorter when I observe a lack of interest from those I’m interacting with. It is uninspiring when someone displays boredom. In the face of a yawn or when finding one rising from myself, I may endure or more frequently, attempt to steer things to a subject of meaning to all parties. Of course, it’s obvious when this fails. Inevitably, a conversation turns sour when someone is offended, as misunderstanding strikes or, when passions dictate the path of a discussion, which, can be emotionally draining but can also be a catalyst to seeing another perspective; this may end up bringing clarity, partial understanding, more confusion or simply be judged futile. Agreeing to disagree has its place, especially since we are not all in the same place at the same time. We all want to get along, however learning takes place when we see things we hadn’t previously seen. Controversy can nudge us toward a place of greater understanding.

We all want empathy and understanding but we often have a difficult time extending it to others. We are full of contradiction and it’s tough to see past our beliefs, even when something is staring us in the face. So often we are blind to the obvious because of our stubbornness in clinging to beliefs. Discourse can reveal the denial behind inconsistencies giving rise to, much of the time, more contradiction… with an emphasis on diction, depending on how we speak, our tone, as much as, what we say can bring on conflict or diffuse it and can leave the remains of a constructive or destructive impact. Undoubtedly, patience truly is a virtue.

As a youngster, I was teased because I surmised a lot of things grew on trees that do not. I was encouraged to maintain this folly mostly because responding this way was treated as a funny thing to say when asked, “Where does it come from?” Having had no real exposure to gardening, certain vegetables and to biology in general, I wasn’t familiar with some vegetables like turnips, had no idea how they grew and was not inclined to find out at that early stage. Like most kids, much of the time, learning came from a best guess based on little knowledge, however if I had learned about a plant having roots and known what that meant, etc., I may have deduced it was pulled from the ground and would have known how silly I was to believe it could grow on trees.

It’s funny how rooted we are in erroneous ideas; yet, it is the root of an idea, which excites me and compels me, the writer to both, think and thank on. It’s hard to say what might grow from a root, even when it seems well rooted and begins to sprout, you cannot guarantee what will come out.



(Prompt by Brian Klems: Finish this sentence: I’m thankful I’m a writer because …)


2 thoughts on “A Writer, Thankful I Am

    • I concur, not silly at all; maybe all things really do grow on trees in essence since all things are created from a single ramification, branching out inventively and endlessly… maybe the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree!


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