Recovered Files

There is a startling relief (now, if that’s not an oxymoron…) in seeing a folder named, “Recovered Files” in the computers trash bin directly after you’ve deleted a slew of files.  I am not a computer genius; but I am cautiously hesitant to send applications to the trash, knowing full well, there may be hidden and shared files, like little Pokémon running in the background eating bits.  I recently installed a newer version of an application for Mac, prior to uninstalling an older version.  Once testing the newer version, satisfied of due diligence in determining it was safe to uninstall the old one, after having gone through the motions of verifying it was in fact, only the old files being removed, I reluctantly pushed the button, emptying the trash.  Upon performing the customary reboot, I was startled to see a Recovered Files folder in the trash bin but also, relieved it was there, since it turned out to be holding a related piece of the license needed to use the newly installed version of the application. Though this process was on a Mac, it wasn’t surprising it was associated with a Microsoft application; typical fallout from what seems to be a generally convoluted and often unreliable programmed system; having found, these two giants are wired differently and, as it is with these relationships, there seems to be strings attached.  It may sound funny, this reminds me of Passover.

The day designated for observing Passover has passed this year, however it isn’t over and, like computer programs, is still running in the background. It is at the back of my mind, for now, in remembrance of it being dual in purpose and spiritual in nature; created for historical reference/witness, learning, adapting and transformation, as a precursor to evolution, a physical reminder, motivator and tool for an orientation of the phases in manifestation of a future-realized spiritual plan currently in motion • in the womb of development.  Observance of Passover has everything to do with what is going on behind the scenes in preparation for what is going to happen, which is why I don’t, for the most part, place much importance on partaking in the physical rituals performed traditionally in its observance; although they play a role in learning its deeper meaning, they can prove to be a distraction from its greater, spiritual meaning; rather, playing to its opposite by igniting external stimuli and generating misguided emotional responses; thereby changing the directive and, most often promotes only the physical aspect and what is seen, which has its significance, in so far as, pronouncing the spiritual meaning behind the scenes being enacted, at times; but is merely an example to reveal the ultimate purpose of its observance, which has no physical ties at all for the simple reason, the physical aspect will be non-existent at its completion. Passover is the first of the eight holy days and the one focused on here, I will elaborate on the other seven in future posts; keep in mind, each of the seven represent a step in the birth of our future and, its physical examples are a recorded map of its spiritual counterpart.  The material Passover had passed once Jesus Christ was a final sacrifice in his fleshly body; this to reveal and provide the literal pathway for us to travel to another world, beyond the Age of Man, in a literal sense, to where there is no aging; so, there is no need to repeat anything but the spiritual message, which indicates what is to come, which is Jesus Christ as our savior, saving us from aging, i.e., death.  The message is not to encourage the reverence of what is passing or has passed; though all comes by what is past, past events, which are nothing more than happenings occurring on the eve of eventual, what almost is.   Awareness of past events can bring some understanding of the underlying reasons behind current events and beliefs by not only knowing the history but, used as a beneficial tool in early stages of learning through practicing relevant details of traditional concepts; however, once the meaning can be procured and, with the greater understanding, it is important to proceed from the infantile to a more mature practice, so as, not to convolute the former meaning , as has been done historically, by most religious and non-religious alike, to the point we are squirming at the idea of a God or anything, other than a humanist point of view in seeing ourselves as our own masters and as greater than all else, as well as, fully capable of gaining control over all, including our environment; though it is repeatedly made clear by nature and circumstance, we have an obscure idea of control and our relation to it, let alone where seen or unseen forces come from or are managed, to the end, we think if we cannot see it, it must be unmanaged power (now, if that’s not an oxymoron… denoting power, denotes control and the powerful managing control of the power).  The physical Passover event is one half of the fulfilment; the spiritual/rest is yet to occur and, I do mean exactly that; a rest for our spirit, which is the opposite of the unrest we experience in our physical embodiment.

Passover, as mentioned, is the first of eight “Holy” days (days with specific meaning, which are set apart from the others due to the gravity of the meaning given them).  These days were given to Old Testament Hebrews as a testament of what is to come, of what is to pass.  Testament is used today in the legal document, Will and Testament, to pass on wealth/inheritance at death. This is what Passover symbolizes, the inheritance to be received upon death; not at our death, but at the death of death·death passing over.  It is spiritual, but of spirit not ritual.  Of spirit because it represents the end of times · the end of time itself; a final day when we are ready for and changed to spirit where death doesn’t exist and, we are no longer subject to the limitations of time as we are in this physical body we are temporarily made of, our material soul; although we will once again be made new and of flesh, getting a makeover (being made over, of flesh) before we are born into our permanent state, of a spiritual configuration, just as Christ was raised back into physical life before he was raised into heaven and spirit to once again dwell with God and to inherit a throne, as the “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords”, which symbolizes his being named, by God’s autohrity, king of God’s chosen (those chosen to be with God, which is all of mankind, whom will be changed so we can be with God).  The lesson of Jesus Christ having died for all fleshly beings was simply God making preparation for mankind’s transformation into spirit form.  He commanded Jesus to literally, make a way for us to be with God.  God being spirit, us being lowly mortals, we are naturally separated.  Instead of creating us as eternal spirit beings like the angels, we are created low then will have been brought to a higher state of being.  This is so we can not only know God, but have an understanding angelic beings are not able to comprehend.  God created them as servants, much like we are working to make robots do our bidding in serving us; fulfilling our needs, for our purpose, not theirs… problem is, we cannot immortalize ourselves, no matter what of us is imparted to robots; nor what of robots is imparted to us; the wiring is faulty. God will impart what is necessary for us to reach immortality; by his will and testament.  He is creating us to be his eternal children; therefore, being privy to and teaching us his purposes as family members, not as servants, though we serve him in the same manner a child serves his parent; well, not in quite the same manner, we can have an entirely different discussion about rebellious children and the lack of control parents have over themselves, let alone their children’s behavior!  For purposes here, we’ll stick to the point, of God being a different kind of parent and us, as his children, being raised differently… rising in all imaginable areas not limited to the following:  mind, status, ability and, risen from the flesh into spirit, for us to embody the higher qualities imparted on us.

God is a creator, defining everything in existence; we are part of his creations, separated from him by design, by his intended design, emphasis on tended; he created a garden into which we were born and tended to, with our growth to maturity in mind.  Also, created by God and, created with specific purpose in mind, were angels some (a limited sum), turned fallen angels (the demons and Satan), as defined by God, this in order to pay attention to us and for us to pay at tension; we pay with our lives, at the tension generated when we act on the idea we can beat God at his own game; thinking we control what is in God’s game plan or, that we are Gods… not yet, we aren’t.

God is expanding his family far beyond he and Jesus Christ, whom is Gods vehicle in executing action on command, by the power of God (the holy Spirit, which is like electricity and/or water) to get the job done.  Jesus follows an eternal order of creation; literally creating all things in order… by order of God, at God’s command, by God’s will… by God, it will be done.

The job at hand is to expand the God family, not the “Smiths” or the “Jones”, rather the “Gods”, of which, Jesus is the first of many to be born into the family; he is the eldest sibling.

I recognize a universal salvation; no man left behind, not one soul lost, including both the openly wicked and the subtler characters, hiding evil doing.  With the understanding, God has given everyone over to the falsehoods of Satan, which is why Jesus died for all of the ambiguity in mankind; so, each can be reconciled to God by way of Jesus, in the same manner as Jesus • by dying, risen again to flesh, then being changed from flesh to spirit form in order to be born into the God family (a spirit of perpetually existing form).  What is unclear and seems uncertain to us now, will be made clear and is certain through the will of God; he created a sure way to cure us of unbelief, by teaching us and, later, making us believers through the teaching.   It’s easy to say God does this or God did that or he will; but that’s exactly it, he wills and it is done, by his will all things are created; however, to truly believe it is impossible for us; since God is the only certainty (him being the one to create whatever is certain), it is impossible without him to believe in him; so, we cannot fully understand nor truly believe in him until we are in his family, a part of the true family, which means the existing family.  We cannot exist without existence and, the God of mortals (Satan), cannot give us life; nor can he save us from death; therefore, we would at some point, die out as a race, under Satan’s authority, which, is not a lasting authority; it passes.  God is replacing the authority of Satan over all we know, with the reign of king, Jesus Christ.  Once under the authority of one able to create our existence and sustain us, we will live indefinitely, we will have been cured of our dying flesh, renewed and given new bodies, undying bodies, cured of death, death having passed over us once and for all.

The way of Satan is the arrogance of the lie in believing he can be as God, in complete control; however sound this seems to mankind, through our calculations, the math doesn’t add up to us being in control of our destiny.  So, as much as we try to be like Satan in our thinking we can be in control, it’s still a lie.  Our salvation is in dwelling with God in a new heaven and a new earth when the former and our current one has passed away, in an existence without measure, the opposite of our “time”, which is the measure we use to calculate everything we know, as much as we tout eternity, we can only calculate limits, even when we cannot see the end of time.  When all else, all we’ve known has been lost, having passed away, we will be the recovered souls from hades, yes, but not from the trash heap (in reference to the New Testament ever-burning garbage dump known as Gehenna).  Hades is simply the Hebrew equivalent of hell, meaning from the grave, in the dust of the earth, which is our origin; we are a product of stardust and return to the dust when we die.  Ghehnna cannot burn us up forever, because we are not eternal beings, fire does consume us.  The fire consuming Satan is an eternal torment, as one who thinks he can be greater than his creator; the difference is he was created as an everlasting being, we are not yet in an everlasting form; but are promised a place in that realm and, instead of continuing to dwell with Satan, we will be united to God and, forever separated from Satan, the opposite of our position currently; instead, a newer version of us will have been given license to live within a new application having been written on our minds, replacing the old version, which will have been deleted, permanently.


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