About this blog


Writing is a way of thinking out loud and I appreciate my way of thinking, sometimes.

Writing forces me to listen thoughtfully and deeply.

My goal is to cultivate learning and a better way of being through thoughtful listening.  To appreciate and test contrary ways of thinking and offer this same fostering of mindful expansion to others by sharing a personal perspective on any variety of thought that comes to mind, from which stems question and contemplation and, from this generating of inner stimulus, therefore, compels growth by its expression… what thoughts can do.

Now that’s a mindful! Take a breath and understand; it’s from thought we expand.

Determining the merit of a thought, its conveyance, perception, application and implementation is dependent upon both the blindness of the writer and the blindness of the reader.

This blog is about what I’m feeling and thinking about; life’s complexities and how they lead to and reveal the simplicity in life’s essence which leads to living joy.  I’m in search of joy!


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Excellent. I need a place where I know other people are trying to thoughtfully express themselves and openmindedly listen to what other like-minded people have to say about their thoughts and questions on living happy, joyous lifes


    • Tim, It’s funny you should say that, living happy… I intend to devote an entry to this topic, at least one entry!
      Thank you so much for your interest.
      I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on future expressions shared here and I hope you will continue to join me in my journey to joy thru this blog which might be considered my journal to joy.


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